The 10 Best True Wireless Earbuds To Buy

I’m about to ditch the cables and jump in without the fear of drowning.

Well, when a good thing has a bad side, you should definitely buy them.

And they have amazing features. Like, they’re pretty much the best.

What’s the difference between ‘True Wireless’ and ‘Regular Wireless’ earbuds?

A true wireless earbud has two separate pieces, one for each ear. They use low energy bluetooth to connect to each other.

While non-wireless earbuds are usually just single speakers, and don’t have the ability to talk to each other.

The 10 Best True Wireless Earbuds

Some of the above figures are from Wikipedia, and some of the above figures are from Wikipedia.

These are the 10 best true wireless earbuds you can buy.

10. Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 2.0

Price: $164

With the Beoplay E8 2.0’s, it is a good balance of buying value considering their recent price drop and specification.

ÂThese earphones are designed with soft foam and silicone to provide a comfortable fit and long lasting comfort. They also make a great gift for any occasion, like a friend’s birthday or an anniversary.

You’ll be able to fully charge your Nintendo Switch for four hours and then play that game for sixteen hours.

The earphones come with “Tone Touch” technology, which ensures an authentic sound.

Not only is this great for taking calls and changing your tracks, but it also lets you use voice commands to answer and hang up calls.

It has the superior communication ability by connecting your paired devices easily and quickly.

And I’m pretty sure if you’re familiar with the Nexus line then you’d know that there’s a pretty good chance the new phone will be compatible with that same charger.

9. Cambridge Audio Melomania 1

Price: $126

Cambridge Audio’s $126 wireless earbuds will help keep you safe, and with four hours of battery life.
They’re compatible with both iOS and Android devices, and you can change the color of your battery case. So, get yours before it sells out.

These phones come with 45 hours of battery life – 9 hours on-screen and 36 hours in the charging case. The phones have Bluetooth 5.0 and come with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant.

You can control the phone with Siri or Google Assistant, then you’ll see all your music at once, and you can control volume with your voice.

Since they’re IPX5 water-resistant, you don’t have to worry about getting caught in a freak rain.

The earbuds are Bluetooth 5.0 capable, this makes it possible to connect from up to 30 meters away without missing out on a drop in signal.

This isn’t a case of a product that will break your bank, but it doesn’t come with the usual extras either. You will get some reliable wireless earbuds for a fair price.

8. Lypertek Tevi

Price: $89

These earbuds are the cheapest on our list. These can help you stay focused on the conversation, but they might not be able to offer good sound quality.

You’ll get a pair of earbuds designed to work with the Apple Watch when they’re released next year.

They’re designed to fit your ear holes without being over-tight or uncomfortable. They use an advanced design featuring four balanced drivers. The earbuds deliver a full, deep, and balanced sound that’s clean, clear, and balanced.

This is a wireless earbuds with a USB Type-C cable that is compatible with iPhone and Android devices. The box has four different sized earbuds.

With the new Apple’s MacBook Pro, if you choose the model with 256 GB SSD, you can just plug in a USB-C cable and have access to all of your content.

7. Apple AirPods (2nd Generation)

Price: $199

You should listen to your earbuds while your iPhone is charging, because you can hear the music and get notifications at the same time.

If you don’t want to pay for the premium Apple AirPods Pros coming up later, then Apple HomePod can play music from the iTunes library on your Mac.

It takes four hours to fully charge your earbuds with the case, making you have to spend a lot of time just charging them.

The case will give you up to twenty-four hours of listening time. And, pairing the AirPods with your Apple device is lightning fast.

These phones have a new chip with improved Bluetooth connectivity and battery life. The H1 chip allows you to connect to an Apple Watch more easily and to use Siri for voice commands.

They are definitely not cheap. But, their simple design and “reasonable” sound quality, make them an excellent choice.

You might want to get a pair of wireless earbuds for your iPhone if you aren’t already locked in to Apple’s ecosystem. And that might be something you want to consider if the Apple AirPods are too expensive.

6. Sony WF-1000XM3

Price: $228

Sony’s WF-1000XM3 wireless earbuds are expensive but have a lot of features. They’re great for travel though.

