Mohamed Salah Net Worth

Mohamed has a net worth of $5 million.


Mohamed Salah played as a part of Liverpool’s Europa League winning side. He scored a hat trick in the group stage against Rijeka and helped his team to get past the knockout stages of the competition.

One of the top footballers in the world is worth $90 Million.

Early Life 

Mohamed had always been good at football until he couldn’t improve his academics but his parents were worried what would happen if he failed his exams.

He chose to pursue his dream and joined the football club he saw playing during his childhood. He started playing with less experienced players to prove himself and gradually became a star.


The French forward, who has scored a total of 12 goals in the Euro 2012 tournament, signed for the club in 2012 and was the joint highest goalscorer with Xherdan Shaqiri. He scored 6 goals in the Euro 2012 tournament.

He also did a fantastic job in the 2013 FIFA Club World Cup, where he helped Basel reach the quarter-finals of the competition, and in 2013/14 Champions League, where he had a good season with 27 appearances and 7 goals in all competitions.

Salah stayed with ‘Fiorentina’ for a while, and then in the last week of the transfer season he moved to ‘Roma,’ but it was only for the rest of the season. He had already signed a contract with ‘Roma’ which had an option to renew it.

Salah is no longer Liverpool’s first Egyptian player as Liverpool sold him for 50 million pounds in 2017. Salah is now a Bayern Munich player.
[Bold]: Liverpool have won the league championship once before in 1975.

The 2017 African cup of nations saw him score goals and help his team reach the finals. He was also selected as the CAF team of the tournament.

In his time at Liverpool, Salah has been able to build an empire of
his own. He has released a number of signature brands and his clothing
line is now sold in stores across the world.


The best highlights of Mohamed Salah’s career are when he scored a hat trick against Liverpool.

Favorite Quotes from Mohamed Salah

After playing in Egypt for two years, he was ready to leave for Europe. But he realized that he would have to move away from his family and settle in Europe. Thus, he chose Basel to play for rather than a team in Egypt.

“I always felt like an alien in my own country. I grew up in a middle class home with good values, but without any football around, or any other boys that played. My parents loved me, but they did not allow me to play in the street with other children. I was allowed to play only in our garden”.

Mohamed Salah believes that he needs to improve on his finishing skills, get to the bottom of his right foot, play more with his head and play with more speed. He also wants to play a greater role in Egypt’s defensive play.

This season, Salah is being asked to do the impossible. He has already turned the world on its head after his hat-trick against Barcelona in the Champions League. His incredible fitness and work rate are being praised around the world.

3 Greatest Lessons from Mohamed Salah 

Success is all about preparation.

Mohamed Salah was able to grow up in an environment where he wasn’t taught to be self-centered, he was taught to care about and learn from his family, his friends, his community and his country.

Always work hard to improve on your weaknesses…

Salah is not a top athlete, he is a striker and although he is a great player, he isn’t gifted. The number of goals he scored with a weak right foot is just a sign of how hard he is working over the years. The strength of his right foot is the only thing that makes him elite. He is more of a role model to the people of Egypt than an idol for the people of Liverpool.

1. You Will Never Win if You Don’t Start

I need to start this journey and I am willing to do anything to see it through.

The key to achieving success in your life is to take a leap of faith, to accept that you have the ability to change, and that the world is a place you can explore.

If you feel like you are not creative or the right person for the job, try to dream about it and just go for it, you can always improve and it is always better to try than to give up.

2. Skill Will Only Get You This Far

You’re one of the lucky few who can actually make a living at your chosen field.

Skills are only useful for a short time but when you persevere and invest time learning, it’s like an investment that will make a difference for your future.

The only thing you should worry about is how to not make mistakes. Just keep doing what you are doing. Be open to improve your weaknesses or you won’t reach your true potential. It is never too late…

3. Know Yourself


Here’s a good read if you’re like me and you’ve been doing the same thing for a while and wonder how to get started with changing something in your life.

I’ve been reading this book for some time now. I’m very happy with the process but I’ve also learned some things that I will be sharing in subsequent posts.


The Egyptian footballer who is currently playing in the Premier League with the English club ‘Liverpool’ and ‘Tottenham Hotspurs’ is a real star who can give a tough challenge to the established players.

Salah has earned a net worth of around $90 million. This is largely due to his astronomical performances in both the Liverpool F.C. and the Egypt national soccer teams. Both of these teams have propelled him into a position of power in the world of sports.

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