35 Surprisingly Motivational Lil Wayne Quotes

Lil Wayne, born Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., was an American rapper, actor, and entrepreneurs, originally from New Orleans, Louisiana.

He released his debut album ‘Mr. DJ’ at the age of just 9 years old. It’s no mean feat having achieved such success in such a short time.

Lil Wayne is one of the richest rappers in the world and he is so rich because of his hit songs.

This is an awesome collection of the best Lil Wayne quotes.

35 Motivational Lil Wayne Quotes

2. If there is good in the world, it’s because God put it there.

In the year of 2009, Lil Wayne was addicted to success. However, this is not good. The world will not get addicted to success since it never lasts very long.

Lil Wayne is the type of person you’re proud of. Not only is he blessed with talent, but you know exactly what he’s going to say and do on the radio. He’s a true OG.

We can’t all be the best (at everything we do) and we’re not all supposed to be the same. It’s OK if you have your own set of rules and standards.

The more you spend thinking about what you should have done, the less time you spend planning what you can and will do.

I am a very open minded person and willing to learn from people that are older than me.

Surround yourself with other positive people, not with people who will only cause you harm.

Lil Wayne has been criticized for his unprofessionalism, as he’s not afraid to admit that. But he’s also been praised for his business savvy and his ability to make good music. The most important thing is that he knows what he does best and is good at it.

10th of 29 Lil Wayne Quotes

People understand you are not interested in understanding them, but that they have to understand you.

Thinking about how Wayne’s lyrics are all about having a positive mindset in a negative world, I started to think of how this quote fits into the theme of The Blacker The Berry.

I tried to pay attention, but what I got was much more than I paid for.

I’m blessed and I thank God for every day for everything that happens for me.

When his first two albums didn’t sell, he thought he was going to hell.

Lil Wayne’s new song is about his friends, and it’s nice to know that he still has that support.

After the album was released, Lil Wayne said in an interview that they didn’t know where he came from or where he’s going.

This is a quote you’ve heard before. This is a quote from a man who once said he wasn’t going to live another day without sex, drugs, and money.

Wayne talks about how most women don’t know how to love. A lot of this is just a way for Wayne to be cleverly speaking on the topic of love in a way that is clever and not offensive.

20th of 35 Lil Wayne Quotes

Where my creativity takes me is my apartment.

It seems like people who say they like and enjoy life the most often also have a knack for partying.

He is the best rapper alive. This is a lion on a field of grass. He never tires and he never gets tired. But he’s not defiant to his team.

I’m on my way to making money, and I’m having a little bit of trouble getting there.

The incarceration rate is very high in the United States. It is the highest incarceration rate in the world. It has been getting worse for a very, very long time.

You should never apologize for what you feel. I think it is important to not apologize for being real.

There’s no reason why someone shouldn’t respect me, so why not respect whatever I want to say? I don’t hate no one, but I can’t respect what I feel is a lie.

Life is too short to be stressed and to live in a way that is out of compliance to the law. Make jokes and laugh at yourself, progress for the good and live life.

The meaning of a word can’t be expressed logically, so we can’t stop hate.

I can’t think of anyone that isn’t a fan of living. Lil Wayne knows that there’s not a lot of rules or boundaries when it comes to living and not only does he embrace that, it’s part of his shtick.

30th of 35 Lil Wayne Quotes

I think Lil Wayne is just a little bit insecure.

When you have a high demand on your time and resources, and you do more than you can hope to achieve, this is likely.

Lil Wayne dropped the mixtape “The Carter 3” in 2000 but he didn’t release his next album until 2004. Wayne’s third album also happened to be the first of his solo albums after he left Cash Money Records.

A man who lives his life with no regrets and doesn’t stop until he dies.

There are two types of people in this world. Those who are sad because their friends are going to die and those who are sad because they’re gonna die, so you can put this quote in the former category.

In order for you to reach success at every level, you need to have a positive mindset and be the strongest person that you can be. This is why you see so many highly successful people. They are all confident. They are all positive. They are all powerful.


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