The 25 Best Comedy Shows On Netflix To Watch Right Now

The best comedy show on Netflix right now is BoJack Horseman.

If you have never seen or heard of the movie “Meet The Parents” you are missing out. This movie is hilarious to watch!

Check out my list of the 25 best comedy shows on Netflix to watch right now.

Try different lists to decide which one you love the most.

I like the number eight because eight is a happy number.

The Best Comedy Shows on Netflix

These shows have been compiled from various sources around the web, including & IMDB. They may be out of date and/or incomplete. If you’ve seen any, feel free to email me.

A few of the shows have been on this list every year (and more than once) and
while most are good if you have even a rudimentary sense of humour, there are a few real stinkers out there, as well.

25. Young & Hungry

The show is about a young woman named Samantha who is in an uncomfortable situation where she needs to find a job. To make matters worse, she’s just starting her career. As a result, she has to get a job in a restaurant to start a career in this industry.

At a restaurant in Los Angeles, Gabi (Emily Osment) hears about a job opening as a personal chef for a wealthy tech entrepreneur, Josh Kaminski (Jonathan Sadowski), and decides to go for the opportunity.

Gabi and Elliot get’s help to make Josh’s assistant, Elliot, and her bestie, Gabi get intimate.

The former Pussycat Doll is allegedly dating a man named Chris Broussard. But the actress hasn’t spoken much about the relationship.

24. Pretty Little Liars

The story follows five high school girls who make a pact after the disappearance of their friend, who was a leader of their clique, one year earlier.

A stranger called “A” who was a big help to them at first, now appears to be the biggest threat. Alsion and the others believe that A is in fact an agent sent by the government to get them.

They are about to conclude that Alison was killed but the discovery of her body makes them think its other person to blame.

23. Shameless

It takes some time for the characters to realize that Frank is an alcoholic, but the viewers will be able to understand the reasons for that after watching.

Of the six siblings, Fiona, the eldest, plays the role of the parent in the household and has to juggle her own sex life with the everyday lives of her siblings.

There will be one of the siblings that gets in trouble or causes some kind of incident.
[Source]: One of the members of the family could potentially get in trouble, or they could cause one of the brothers or sisters to get in trouble.

Watch the characters struggle and change through their chaotic childhoods, adulthoods, and deaths.

22. Parenthood

Family shows revolve around the parents and their children. This follows all the children as they grow and change.

The series is set in Berkeley, California on the east shore of the San Francisco Bay. After 46 years of marriage, mum and dad have kept things a secret and buried their problems.

A family member can be different in some shape or form, but usually that is about personality and career goals and aspirations.

The differences between two countries lead to a lot of arguments and laughter!

21. Santa Clarita Diet

Sheila and Joel are a loving married couple who both work as real estate agents in Santa Clarita, California. While Sheila is in the kitchen cooking, Joel goes out to the living room and reads the Bible.

At first, Joel is in a state of shock and panic by what has happened to his wife. Joel has never dealt with a zombie before and doesn’t know what to do or how to react to the situation at hand.

The whole family, are in on it together and try to figure out what the mysterious undead monster actually is.

20. Trailer Park Boys

Ricky has a friend named Julian and one day he and Julian broke into a car to steal a wallet. Ricky then broke into a house to steal a TV. Then, he and Julian broke into a store to steal some drinks. And at the end of the day, Ricky stole some money from Julian.

Their schemes are very complex because the people that are involved are all sort of crazy. There’s Jim Lahey who’s the supervisor at the trailer park, and there’s Randy who’s his lover and a drunk.

Ricky and Julian soon find that they’re not as close or as much fun as they once were. They talk about their relationship problems and Ricky asks if she is in love with him.

19. The Inbetweeners

The Inbetweeners is a British comedy series that focuses on the final year of study for four male friends in their final year of school.

Simon Cooper, Jay Cartwright and Neil Sutherland have been best friends for years. They do everything together including sex, beer and adult activities.

After McKenzie (Simon Bird) transfers to their school after his mum could no longer afford the private school tuition, he becomes the fourth member their school’s sports team. Because, apparently, they are a sports team. In a world where the number of sports teams is limited.

18. The Good Place

The Good Place is a town of people that went good in life and die to another place called the bad place. Also, the good people live in the good place, and the other place is the bad place, and the people that are bad in life go to.

It follows Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) who suddenly wakes up in a place she doesn’t recognize and she can’t believe that she is the person that’s there.

Because of the power of social media, people can see through her, and she tries to hide the fact that she’s only interested in getting attention.

17. Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin has a very unique concept. It is very interesting, fresh, and modern. I feel like there are some great twists and turns throughout the whole season. The show will keep you on edge the whole time. It is always about what’s going to happen next.

Her mother is very concerned about her plans to have a baby, because she doesn’t think she’s ready for it, but her grandmother is pushing her to do what she wants, because she has a plan to get pregnant.

I think the child’s biological father is her former teenage crush.

16. Blue Mountain State

The American University of Mountain View (AUVM) is a parody of real life American universities, like the University of Mountain View, and its football team, the “Mountain Vikes”.

As three college freshmen, they must quickly adapt to their new college life during their freshman year.

Blue Mountain State is one of the top comedy shows on Netflix.

15. The IT Crowd

The IT Crowd is a British sitcom about a team of IT professionals from a company called “Reynholm Industries” who work at a fictional company called “Reynholm Industries”.

The show is about three people who are employed by a mental health service at a psychiatric hospital called Maudsley in London, there is the boss, Roy (Chris O’Dowd), the head nurse, Maurice (Richard Ayoade) and Jen (Katherine Parkinson).

People in most cases who live and work in cities end up in jail.

