How Technology Has Improved, The Streaming Experience

Technology is growing rapidly, with new and more innovative products hitting the market. Video streaming is one of the advancements beloved by all.

Technology in the field of entertainment has changed the way we consume content. From streaming new movies and TV shows to enjoying streams from our favourite Twitch streamers, we can do it all easily.

The rise of video streaming has been seen in Australia recently, with viewers worldwide using VPNs to unblock Disney plus outside Australia.

Here are a few ways technology is improving the streaming experience not just in Australia but worldwide.

Binge Watching

Gone are the days of waiting weekly for episodes to come out or waiting in line to get the box set of your favourite shows from the video store. Nowadays, you can just click on your streaming service of choice and watch complete seasons in just one sitting.

Technology has made it easier for people to watch seasons of their favourite TV shows and movies from their homes without ever having to step outside. Nowadays, technology is giving tough competition to TV networks, which have to compete to keep consumers on their channels. 

Smart devices

Who could have ever imagined a time when you could just go on your TV and stream your favourite movies and TV shows. Technology has come a long way from letting us view our favourites from devices such as mobile phones and Laptops.

Now you can just turn on your TV, connect to the internet and start streaming. Being able to connect to the internet right from your TV has changed the way people consume content. Smart TVs have revolutionised the way people prefer to consume content.

Faster internet access

Technology has made it easier and much more convenient to connect to the internet. Faster internet speeds have made it easier for people to stream content, meeting the requirements of streaming services.

Speedier internet means that you no longer have to wait for videos to buffer or deal with constant lags between streams that sour the streaming experience. People in Australia now prefer to stream content rather than download it. 

Since people now have access to high quality fast internet services, they no longer have to spend hours downloading content. Now the content can be downloaded in minutes with the speed of connectivity offered by high-speed internet.

Better streaming options

The kings of streaming, Netflix and Spotify, might be ruling the market with an iron fist. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the only options available on the market. Nowadays, people have access to quality streaming such as Disney +, HBO Max, Paramount +, etc., where they can view their favourite content.

These services offer ease of connection and streaming options. They are making the lives of an average viewer easier by providing them with hours upon hours of content with just a click of a button. 

Streaming services are one of the most beloved technological advancements of recent years and have changed how people consume content.

Access to Niche Content

Netflix and other streaming services have made it easier for viewers to find something that fits their taste. Before the advancement in technology, people were forced to watch what was available to them, whether or not it fits their preferences.

Now with just a scroll, you can find libraries upon libraries on different streaming services of content curated especially for you. Keeping your tastes in mind, these streaming services form recommendations for your future viewing.

Access to preferred niche content was a dream in the past for people in Australia, but now with the advancement in technology, they can access their desired content with just a click of a button.

Video compression and decompression

The increase in production quality due to recent technological advancements has made it easier for production houses to create high-quality content. Although more fun to consume, this high-quality content can cause devices to use much more of the internet connection.

Smart TVs can now support high quality 8k visuals, but in order to do so, they have to use the internet connection. Due to the large sizes of the files, there is a high amount of internet connection that is being used by smart devices to play these videos. 

In order to combat this issue, technology has made it easier by creating software such as Codec. A codec is a software that compresses and decompresses files. These files can be transferred easily as they are of a smaller size. 

The main purpose of this device is to make sure that the receiver receives the file at the smallest size without compromising on the video quality that is delivered.


Technology has greatly impacted the entertainment industry. It has become a tool for content creators, who use these innovations to create better content. 

Technology has made it easier for viewers to be connected with the type of content that they want to watch. All the while keeping the creators up to date with what their viewers prefer. Technology has truly revolutionised the entertainment and streaming industry not just in Australia but worldwide.

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