Ricky Reed Net Worth

Ricky Reed has a net worth of $25 million.


Ricky Reed is a music producer, singer, songwriter, and founder of Nice Life Recording Company. He is best known for his song “The Way Life Goes”. Reed began working with the band Nice Life at the age of 17.

He is a solo artist from New York and the lead vocalist of the band Facing New York. He is also the multi-instrumentalist and songwriter of the band Wallpaper.

Ricky Reed has an estimated net worth of $12 Million as of July 2022.

His net worth is estimated to be around $12 million and his estimated net worth in August 2020 is $13.6 million.

Early Life 

Eric Burton Frewer started the project Wallpaper in 2004. The band was formed in California where they released their debut album ‘Doodoo Face’ in 2009.

Ricky Reed is real, because he is a real person. He has been in a band with me since I was ten years old (the same band, in fact) and still has the same energy level. The energy level in high school punk-rock band, he played the bass. And the energy level in life, he is always going, he is always walking.


Reed is one of the few guitarists who can play a blues chord with more than 2 strings. Reed was the guitarist of a band named ‘Facing New York’ in the mid 2000s.

Reed founded Nice Life Recording Company in 2010 and the band toured across the US during that time.

Reed’s most popular record success came with Lizzo with their record “Tempo” back in 2017. The song was a hit on the charts and at the time of this writing, the track is still climbing in the charts.

Lizzo is a pop artist that is considered as the singer of today. She is a woman with a lot of talent and her voice has a powerful impact.

Ricky Reed is a professional basketball player.

How Does Ricky Reed Spend His Money?

Ricky Reed is someone who has been in the music industry for quite sometime now, and he has worked with some of the biggest stars in the music industry, such as Jason Derulo and Lizzo.

Ricky Reed’s Home 

Reed bought his home in La Cañada Flintridge for $4 million. The house has four bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms.

Ricky Reed’s Electronic Equipment 

There are hundreds of ways one can do what we do. There are many other producers out there who have made their success, some more well known than others. However, if you want to be successful in the music industry you need to be unique and have something that makes you stand out from the crowd.


Here’s what happened to Ricky Reed, who’s a man. He grew up in Florida and then got moved to North Carolina. He tried basketball and failed. He tried soccer and failed. He tried baseball and failed. He tried everything and failed. He’s the epitome of failure.

Favorite Quotes from Ricky Reed

The scene that’s happening in the Bay is different and very exciting. You have some of the most creative, experimental people in the country here. It’s like having the best food and the best shopping in the country. The people here understand the scene and are getting involved. It’s a new beginning for the American dream and it’s happening right here in the Bay.

I’ve been down this road before. I won’t get into the gory details of my marriage, but I will say that the thing about it is that the two things that kept us together were the music, and our friendship. I think that’s a really important thing to hold onto.

Ricky Reed was introduced to music as the guitar player for his high school’s marching band. He was the lead electric bassist for the band, a position he held until his freshman year in college, when he was replaced by a new bassist. Reed was unhappy in this new role, and decided to transfer schools, where he enrolled in the music program at the University of New Mexico.

3 Life Lessons from Ricky Reed

You should work with your strengths and talents.
You can start with what you’re good at and work on improving those skills.
If you can get people you like to like you, your work life will be much easier.
You can find ways to make a good impression by dressing your best. If you look your best, people will take notice and you’ll make a good impression.

1. Act Now 

If you are doing what you are doing for the wrong reasons, it’s time to stop and start thinking about what you want to do in life. You don’t know how much time you’ve got left.

2. Work Hard 

I am working every day, and I am trying to learn the job I have, I am also trying to learn the other jobs I can apply for.

Now, you’re going to continue the conversation with your audience.

3. Don’t Take Things Personally 

You need to get out of your comfort zone. You need to try new things — you need to fail sometimes! You only learn from failures and not from successes, so it’s easy to get discouraged when you don’t make it.


Ricky Reed has become one of the music industry’s best songwriters and producers. As a songwriter and producer, Ricky Reed has written and produced many hit records for Jason Derulo, Jessie J, Fifth Harmony, Cobra Starship, and many other artists.

Reed was really good at getting people to understand a vision and to dig deep into what they want to accomplish. He does this on a daily basis.

Ricky Reed has an estimated net worth of $12 Million as of July 2022.

His net worth is estimated to be around $12 million and his estimated net worth in August 2020 is $13.6 million.

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