Wayne Rooney Net Worth

Wayne Rooney’s net worth has $300 million dollars.


He is an English professional football player, famous for being the captain of the English Football League team Everton.

Rooney has been used in various midfield roles throughout his career, and he scored a record number of international goals with England.

And the winner is…

Wayne Rooney becomes one of the richest soccer players in the world because of his net worth of $170 million dollars.

Early Life

Wayne Rooney is the son of his parents, Jeanette Marie Rooney and Thomas Wayne Rooney. Wayne was born on the 24th of October, 1985 and is of Irish descent. He is a Roman Catholic.

Rooney grew up with his brothers Graham, John and Darren in Everton, Wirral and Liverpool. He attended St Mary’s RC Primary School in Bellefield and St Swithin’s in Liverpool. He attended the same school as both of his brothers, Graham and John, and his younger brother, Darren.

Even though when he was a teenager, he liked Brazilian striker Ronaldo.



Rooney played his first professional game in April 2004 in a League Cup match, and scored a hat trick. He was hailed as a sensational debutant. In November 2004, Rooney scored two goals in the FA Cup final against Charlton Athletic, and earned a standing ovation for his displays. Rooney became the youngest player to score in an FA Cup final in England.

Rooney was named the PFA Young Player of the Year for the second time, becoming the first player to win the award in two consecutive seasons. He finished the season with seven goals, and as he has done for several seasons, he took United to the top of the EPL table.

He becomes one of the youngest players to have made 200 appearances in the Premier League. He also scored four goals in Hull’s game, which was the first time that he’d ever scored four goals in one match.

Rooney had his 150th goal against Wigan Athletic, helping himself to an easy 3-0 win for Manchester United. The first two goals were very simple, but the third goal was a little more difficult.

He was on the scoresheet for Tottenham Hotspur in a 1-1 draw against Southampton in 2013.

As of July 2020, Wayne Rooney’s net worth is estimated to be about $170 Million.


The first of the best highlight of Wayne Rooney’s career.

Favorite Quotes from Wayne Rooney 

“It’s nice to meet famous people.” – Wayne Rooney
I believe I’m right, if you think I’m wrong, what should I do?


I think it’s a pretty big difference, so I’ll just suggest two approaches.

Rooney has a nice quote. Scholesy was an important player for United and England. He was one of the best central midfielders in the world. He could control a game, he could distribute the ball and he was good at keeping possession and winning the ball back. He could also do very well under pressure. He was a key player on a lot of United’s biggest successes during his time at the club.

Wayne Rooney is a highly talented and versatile English soccer player who currently plays for the English Premier League club Everton as a striker. Rooney currently holds the record for the most number of goals ever scored by an English player of his position.

3 Rules for Success from Wayne Rooney

To start, you can learn from his story that hard work, determination and passion are the keys to success.
You can learn from Wayne Rooney’s work ethic that we should always push ourselves to better ourselves and strive to be better every single day.
And you can learn from his passion that we should never ever give up and that we must always strive to be the best.

1. Learn From The Past 

Having had both moments of joy and despair will do you well. The lows can bring with them the confidence needed to succeed, but the highs can help you to take your game to the next level. I can’t wait to find out what the next step will be for my career.

2. Don’t Wait for Perfect

Partnerships are not permanent unions that last forever. However, they do have a limited time frame that can be a great and productive period…

3. Be A Role Model

When you’re the father of an infant, you have to be the most important person in their life.


He has won more than 150 trophies throughout his career as a professional soccer player. It is interesting to see how he and his career have changed throughout the years and how he is today.

For the first time in his career, Wayne Rooney will be in the “big time” of the soccer world, being a part of the England National team.

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