Howard Stern Net Worth

Howard Stern has a very high net wealth. Stern recently sold his company, which has a value of $600 million. He also owns five other properties worth $7.5 million. Stern also has a multi-million dollar home in Los Angeles.


Howard Stern has been an actor, producer, and television personality since the 1970s. Before he was a radio host, Stern worked in advertising. He is best known for his radio comedy show on WOR, which is a radio station based in New York. He is also the co-creator of the SiriusXM radio show “The Howard Stern Show”.

Radio is a very successful medium, but he is very well known for being one of the best radio hosts of all time.

Early Life

Stern is the second child of Ray and Ben Schiffman, who are Jewish and were born in Hungary and Poland, respectively. His parents are from the Roosevelt neighborhood of St. Louis, where Stern attended Washington Rose Elementary School.

John Stern was interested in hosting radio shows since he was young. He pursued radio hosting throughout his college years.


Howard Stern started his career as a morning radio host for Rad & Records as the host of the Howard Stern Show, and over the years, the show has been on at various stations but is now heard on the Sirius XM satellite radio service. The show was the number one comedy radio show for twelve consecutive years.

After working at WNBC Radio Station, Stern moved to another radio station, WABC which was owned by ABC in New York City. When WNBC was bought by ABC, Stern was offered to work at WABC as the night talk host, but he declined.

Stern’s career took a big upswing after he met a news reporter who became his later wife and the mother of his children like Adam and Emily.

After a break, Howard Stern returned to the airwaves on the flagship station of the CBS radio network on September 18th of 1990, on WNBC, broadcasting on 100.7 FM and 1260 AM. Stern worked as a substitute for the regular host of the morning show, Bob Grant, on weekday mornings. It wasn’t long before Stern made a big splash, becoming the highest rated radio personality in New York.

Stern’s show was a breakthrough. Stern later released his autobiography, Private Parts, which sold more than 500,000 copies in its first month.

After he had his first autobiography he starred in films Private Parts and Ryder, P.I. He has released plenty of albums, and in 2011 he replaced Piers Morgan as a judge on America’s Got Talent.

In 2010, Stern decided to launch “The Howard Stern Show” podcast, making him the longest running daily podcast in history.

The most famous media personality ever was named by Forbes as the world’s highest paid media personality and the fifth highest earning worldwide.

A day in Stern’s life is like 10 years for the average Joe.


Favorite Quotes from Howard Stern

While attending a fundraiser with Howard Stern, Howard Stern said
I’m sickened by all religions. Religion has divided people.
I don’t think there’s any difference between the Pope wearing a large hat and parading around with a smoking purse and an African painting his face white and praying to a rock.

Some other comments I have read on the radio station. These are not official sources, and are not a direct quote.
These quotes are from a guy who has been doing the Howard Stern Show for over a decade.

When did you get fired?
No, I was let go. I was not fired.

I’m not sure why Howard Stern got hired at WXRK. Maybe he could say something funny on their air. I’m not sure there is a market for a Howard Stern impersonator.
The best way to come up with a title for a radio show would be to ask the people who will have the most input. A good place to start would be the host of the show. He would be the one with the best idea for a name for the show. It’s his show, so he should probably know the best one.


Stern has won several awards and nominations for his work. He has been nominated for a Grammy for most popular male radio personality.

He’s most famous for producing The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but he also co-created The Bernie Mac Show and The Jamie Foxx Show. He has his own show, The Breakfast Club.

Even though Howard Stern’s net worth is $650 Million, his estimated annual income is $50 Million.

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