The AirPods are designed to last 24 hours using your phone, without the need for charging them, you’ll never suffer from a dead AirPods again. The earbuds are equipped with Apple’s proprietary W1 chip which measures distances from your phone to them, and even adjusts the volume to compensate for the distance.

The built-in speakers are great and you can listen to music, watch videos, read the news, and more using a Bluetooth connection.

The earbuds are very light and the included cable is short but sturdy.
They come with silicone earbuds covers.

While they are quite expensive, they have a very sleek design. If you’re looking to step up your audio game, these could be a good bet.

5. Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

Price: $299

We have always felt that Sennheiser is the most premium headset/earbud provider and have no reason to believe that is not the case anymore, especially for the Momentum True Wireless 2.

I’ve read that is because the iPad is a luxury product and the price tag is a reflection of that.

As a wireless earbud for running and/or working out, I would say that the WUHM-5 is a better buy than the AirPod2.

With these bad boys, you can have some extra battery life that will keep you going all day.

It’s impressive how the True Wireless 2 sound-isolates what’s happening in the environment.

Or if you’re not willing to part with $299 to buy a pair, then you can’t buy one.

4. Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Price: $139

If you are a huge Galaxy S9 owner, then you probably know that the earbuds just aren’t as great as the Galaxy Buds.

It offers a couple of hours’ battery life, active noise cancellation, and a wireless charging case.

These speakers produce clear and crisp audio and are compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

The Galaxy Buds Plus are an excellent pair of truly wireless earbuds. They aren’t as good at charging as the previous Galaxy Buds, but the battery life is much the same, and it’s easier to find a charger for the latter anyway.

They come in different colors, like black, purple, white, red, and cloud blue.

The Galaxy Buds plus looks like a good solution for anyone who prefers to listen to music on their phones without an adapter.

3. Beats Powerbeats Pro

Price: $276

These premium true wireless earbuds are designed to work with the Apple Watch Series 4.

PowerBeats Pro can ensure a strong and stable fit by fitting firmly around the ear.

If you’re looking for earbuds that won’t slip out and aren’t too heavy for working out in, then try these.

The new AirPods Pro feature an enhanced H1 chip for an improved experience, with a battery that lasts up to nine hours on a single charge.

We are proud the Powerbeats Pro have balanced sound with excellent dynamic range and noise isolation.

Inside the box, you’ll get the headphones, charging case, and four sizes of ear tips. You’ll also find a Lightning to USB-A cable and a quick start guide.

2. Apple AirPods Pro

Price: $249

If you’re looking for the best wireless earbuds that money could buy, then the AirPods are the ones you’re going to look for.

If you pay $50 more for AirPods Pro, you get a water-resistant design, active noise cancelation, a wireless charging case, and a range of handy commands.

You activate the active noise cancelation mode, and the voice call is muted on the recipient side.

They do come with an extra three pairs of ear tips to ensure you get a perfect fit. The case can be difficult to get into, if you have no long nails.

Overall, these are the best true wireless earbuds for Apple users. They’re not necessarily best all-round. But they’re pretty good.
But they fall just short of first place.

1. Jabra Elite Active 75T

Price: $179

The Jabra Elite Active 75T wireless earbuds are the best true wireless earbuds.

These buds have the perfect balance between being pretty and feeling fantastic as your day goes on.

They’re also equipped with a USB2.0 port for charging cameras and accessories.

The P2s do a decent job at muffling sounds from the outside world, so much so, that I’m comfortable wearing them during outdoor running and walking.

The sound quality of the 75T is nice, although it doesn’t sound as clear as the M7.

With the built-in EQ, you can adjust the frequency response of your audio and apply specific EQ curves for different source types.

It provides up to 7.5 hours of run time from a single charge and 28 hours when using the charging case.

That’s right, when you consider what you lose by going with cheaper earbuds, you can actually lose a lot.


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we’re big Apple fans, we’re very excited about the products that Apple has created. We’re not here to make a criticism about Apple. We’re here to talk about the Apple AirPods Pros and just try to sell them.

They look like they were made by Apple, but they run Android. They work pretty well, although they tend to be a little bass heavy.

Here’s a quick recap of the best true wireless earbuds. I’ll keep the list concise and not get into the nuances of the earbuds. In case you want to read those, you can read more about the different nuances here.

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