Yes, I agree. I absolutely love this comedy show.

14. Orange Is the New Black

Piper Chapman is a public relations executive who has a past with a drug-dealing ex-boyfriend. Everything changes when a man who is obsessed with her is arrested for a murder.

Piper works at a prison. She gets sent there for selling some drugs. She has to wear prison orange and doesn’t have a lot of money.

However, there are all kinds of weird and crazy people that she runs into.

13. iZombie

The show is about a young woman who has been turned into a zombie since she was young.

College freshman Olivia Moore (Rose McIver) goes to a party, and she meets a boy she likes and they go upstairs to a bedroom where they start making out. As they get down on the bed, they start making out and then they start having sex. The boy pulls out and he ejaculates on her face.

She gets herself a job at a coroner’s office where she can eat human brains and also get paid for it which is like being a zombie and getting paid!

And then they realized that eating brains passed on things like memories and personality traits, and so the character became a good detective.

12. Master of None

Master of None is a tv show by a comedian called Aziz Ansari (who is not Aziz ansari).

The film is mostly about the process of making it in the big city, while dealing with life’s many challenges.

Dev is forced to make decisions that he later regrets after he’s had his fair share of drinks and wine. He’s also faced with a lot of unusual situations.

This is a great comedy for anyone who loves jokes and satire.

11. Grace and Frankie

Created by Marta Kauffman and Howard J. Morris for Netflix, Grace and Frankie is a great web sitcom which is fun to watch and it’s great too!

Two friends, Grace and Frankie (Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin) are living under the same roof in their newly renovated home. Their husbands of twenty plus years are lovers, friends and they are both still married!

Hysterical! is the first single released from The Sound of Music’s debut album The Sound of Music Vol. 1, and it was released on August 3, 1989.

10. New Girl

New Girl is a sitcom about a group of friends in New York City.

Jess and the guys move into a really nice apartment. But after a bad breakup, things take a turn, and Jess decides it’s time to finally start living.

The show looks at the interactions between the characters with each other. Also, it follows their romantic relationships.

There are very few things that get me this excited.

9. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Kimmy Schmidt was imprisoned for nearly 15 years by a group of cults that wanted her and the three other women to become the new wives of their leader.

At the end of the song when I saw that her friend wanted to have a drink, I tried to tell her that I was good with the money for her so that she could pay for her drink and the guys could drink too.

Kimmy had to learn how to adapt to different situations in her life, so she did well in that aspect.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is one of the best comedies on Netflix.

8. Frasier

This ’90s sitcom is the complete opposite of “Friends.” The show revolves around a group of friends living in Philadelphia, and that’s all the “plot” there is to the show.

The protagonist is a psychiatrist Dr Frasier Crane, who returns to his hometown of Seattle to build a new life for himself while reconnecting with his brother and father.

He is happy again, and everyone is happy for him, because the love that he has for his wife and family is so real and obvious.

7. Bojack Horseman

The show revolves around the title character BoJack Horseman who works as a celebrity, he is an alcoholic narcissist who is constantly feeling sorry for himself.

I’m a washed up TV star from the 1990s sitcom Horsin’ Around. I spend my days complaining about life and am now living in Hollywood.

We’re looking forward to reading about all his triumphs, failures and most especially the part where he admits to being a serial womanizer.

6. That ’70s Show

High school student, Eric Forman (Topher Grace) is a nice guy who is considered to be a little clumsy and a geek.

He likes to play with himself and he spends a lot of time playing with his friends. His family is supportive of him, and he has a good relationship with both of his parents.

When we were watching the show, it was very important to us that it be about these teenagers. This is how we got to know these teenagers.

5. Friends

Friends marks the start of our top five and well its worth is it’s place as one of the best comedy shows on Netflix.

Rachel was one of the three best friends of the characters portrayed by Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow.

We get to see them all get into some pretty hilarious fights, laughs, tears, surprises and mayhem.

<> is a beautiful album. It’s so damn cool.

Friends is a comedy show with a great amount of laughs.

4. Cheers

The show centered on a group of regulars, most of whom lived and worked at the fictional bar. The plot of each episode revolved around the bar’s staff and its diverse and quirky clientele, along with their sometimes complicated and sometimes comic interactions.

The show’s main theme was the bond between the regular characters. Their names were changed somewhat from season to season.

The series is a major success. It has got many Emmys and is widely regarded as being one of the most successful series ever made.

3. Parks and Recreation

I’ve been in a great mood since the last time I saw this show but it just makes me want to laugh every time I see it.

Leslie Knope works at a regional government office. She is going to try to find ways to make her small town better.

This is why one must get a college education.

As a way to revitalize the community, she helps an abandoned construction site become a community park.

However, she’s up against various challenges when she returns to Australia after a visit to London.

2. Arrested Development

The show won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series in 2004.

The Bluth family was at the top of real estate business in Orange County, California. But their business goes bust and the assets of the family are frozen.

Michael Bluth takes over his family’s affairs after his father’s incarceration, but is plagued by problems at home, along with his brothers and sisters.

Netflix has the best comedy shows on it’s service.

1. The Office

It is one of Gervais and Merchant’s best-known and most successful shows, having run for five series.

The show follows the day-to-day lives of a group of regular office employees and centers around the daily office conversations.

It was a movie about fame and how fame can be so meaningless. It also dealt with the problems that people in high places have.

The show is definitely not for everyone, but I personally found it hilarious and well-written.

It’s a cracker and you eat it!


This was our list of the 25 best sketch comedy shows on Netflix.

You’ll find a lot of things to enjoy in the world of mobile games.

Comedy is a hard genre to master, but it’s a bit easier than you might think. Here are the 25 best comedy shows on Netflix right now.

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