John Legend Net Worth

The singer has an estimated net worth of $50 million.
The singer’s fortune comes from his music and performances.
He also earned a lot of money through royalties.
So, he has an estimated net worth of $50 million.


John Legend is one of the most famous singers in the world.

John is also a multi-instrumentalist and producer. He has a strong voice and a good singing ability.

Legend signed to Kanye West’s record label GOOD Music, and hehe has been working on his upcoming album. Hehe is best known for his own single “All of Me”.

Early Life 

His parents were supportive of his musical career, but it took a bit for them to get used to his new life as a famous singer. At first John was very cautious about revealing that he was famous, but once he started to be recognized all over the place, he had no problem telling everyone he was on television.

He attended the St Petersburg State University, graduating with a degree in physics, mathematics and history.


The beginning of Legend’s career was in the nightclubs, however, after some time he also held small concerts throughout the country. He has worked with many superstar musicians such as Alicia Keys and Kanye West.

His debut album ‘Get Lifted’ was released in 2004. It peaked at number seven on the Billboard Rock Album charts and earned the Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Rock Album in the 47th Grammy Awards.

Legend’s second studio album ‘Once Again’ hit number 3 in the US Billboard 200. The album’s smash hit song ‘Heaven’ won him his second Grammy Award.

Two years later, he collaborated with the hip hop band The Roots, and released the album Wake up! It won the 2010 Grammy Award for Best R&B album.

The album became a huge success after its release, selling 68,000 copies within the first week of its release.

Havoc has dedicated his time and efforts to many causes that support the people of his hometown.

He won an Oscar in 2015. The song ‘Glory’ was performed in the film ‘Selma’ along with rapper Lonnie Rashid Lynn, also known as Common.

In 2017, he signed on to play the lead role in Universal’s upcoming thriller ‘The Hunt’ and is now on a roll, working in both big and small budget films.

John Legend earns an average of $22 million in a year.


John Legend has an incredible voice and sings very well. The man is also a legend in the music industry, and his career has been amazing.

Favorite Quotes from John Legend 

John Legend was influenced by lots of things to become the famous singer/songwriter he is today. I hope you enjoyed listening to his music as much as I did. Stay tuned for more songs from the artist.

“The internet opened up a whole new world for me…”
That was it. The internet changed my life. I am a product of the internet. And of course it would have been hard for me to think about things the way I would think about them before.
I can only imagine how much it changed your life in a more profound way, John.

3 Lessons from John Legend About Success and Career 

1. He got to work hard from the very beginning of his career.

2. You must always be honest and consistent with your audience.

3. Work hard for the long term.

4. Your body, is your business. Use it!

1. Be a Learn-it-all

But what’s the best way to become lifelong learners and achieve the goal of finding more ways to grow? In this podcast episode, we’ll take a look at how successful people learn more.

2. Shut Up And Listen

John Legend doesn’t necessarily want to shout out his thoughts, he’s more interested in listening. He’s not against speaking, but he’s not comfortable being the center of the spotlight all of the time.

3. Trust the Process

Every new skill, every new technique, every new tool you learn presents a challenge to overcome if you want to master it. This is a source of great frustration for the newbie. If you persist despite your frustration, you will eventually get through.

Success is not achieved in a moment, but it comes with hard work and consistency.


John Legend is a famous singer and songwriter and has won several awards such as Grammy awards as well as a Golden Globe award. His songs include many inspirational songs as well as songs that are very relevant in today’s world.

Legend is reported to have earned an estimated $100 million in 2019 alone.
He also has plenty of money in the bank.
Legend recently purchased a beautiful mansion in Beverly Hills, California.
The former “Love Me Now” singer has a net worth of more than $100 million.

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