22 Incredible Paul Wall Quotes About His Life

He was the first one. He started it all. And he still got the hottest girls.

Paul Wall is an American rapper, who is signed to Dr. Dre’s record label ‘Aftermath’. He debuted with the title track ‘The Peoples Champ’, released in 2007.

He was the youngest of six kids, he is the only one of them to be a rapper. He started rapping at 16 and released his first single ‘Girl’ from his debut album ‘Choppin’ Em Up”.

He’s worked with a lot of musicians, including Nickelback, Collie Buddz and Mike Jones, so he’s been through a lot of different experiences to get here.

He makes sure he’s got his hand in his music so that he could make sure his music would get exposure.

22 Incredible Paul Wall Quotes About His Life

I feel grateful for having overcome my struggles. I love my life.

Paul Wall, an American rapper, stated that he gained weight after being released from prison. He stated that people are more conscious about their bodies after they have gained weight. He believes that people don’t like to look at fat people and so they avoid looking at them.

This just doesn’t make any sense. So far, all that’s happening is that Paul Wall is trying to be a race baiter. I don’t think that this statement is actually true. Sure, there are people out there who don’t like African Americans (or any other race or ethnicity for that matter), but there is something else to consider.

Just work hard and work hard and that will land you where you need to be.

I don’t have a problem with anyone comparing me to white rappers or anybody but the fact that some people were comparing me to white people is the only time that I’ve heard myself talked about in that way.

Paul Wall said that if you treat people the way that you want to be treated, and you treat people the way that they want to be treated, “a lot of our problems” would be solved.

He said I don’t want to be my dad anymore, I don’t want to abuse my kids or abandon them or do any type of shit that he was doing. So, I’m aware of that.

10th 22 Paul Wall Quotes 

I talk about ballin and shit all the time because I want to get money. The reason why I say I’m not materialistic is because I’m just a regular nigga.

You can look at Paul Wall as one of the better rappers, but he also has had a very big career and his career is very lengthy. It’s been almost a decade since Paul first came out and it’s been almost 15 years since he’s had any type of problem on record. So, if you ask me whether or not he gives a fuck about money, I would say that he does.

Travis Scott is one of my biggest influences, so of course, he is one of my favorite rappers. It’s great to see him being in a position to be another Houston rapper to go platinum.

Jacka, or “Jak,” was a huge influence on Paul when I was producing his album. On the song “Thug Nigga,” we took a beat from a song that was sampled. One of the things I noticed about Paul was how his confidence was so high and he was just confident in himself and he just knew he was the greatest. Any time I was feeling insecure about something or having a hang-up about something and Jacka came to me with some words of encouragement or some advice for Paul, I made sure to get that from him.

With the help of Keke Wyatt, Paul Wall came into the game, so that all the other cats could see Paul Wall has got skills too.

When you’re in the neighborhood of being a Christian, it’s a tough neighborhood to be in because you’re either going to get killed by somebody, get shot, get raped, you’re going to go to jail, or you’re going to burn in Hell. So there are a lot of reasons why people don’t identify as Christians.

When I can help someone, I always do it – whether it’s to buy a guy a beer, pay for his tab, or invite him to a party, and then I’m always chasing these things to try and give back to the community.

Paul Wall says that drug addiction comes in many forms and can’t be treated only through therapy and medical methods. People need to learn the causes so they can overcome the problem of addiction.

I have always wondered what was in Paul’s head when he wrote this song but as he said, it was a life and death situation. I can’t imagine anyone getting surgery for vanity purposes. I have to tell you I feel a bit better after hearing his story. If you’re thinking about getting surgery don’t do it. It’ll never look natural. Have you seen those before and after pictures and heard their stories? There’s definitely a better way to look.

20th 22 Paul Wall Quotes 

It is essential to be polite towards other people, to show respect, and to avoid doing or saying things that might upset or get them frustrated or angry.

Paul Wall was obese and had been told that he had 15 years left on his life. His doctor had told him to lose weight and exercise more. He was doing a little bit of both but wasn’t doing it very well. He had tried diet and exercise but the scale only went up.

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The problem I see with most rappers is they think the world owes them something and its the exact opposite you gotta make your way you gotta prove yourself yanno God blessed you with that talent you know its your responsibility and obligation to share it with the rest of the world its not the rest of the worlds responsibility to ride your dick.


P.S: If you would like to hear more by Paul Wall, you can listen to his new album, “I Promise” from TDE below.

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