Metro Boomin Net Worth

He is a producer, actor and he has a net worth of $2 million.


He has been investing in many different projects that have given him such a large net worth.

Metro Boomin is a American record producer from St.Louis, who has produced for several rappers such as Nicki Minaj, Future, Lil Wayne, Drake, and Big Sean.

He has collaborated with many prominent producers but is best known for his production on “Suge” by the Migos and “Black and Yellow” by 21 Savage.

Early Life 

The original name of Leland Wayne Tyler was Lamont Wayne Tyler. Wayne was the son of Lamont and Leslie Tyler. The family is originally from Atlanta.

He attended a Catholic junior high school in St. Louis County. He was fond of playing the guitar and the flute in his middle-school band.


Metro, the son of a famous comedian, is still in college. His song ‘Karate Chop’ was featured on a major rapper’s album, and still features Lil Wayne.

Unable to balance his life as a music producer and a college freshman, he decided to drop out of college to pursue music production as a full-fledged career.

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* “3500” by Travis Scott, featuring Future and 2 Chainz, reached numbers 82, 25, and 16 on the ‘Billboard US Hot 100,’ the ‘Billboard US R&B,’ and the ‘Billboard US Rap’ charts, respectively.

‘Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1’ by Kanye West featuring Kanye West (Kanye West + Kid Cudi), reached the ninth spot on the ‘Billboard US Hot Rap’ chart. ‘Low Life’ by Future, featuring The Weeknd, reached the eighth and the fifth positions on the ‘Billboard US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop’ chart.

21 Savage was nominated for ‘Billboard Music Award for Best New Hip-Hop Artist’ in 2017. He also made the list of ‘RIAA’ certified platinum record holders. It’s been a year of success for the Atlanta musician.

“Ric Flair Drip” was released in March and became a success, with the song becoming certified “3x platinum”, according to the ‘RSA’.

He is one of the most successful, well-regarded and multi-talented music professionals.


The man who was born in New Jersey is responsible for one of the most memorable songs for the 2018 Black Music Yearbook.

Favorite Quotes From Metro Boomin 

From my experience, school is not a bad place to be. It’s really not different than the professional world in any way besides the name, and that being that it’s a school instead of a company.

The two are pretty similar in their process and their talent level. Metro Boomin’s thoughts on the pair are actually pretty similar to mine. Also, both Thug and Future have proven themselves to be a great musical force within the last one to two years. Both of them have some of the most creative and unique records.

In his interview with Metro, the rapper talked about his thoughts on fame and what it means to him. Metro Boomin thinks that fame is not something that comes easily, and while he does not deny the fact that he wants it, he stated that he does not want to be “in the limelight.”
We’ll see if Metro’s efforts to avoid the limelight have any bearing in the future, though; he should know that with his music, and it’s only a matter of time before people start knowing his name.

The Diplomats were actually a hip hop group in the mid-90’s who had an album called “Tales From the Diplomats.”

They were considered a bit of a local alternative to A Tribe Called Quest. They released five albums and a greatest hits record and were very popular in the Bay Area. They also toured with Tribe member Q-Tip during the 90’s, but they never made it big.

3 Life Lessons From Metro Boomin 

Start by making sure that you have your priorities clear.
You should always have something you’re working for in order to stay motivated
Start out right with a bang.
Take a look at rappers who have had success already. What made them successful?
Pay attention to how they started.
Always try your best at what you do.

1. Wake Up and be Grateful 

Every morning we wake up, is the first day of our life. Do not start your day with the old stuff.

Tiny Text: (“Tiny Text” – is text that is much smaller in size than “Regular Text” and takes up a lot less room on your screen.

2. Print 

Life is a print out of thoughts written by you on the screen of your brain while you are reading a book.

3. You Will Win 

If you are destined to win, you are destined to win no matter what anyone else says or does.


He has produced for major American hip-hop artists like Drake, Cardi B, and Young Jeezy.

He has established himself as one of the most prolific and leading music producers of the world in a short period. He has produced songs for Future, Yo Gotti, Young Thug and many more.

In July 2020, Metro broke the record for highest paid producer on the Billboard 200.

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