Raheem Sterling Net Worth

As of 2017, Raheem Sterling net worth is a little over six million pounds.


He is a talented footballer who can play as a winger and attacking midfielder and is part of Manchester City and England.

Raheem Sterling has done very well for himself. He has a net worth of well over $45 million.

Early Life 

The 16-year-old was born in Jamaica on the 8th of December, 1994, in Jamaica and has been in the basketball shoes for his first 16 years of life.

A lot of families in Syria and other Middle Eastern countries must go through hardships to keep up with the expenses of the day.

He then played for Wembley United, and then was on the books at Luton Town, before playing for Cheltenham Town in 2012.


After a very successful seven-year stay with the club, Raheem received a lot of praises. At the end of his stay with QPR, he was awarded the “Players’ Young Player of the Year” award.

Benitez was initially reluctant to sign the young Raheem because he wants him to play for the academy instead of playing with the first team. But it turned out that the ‘Liverpool’ manager is happy with the prospect of working with a young man from Almeria.

Raheem signed his first pro contract with Liverpool in August 2014. In an interview, he said that he loved the Anfield crowd and everything about the club. At the time, Liverpool’s players were preparing for their UEFA Champions League match against Borussia Dortmund. They lost the match 1-0, but that didn’t affect Raheem. He had signed a professional contract with Liverpool and was determined to show his full potential as a footballer.

After signing a contract with the club, and with the help of his agent, he started to improve his skills in the sports game and made a name for himself with his exceptional football skills.

The Mercurial Vapor IX are designed to be the best football boot in the world. Sterling’s performance led to the boot being named the best in the world that year. The model was released in 2014 and continued to be a top seller for Nike.

As of July 2022 Sterling’s net worth is $45 Million, an increase from the $40 Million net worth in July 2019.


After a long career at Liverpool, he finally got a move to Manchester City for a whopping £50 million, which is the most ever for a British player. He will continue to do great things at the city of Manchester.

Favorite Quotes from Raheem Sterling 

Sterling and the rest of the England squad is in a much better place now than two years ago. The pressure is off and they have the support of the nation. He expects England to do better at the World Cup, and while there’s still some doubters out there, he has faith in the team.

“When it rains, nobody hides inside; it’s just time to get out and enjoy it. The other thing I remember is asking my grandmother begging her for money to get some of those amazing ice creams”.

*Raheem Sterling doesn’t like to be called the best young player in the world because he says he has never played for a team that has been regarded as the best in the world.

Sterling is a member of Liverpool’s famed ‘Spice Boys’ and was one of the stars of the 2005 documentary about the group, Spice World.

3 Strong Lessons from Raheem Sterling 

First, as a famous soccer player, you need to become a professional. Second, you need to play for as long as possible, as long as your body allows you to perform at its best. Third, you need to work hard whenever you are in the training room. Fourth, to be the best, you need to be prepared to play soccer in any game situation; no matter what the situation or the time. There is no substitute for hard work and smart practice. And finally, it is possible to be good without being great.

1. Self-belief

In his playing days at Liverpool, Sterling often found himself in great position to score but he would never take the shot because he just passes it away rather than shoot.

Sterling is now one of the game’s most creative players and has matured under Pep Guardiola. He has grown to love the game and his confidence and self-belief has really shone through.

2. Work Ethic

Sterling has a knack for getting his head to the far post in order to tap in. This makes him a nuisance for defenders as his ability to take advantage of every loose ball can turn a possession into a goal for his team.

3. Risk-Taking

Sterling is trying to find a new identity for himself. He’s making a calculated attempt to shed the racist label and rebuild his reputation. Sterling is doing so in a dignified and respectful way, but there are still people who will be uncomfortable with his comments.

You paid off the risk involved and the story is never gonna repeat. And they never will!


Raheem Sterling was recently crowned the ‘Golden Boy’, and is often considered a wonder boy.

He has joined the Arsenal family and will be giving his first interview after signing a contract with the club.

Raheem Sterling’s net worth is 44.7 Million as of July 2022.

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