10 Best Personal Development Books To Read

We need to focus more on creating posts about awesome personal development books on Wealthy Gorilla.

They are so powerful, and contain such a lot of knowledge. In this article, I want to highlight the 10 best books to read, in my opinion, for personal development.

Why should you read personal development books?

As a result, thousands of people have gained a whole lot of knowledge in less time than they would have learned through other means.

These days, you can get so much out of a book, and even if your eyes cannot read what’s written, your mind can. There’s a wealth of knowledge and inspiration within thousands of pages of content.

This is a great source of encouragement.
We often have the temptation to keep our thoughts to ourselves.

In the first two parts of the book he talks about different kind of personal development and why it’s important and how you can apply it to your life.

Why should you read these books regularly?

It is a book that they have read for many years.
I can’t help but be attracted to that; to the story of a book, and a book that, at some point, I might have forgotten I even owned.

I think that the book’s main theme is that life is a competition among individuals to be recognized, to be praised, and to be approved.

This app helps you read a book a month, but it has more than that. It’s a daily personal journal that will teach you about life, about yourself and about the people around you. It’s a tool for improving yourself and others.

~~and if you commit to reading a certain book on a regular basis, that book will begin to change you, and you will begin to act differently, you will begin to think differently. And you will begin to experience certain things along the way.

The 10 Best Personal Development Books

These books are based on my own opinions which have been proven wrong frequently. However, they’re constantly coming up whenever I get interviewed or interview others. They’ve also been best sellers, and are constantly being read again and again because of the power and knowledge they can provide.

Wealthy Gorilla’s recommendations on the best personal development books that are good, to better your life.

1. The Magic of Thinking Big

I found a copy of Thinking Big at a thrift store for $2, so I bought it.

And this one helps you to be successful in a wide range of things. From raising your kids to writing the Great American Novel. From building something in your own home to starting a business-any task where you need people to go to.

Believing in yourself and being confident are the topics covered in this book. For any dreamers, you cannot not read this book. It’ll leave you with a much more positive and confident mindset.

I read this book twice. I have to thank my friend, Mr. C, for buying this copy for me on my birthday. Since then I have learned how to read better. I know a lot more now. I am still a slow reader though. I read this book at least once a week.

He is now the sole student in the entire school. However, he is so popular that no one ever talks to him. He has become quite bitter because of this.

If you’re truly seeking the kind of success and abundance that makes your life 100% livable – you must read this book.

2. Never Eat Alone

I’m enjoying it and look forward to reading many of her future works.

It’s another incredible and important social media book that focuses on helping people become more social, build connections with others, and improve the way they communicate.

By reading Never Eat Alone, you’re able to learn how to network better, get to “know the right person at the right time”, and how to get access to the kind of information you need. It’s a life skill that everyone should be working on and that this book teaches you how to do so effectively.

Keith is a master at the art of creating success. He’s not a big fan of the word “guru” and he avoids the label as much as he can. But when he shares his wisdom with you, you’ll know you’ve been blessed.

3. Think and Grow Rich

According to Zahabian, it is very important for us to believe that we can achieve our goals, even if we aren’t born a genius, or rich.

The book about which she read every month is Think and Grow Rich.

He studied several successful people to find out what made them so successful in life. He found out that they all practiced similar habits.

The book is an incredibly motivating book that shows you how to achieve your goals in life.

4. How to Win Friends & Influence People

How to Win Friends & Influence People is a great book for people that want to develop their social skills.

This book is like the best book in Tai’s top 100 book recommendations.

This book teaches you all the crucial skills that you’ll need in life to deal with all the people around you, and get them to do things for you.

I’ve heard many of them say “After I read this book, I knew exactly what to do, what to avoid, and also I’ve learned how to take advantage of the opportunities that lay ahead”.

5. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Covey also lists different methods to achieve high success like: 7 principles, 4 choices, and 1 rule. And to do so, he also lists some methods you can perform to develop the habit.

The important thing to mention, which makes this book so brilliant, is that Covey isn’t just targeting how to become wealthy.He is targeting the way we think and live. He is asking us to refocus our goals and ambitions and focus on what is important to us. I think that is really amazing.

The habits in this book are to become “effective”, both in your personal life and your career. They apply to all areas of your life. These habits are essential to the success of a person and the success of an institution.

This book is a highly motivational book. Even as an efficient individual, this will give you the drive to do what you need to do.

6. The Alchemist

Alchemist is a story set in the same universe as The Silmarillion. It follows a young man who wishes to travel the world in search of treasure.

The traveler realizes that the world has so much more to offer than he ever imagined.

A lot of people will hear about this story and say, “I don’t want to be like that.” In fact, I’m trying to be the opposite.

If you want to read a book about personal development, you can only choose this one.

There was some trouble with getting visas for those of us who were coming from the US. I had to do some heavy thinking about what to do about that. But in the end “the right thing to do” won out, and I had to cancel the book tour.

7. The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do

Well, for some reason we have gotten stuck in old habits, which in many instances only makes us unhappy & dissatisfied with our lives. Our goal is to begin anew and build a new set of habits into our life that will have a more positive effect on our lives.

The Power of Habit explains how habits work, and why we have them. The book is part psychology and part neuroscience, and shows how habits arise from our brains, and that they can be broken. By understanding how habits work, we can change our lives.

To succeed in life, you must understand the psychology of habits. This book will help you.

I found myself nodding and nodding and nodding, and the more I did, the more I knew I was right.

8. The Charisma Myth

The myth is that being charismatic and having charisma are two different things. You either have charisma or you don’t.

You can’t ‘master’ charisma, but it can be trained and developed. You can’t become ‘more persuasive’, but you can increase your persuasiveness.

I recommend reading this book, and in general there are some great life skills you can pick up from it. I think it’s worth reading for higher personal development.

The first thing I love about this book is that it is so different from other self help books. I think it is refreshing just to read something that you don’t normally read because it is different.

9. Managing Oneself

Managing Oneself is a book that shows us that even if we are at the bottom of the ladder, we can still make progress.

In every aspect.
For you to have success in your life, you must have success in all aspects of your life.

You want to do great work, to work with a team you love and that you enjoy. By reading this book, you will learn how to do so.

After reading this book, you would understand the true meaning of living an inspired life. It would be hard to put this one down, and it would be best to read it as quickly as possible.

10. The Selfish Gene

Richard Dawkins’s book The Selfish Gene, revolutionized the way we think about life. People thought that genes were just selfish entities that reproduce themselves. Instead, Dawkins showed that genes didn’t care much for anything but their own survival. This has changed the way we think about ourselves and the entire world.

Suppose, instead of thinking about genes as information carriers, as we had since Mendel’s work was rediscovered, we imagine that they build and maintain us in order to make the genes of our children and children’s children.

Scientists who study evolution are finding that some of their theories are wrong, but the new ideas they’ve been thinking about are opening new doors to the mysteries of life.


Books about personal development are very much interesting books to read at any time, especially for people who want to improve on their self-development skills. So, here we list some of the best personal development books that are worth reading (and buying!).

In Conclusion

We’re very eager to add them to our library so you can read them, too!

The Magic of Thinking Big can be read on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter how big is your work or your business, it can only get better if you read The Magic of Thinking Big.

You’ve finally come to an understanding with yourself. I won’t let you down.

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