The 10 Best Entrepreneur Biographies Of Millionaires

You need to build a brand and get your name out there.

It’s not just the entrepreneurs who can learn from the stories. Everyone who works for a company, be it a start-up or big company, can learn from the successes and failures that have happened in a company. So if you’re interested in becoming a successful business person, it’s always good to find out why someone succeeded.

I have read several books on the history of the American Navy in the late 19th century, and this book was one of them. It was highly recommended to me by several people, including several veterans like myself who were interested in the history of the Navy.

The 10 Best Entrepreneur Biographies

This article is filled with all the knowledge you need and the complete story of how these people became truly great entrepreneurs.

Here’s a list of 10 entrepreneurs who are worth a lot of money.

1. Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography

The Apple, Inc. biography (also called The Steve Jobs Biography), one of the best entrepreneur biographies; was written after the author had conducted over 3 years of interviews with Jobs as well as member of his family, his colleagues and even competitors.

Steve Jobs was a man of great ideas and incredible talent. He is considered one of the greatest innovators and entrepreneurs of all time.

2. Thrive: The Third Metric to Success (Arianna Huffington)

Her story is very typical: She went to Yale, dropped out, started a magazine in LA, then had a blog where she published her best posts. In 2007 her father died and she was forced to sell The Huffington Post. The next day she started The Huffington Post to sell the site for millions. I highly recommend the book.

This book will educate every reader in the world, teaching them that success is based more on their character than material things.

What other people think of us is the third metric by which we can gauge whether or not we are successful. Some people think we are successful if we make a lot of money. Others think we are successful if we get more power. But it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of us, as long as we like ourselves.

She was getting overwhelmed with having to take care of herself as the time passed on, and she just wanted to do something of value which would help her to be better as her time got closer to the end.

3. Losing My Virginity (Richard Branson)

Richard Branson, who was the founder of the Virgin brand, has become an incredibly successful billionaire, after taking the Virgin brand on a crazy roller coaster ride through record stores, from airlines to the music industry as well as all kinds of other businesses.

This is the ultimate read for all those who want to read more about the man who started in 1967 when Virgin Air was just a dream and who has now become a global phenomenon.

He has been dedicated to building a better world by setting up Virgin Fuel and Virgin Healthcare where he believes that every child is an entrepreneur and as the CEO of Virgin he wants to use his influence to help change the world for the better.

This is the new world order; everyone for themselves, and the good of one is the good of one.

Branson is a great source of inspiration and motivation for entrepreneurs. He was one of the biggest entrepreneurs of all time, and we can learn a lot from him. He was one of the first successful entrepreneurs that made a lot of money without selling anything, but through other means. He also changed the aviation industry, and we can still feel the impact today, as when his planes and helicopters are taking off he is the first one that gets on. Branson is one of the people that made our dreams into real life.

4. The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life

Warren Buffett is a man who is worth billions of dollars and a great investor and businessman.

Buffett’s journey started out as a small boy and he quickly became quite influential at such an age. After his rise as a world-famous investor, he has continued to create value through his own methods and investments and has achieved a good reputation among many people.

The author, Neil Strauss, is a well-known journalist who wrote ‘The Game’ and other best selling books about sex, but who then later switched to business.

The biography written by Buffet and his business partner Peter Lynch chronicles the lives of Buffet and his experiences in his life. He shares his personal thoughts on the subject of money, investing and other aspects of his personal life.

5. Hard Drive: Bill Gates and the Making of the Microsoft Empire

Bill Gates was a college dropout, and that’s why it took him about eight years to make his first billion dollars. He started out as a programmer at the Harvard Artificial Intelligence Lab.

It covers all of Bill Gates’ life from his early childhood and his education, to his college and post-college careers, to his marriage and kids, to his rise as the world’s wealthiest man.

6. The Facebook Effect: The Real Inside Story of Mark Zuckerberg and the World’s Fastest Growing Company

You’ve probably already watched the film ‘The Social Network’, but how about reading the book that gives you the real inside story of what Mark Zuckerberg is truly about and how he built Facebook, the world’s fastest growing company. It is a story of ambition, envy, greed and a computer nerd who makes friends with a billionaire. A very different story to the movie and you won’t see coming.

A 19 year old was just beginning his life and has created a global network of people around the globe.

What is interesting about this book is that it describes the personal lives of Zuckerberg and his friends while they were working together in order to build the Facebook.

This is a book that you should read because it is an essential read that will give you all the knowledge you will ever need on how a company like Facebook became so successful.

7. Riding the Storm (Duncan Bannatyne)

Duncan Bannatyne was once a very successful businessman and he was one of the richest men in Scotland. He had great business companies, a lot of money and was happy in his marriage.

And he was a proud man, with more money than sense and a pretty wife (named Sarah) who would go on to become his manager.

This biography covers the life of a man who became successful after struggling for many years. It examines his journey from having a peaceful life to finding himself dealing with a divorce crisis and then a recession in the business world.

The book definitely comes in the top five business books.

8. Start Something that Matters (Blake Mycoskie)

This is a great book to read if you are interested in how to start your own business and not just about making a lot of profit and having no regard for your customers in the process.

He began working in the nonprofit space, first as a volunteer at a non-profit, then he launched TOMS with the same concept behind the original brand.

Blake has built a successful brand that has made it possible to support more children in need with every pair purchased.

When two of the founders of the company, Daniel and Paul, were growing up, their parents were both doctors. They lived in a small town in the south of England where many of the local children had no shoes. The pair realized the problem early and decided to create something they could share which could provide shoes to kids in the developing world.

Blake had been travelling in Africa for a while and came across a lot of children who did not have any shoes.

 He believes that in order to succeed, we have to start with the right mindset and be grateful for what we already have.

9. Reallionaire (Farrah Gray)

Farrah Gray grew up rich due to his father’s work as an insurance salesman, and he’s now called as one of the most influential black men in America.

Reallionaire is a book by an anonymous author that outlines 9 steps to becoming rich from the inside out. And how this all applied to Farrah when she was only 15 years old.

This book is incredibly inspiring and has received amazing reviews from people, saying that they couldn’t put the book down and that they were reading it for the 3rd time. It is a fantastic and fun book.

Farrah did things that are impressive, like making a $1 billion dollar business from an idea, or starting a television network from scratch.

10. The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon

Jeff Bezos is another billionaire on this list who got his start by selling books. With Amazon, he grew to be one of the world’stope-commerce retailers, before he sold Amazon to the public in 1997.

It took him a year to get his first sale on Amazon. And that shows just how much dedication he put in before he even got any results from the website.
But eventually he got results.
And as you can see in the images below, he was able to do that by being persistent and never giving up.

Amazon has gone from operating in one small room selling only books, to now having larger warehouses, also known as ‘the everything store’ and owning several other companies.

Jeff built a business out of selling books. After years of working nights and weekends, he realized he could make more money building a better business.

I don’t think there’s a point to this comment, because I don’t read much about it.


The entrepreneur life is rough, and there isn’t a book or online article to turn you into a successful entrepreneur. There are a few books that can help, but most of the advice is self-help based on your experiences. I’ve tried to include the most helpful entrepreneurs biographies I could find.

From my personal study on startup company creation, and other reviews I’ve read on the internet, these are concluded to be some of the best entrepreneurs autobiographies and biographies ever published.

If you’ve been following our updates regularly, you’ll know about the new features we have coming to our library. These features are designed to help you get your job done, no matter what you’re doing.

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