Paul Wall Net Worth

Paul Wall net worth is estimated $14 million, and is worth $1.3 billion after all his earnings and businesses.


Since his debut, Paul Wall has had a steady rise in earnings. His recent earnings, however, have been higher than what he was generating when he first began.

Paul Slayton Wall is a rapper from Houston, Texas.
He has collaborated with some of the best stars and released several albums under SwishaHouse Records throughout his career as a rapper.

He signed a contract with Atlantic records in 2005… and became a success with his major label debut ‘The People’s Champ. Get Money, Stay True’.

In 2004, he was nominated for 3 BET Awards for his work with ‘Paul Wall’ for Best Hip-hop Artist, Best Male R&B/Pop Artist and Best Rap Artist. The same year he was nominated for 3 Grammy Awards (5 nominations in total).

Early Life

After graduating from high school, Paul went to the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas, and he transferred to Rice University in Houston, Texas. He was a baseball player during that time.

He liked music a lot at a young age and got introduced to rapping by his friend Mike Jones. Later on, after finishing high school, he attended Texas A&M University where he continued rapping and also started taking music more serious.

The first project that he released was called ‘RAP SINCE I WAS 2’. In 2017, he launched a song titled ‘Tunney’s Anthem’. He wrote the lyrics about his friend Tunney Bethea who had died in a car accident. The project was a success and it got him nominated for the Teen Choice Award for Choice Music – R&B/Hip Hop Song.


Chamillionaire reached out to Wall for collaborations and asked him to be part of his album The Big Bang. The collaboration resulted Wall in releasing two tracks “I’ll Tell You What” and “Make It Rain”.

In 2007, Wall was placed on the Swishahouse label because of his high popularity. He was able to rap on numerous radio shows and was featured on many mixtapes. A year later, he was signed to the label.

The duo went on a nationwide tour in 2003 and had the opportunity to play with several artists including Jay-Z, DMX, The Game and Lil Jon. In early 2005, they released ‘Money On The Floor Part 2’ which again became popular and helped Wall to gain a bigger audience. The duo went on another national tour in 2005 and had the opportunity to perform in clubs with major artists including Usher, Fat Joe and Lloyd Banks.

The Color Changin is a group of young rappers and they rap and write their own beats. Some of them include Kool Kaicee, E-40, Fat Face, and Black Thought.

After getting fired from Wall Street, he decided to do his own thing.

At this point Eminem was already on the scene and Eminem was already a big star. He had already had a huge rap career and his popularity was growing. His last name was already famous and Eminem was already an established name. The whole situation just went like that. He was already famous and he got the opportunity to go with Shady Records and that was like a perfect match because Eminem was already established.

After several years playing music he returned with an album entitled ‘Get Money, Stay True’, it peaked No. 8 on Billboard Hot 200.

I feel like I’m doing a lot of damage control on this album.

“I’m going to talk about life today. You’re going to hear more topics than you’ve heard before. I have a lot of different topics to talk about, and I want to talk about them. I want you to get this from me.”

This is what he’s saying.

On the topic of money and staying true to yourself.

He had about $1.6 million earned from his music, and a few other ventures.


In the year 1993, Paul Wall released his first album, Paul Wall. It was released under the Capitol Records and distributed by East West Records.

Favorite Quotes from Paul Wall

The best advice I can give someone who is in a similar situation to me is to do what I did, and if I can make it work, it’s possible it can work for them. It’s not easy to get to where I am today, and it’s not easy to keep going. But if you want to make it to the top, you have to work your ass off.

– Win an award from the Grammys, means a lot. – When you win, it’s voted on by 100% of the people, so it means a lot.

Paul Wall started out doing some work for the family barbecue business. As demand grew he decided to open his own BBQ restaurant. That’s when he decided to start a side business with the rest of the Wall Brothers.

Paul Wall has since become the most famous Southern BBQ chef in the world, and is the author of 6 cookbooks and host of several national TV shows.

Paul has always been a good producer. I remember being in the studio with T. One time, I was in session with him and I couldn’t remember what I had for breakfast that day, but I could tell he was trying to make me rap a different rhyme. I remember that vividly. I’m glad his album did well, but I’m surprised he didn’t do better.


He started his career with the group of fellow rappers like The Beatnuts and Triple Threat. The group, which was known as The Beatboys, had members like Triple Threat, Big Ed, and PeeWee.

He’s currently in the third year of the eight-year deal he signed in 2016 and is making a little over $3 Million annually.

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