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£8million-a-year midfielder Paul Pogba, of Manchester United, has a net worth of nearly £80million and a salary of nearly £8million-a-year.


Paul Pogba played his first match in his youth at the age of 14. He has won several awards and brought many victories to his team at a young age. He is a real talent player.

A soccer player, the younger brother of former France National team teammate, has been named as the captain of the Manchester United F.C. team, by the Premier League club. This is his second stint with Manchester United since his departure from the club in 2006.

Pogba has a $125 Million net worth as of July 2020.

According to Forbes, Paul Pogba’s net worth is $125 million.

Paul Pogba is the most expensive player in the world soccer.

Early Life

Paul was born in Lagny-Sur-Marne, France and currently resides there with his family. He is a very hard-working young man who studies sports science at college. He is good friends with his older brother, Anthony, who is a footballer for Chelsea FC. He is also good friends with Zinedine Zidane, who is a professional footballer for Juventus FC and is also a fellow Frenchman who lives in Paris.

Early in his childhood Paul was a very keen soccer player. In 1997, he first stepped foot in England and joined the famous English club Arsenal. At the age of 7, Paul played in the famous and iconic youth tournament ‘The International Soccer Cup’ and went on to win the trophy.

He joined the better ‘Le Havre’ club and soon after that joined the ‘Juventus’ club that would lead him to the Italian National Team and eventually to the French National Team.

In 2009, Paul joined the “Manchester United” youth program and continued there from 2009 to 2011, despite having “Le Havre” threatening “Manchester United” for supposedly bribing Paul to join them.


After a promising start at Liverpool he moved to United in 2016, scoring two goals in his first three games and eventually being called up in the ‘EFL Cup.’ Following the arrival of Jose Mourinho he has become a regular starter.

Paul is now signed to a new Manchester United contract, though it has yet to be approved or even signed.

Ronaldo was at ‘Juventus’ from a young age. In 2004 he was with the club when he got famous. He played in the ‘Serie A’ and the ‘UEFA Champions League.’ He also got the ‘Golden Boy’ award for his excellent play.

His style of play was characterized by a powerful and accurate shot, an ability to dictate tempo on the court, and a flair of the ball in a variety of styles.

Paul Pogba is a football player, and he plays for Manchester United. He helped Manchester United to win the european cup, and he is a good player.

I’m glad to see that he’s been able to maintain a professional approach to the sport and that he’s focused on doing well as a young player for his club and country.

Pogba has a $125 Million net worth as of July 2020.

According to Forbes, Paul Pogba’s net worth is $125 million.

Paul Pogba is the most expensive player in the world soccer.


So far, the most important thing about Pogba’s career is that he has been a Manchester United player.

Favorite Quotes from Paul Pogba

The French are right. He does love football, and the attention he gets from his fans is something amazing to see. He will probably never say this publicly, but he has a soft spot for the French. It’s hard to say if he loves this crazy country, but he loves the passion and love of the public for the sport.
So, as the first game of the World Cup came to a close, here’s how these two Frenchmen celebrated.

I played without anyone telling me to be the best, and I became the best. My dad played and coached but I wasn’t born with shiny things.

I just believe if you are on a platform as big as mine, and there’s so much pressure on you, that if you make a mistake, you can destroy yourself really fast. And I don’t just mean physically; mentally, you can also destroy yourself. I just think that, in that situation, I was just ready.

3 Rules for Success from Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba is among the most recognized footballers in Europe. He started his career with Juventus, and the club has been a success by bringing home three league titles.
Pogba has a lot of fans because of his success in the Serie A.
Many people have recognized his football skills and his determination to be great.
However, it was his personality and leadership qualities that kept him on the top of the list of the most recognized footballers in the world.

1. Do what feels right.

It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, it’s always your personal decision to make. Never be afraid to take a leap of faith and follow your passion, and if you fail to follow your dream, get up and try again, better next time.

2. Enjoy your life.

Don’t let life pass you by. Enjoy every minute of your life and be grateful for everything that you have, because one day you will be gone and life is not going to be the same.

3. Cherish those who care about you.

As a final note, remember that it’s the people that you trust the most who are probably going to be the ones that stick by you. If you’re surrounded by people that you can trust and who have your back, you’re going to be okay.


Paul Pogba of Manchester United has grown as a football player and has taken a turn to become one of the most successful and highly publicized soccer stars in the world.

Pogba has a $125 Million net worth as of July 2020.

According to Forbes, Paul Pogba’s net worth is $125 million.

Paul Pogba is the most expensive player in the world soccer.

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