20 Greatest Logan Paul Quotes Of All Time

I thought about this, because I have a lot of favorite things, so I thought about the favorite quotes and the favorite moments. But really, all my favorite quotes all say the same thing. They say that I am someone who can be a good person, even if I am flawed.

Logan Paul is a famous YouTube personality who is known for posting strange videos. He has 21 million subscribers on YouTube, and 17.8 million followers on Instagram.

He is best known as a YouTuber for sharing short videos on Vine, as well as for his appearances in a number of movies. Amongst his other projects, is being the voice of one of the main characters in ‘Airplane Mode’, as well as playing the role of a drug dealer in ‘Thinning: New World Order’.

But Logan Paul has been making it rain with his words.

20 Greatest Logan Paul Quotes of All Time

Logan Paul announced his retirement because of the controversies that his channel brought to the internet.

 I am fortunate to see and learn a lot.

I think Logan is a nice guy, and I don’t think that he ever intended to hurt anyone. It’s okay if he didn’t think that he was being funny, but he could have done a better job of editing his video to show less of you. He could have done more to address the issue of not showing you. He could have also taken your side in the comments.

Logan Paul has been making videos about his travels for a long time now, but he recently started making them more personal.
And he’s starting to focus on a niche. A very specific niche.

Logan Paul has said he is learning that crisis passes and while being in a crisis is a horrible thing, he is starting to realize that many people are suffering even while they are in crisis.

It’s a shame that this has to happen to Logan Paul who started out great but fell so hard. I will never listen to this guy’s music again. I will also never watch him ever. I have zero sympathy for him anymore. He is so fucked.

7th of 20 Logan Paul Quotes 

A year ago, Paul was working in his uncle’s body shop, making about $6.50 an hour. Today, he has an expensive Hollywood apartment and is riding around in a Mercedes GLE.

Logan Paul says boxing has helped him grow as a person. Paul doesn’t see a conflict between boxing and his comedy, and he hopes his success in boxing will inspire other comedians to make comedy.

“Rejection is just a part of life.” A very true statement for anyone.

While appearing on “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Paul discussed his YouTube channel, stating that he’s unlike anyone else online because he actually tells the truth about everything, including his own life.
“There’s nothing I’m ashamed of on there.

Logan Paul was used to people liking him. That was a part of his popularity. People who didn’t like him didn’t have a choice. He was the only person in the world that they could hate.

Big platforms are always trying to be the video platform.

If I’m being quite honest with you, I’m the fastest YouTuber; I’m the fastest entertainment on the planet.

Logan Paul said he would love to entertain people forever.

What I actually think is that he is a talented guy, but he just lacks humility.

17th of 20 Logan Paul Quotes 

Logan Paul is actually the poster child for YouTube’s success. He’s actually done so well in YouTube that he just announced a new comedy project called “Logan Paul Vs. Zombies” in which he’s partnered with T-Series and Rhea Kapoor for his first-ever Indian TV project.

I think this is the kind of quote I’d want to hear as a teenager and/or young adult. I’m really glad Logan is trying to be a good role model for others in his industry.

Logan Paul is a comedian who has built an extremely huge following on YouTube. He grew up in Houston, Texas. He loves jokes, he plays guitar, and he thinks he’s a pretty good chef. But it’s not just Logan’s YouTube videos that made him a star. He has taken his comedy on the road and now performs across the country. People love him, and there are even some comedians who would love to learn more about how he thinks.


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