Optimize Your Car Wrap Ad Campaign

In order for commuters, gig work drivers, and passive income seekers, car wrap advertising is a simple and effective way to pull in some extra money without having to put in much effort, as long as the advertising company is legitimate.

Car advertising isn’t a way for drivers to get rich overnight, but they can expect to pull in an extra couple of hundred dollars per month after getting their car wrapped.

Also, car wrap advertising is effective for companies looking to promote their businesses as well.

Let’s take a look at how to optimize your car wrap ad campaign and gain the impact that you are looking for. 

What is Car Advertising

Car wrap advertising is an out-of-home (OOH) advertisement method that requires the driver to have a fairly new vehicle in good condition that they drive rather often, has valid car insurance, and finally requires drivers to sign up with a car wrap advertising company or companies that have campaigns in their local area.

When you are working with a legitimate car wrap, expect to earn somewhere in the ballpark of $100 to $450 per month, which all depends on how often you drive and how large of an ad you place on your vehicle.

Usually, you can opt-in for a decal, a partial wrap, or a full wrap, with decals being the smallest form of ads, which could be stickers or vinyl graphics limited to a specific area of your car, like rear windows, for instance. 

Partial wraps are vinyl graphics that may cover all doors and maybe even the bumper section. 

Full wrap covers your entire vehicle, including your hood and all doors and even your windows, except the windshield.


TV commercials, radio advertisements, and billboards are all impactful local marketing tools but, in all honesty, may appear to be rather expensive depending on what your marketing budget is at the moment. 

There can be a considerable amount of rent for billboard space and air time for TV or radio advertisements that not only has to be paid but also has to be renewed continually the longer the ads are kept available. 

But with car wrapping, the cost is typically lower, and you are able to pull in the attention of people at a very minimal cost when compared to a billboard situated in just one permanent location.

Car wrap designs are simple to change, so the aesthetics of your vehicle are at really low risk of getting any kind of damage.

Car wrapping can actually protect your vehicle from scratches and dents. 

Increase Consumer Reach

Billboards can only reach where they are actually situated, and there is no way to expect people who won’t travel past that billboard or listen to those radio stations that the ad is placed on to do so just to hopefully come across your advertisement. 

By using car wrapping, you can increase your consumer reach, 

even with your business cars parked along the road, it can reach potential clients.

If you are to save some of your marketing dollars, optimizing your business cars with car wrap advertising can increase your branding recognition and even give you a good reason to look forward to getting stuck in long traffic jams during rush hour because you will be instantly in promotion mode. 

Use Strong Call-to-Actions

Calls-to-action is some of the most integral parts of your vehicle wrap design that need to include your contact number, your email address, your website address, your social media information, and whatever it takes to make it incredibly simple for your targeted audience to take a picture of your car wrap with their cell phone cameras and contact you further for your products and services. 

Not only do your offers need to be clear and concise, but they need to be exciting enough to create intrigue and generate leads. 

Use Interesting Content

Being that establishing a minimalist wrap will make it easier for customers to read the advertisement information that you provide, this does not mean that the car wrap has to be boring. 

Using eye-catching graphics, properly written ad copy, and a tempting call-to-action offer without compromising clarity.

Easy-to-Read Text

When it is time for you to consider the text font style for a car wrap, think about how far away people will be able to read it legibly. 

Scrawling fonts and large blocks of dense text can be too difficult for potential customers to read.

View your font choice from different distances to see what will work out the best. 

Clean Vehicle Design

If you use way too many images or patterns in your car wrapping design, it could look too cluttered, which creates a huge barrier for people to be able to recall what they have just read (or attempted to read).

All in all, you want your vehicle wrap to offer a minimalistic, engaging, and clean-cut design to create a lasting impression.

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