Jc Caylen Net Worth

His net worth is unknown.


The star also has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

Caylen is a self-proclaimed fashion guru, and a popular vlogger. Caylen has been featured in the media for his fashion and YouTube content.

Early Life 

Justin was born in San Antonio, Texas. He has three siblings; Jaylyn, Ava Grace and Joe Felix. He graduated from John Peace High School and then attended The University of Texas at San Antonio. He played soccer, baseball and golf while at school. He played in several collegiate leagues. He now works for the United States Marine Corps.

He attended high school in Helotes, Texas. He received a full scholarship to attend the University of Wyoming on a football scholarship.


On July 1, 2010 he created his YouTube channel, Life with JC. It quickly became a success and he made videos regularly.

Our2ndLife was a group of YouTube vloggers (people who make videos about their daily lives, usually with a more humorous tone) who had a worldwide following. After the group broke up, many of its members went on to work with Caylen, most notably Connor Franta, who later went on to work with the team at Red and the team at Vid.me/Hang With Friends.

The Neptunes, having a lot of success with their other projects, started to get involved more with Pharrell’s solo projects.

He made a few appearances on the FX Channel series “Wilfred” as a “recreational drug dealer”.

His other film roles include ‘The Last Days of Michael Jackson’ and ‘The Great Debaters’.

The artist earns over $1000 a day for his appearances on television, and earns over $100,000 dollars a week for his appearances at charity galas.


I think people could say: “Where do you think JC Caylen got her inspiration from?” Because she actually got her name from a guy named JC.

Favorite Quotes From JC Caylen 

As a songwriter, I often write to a beat. I’m not the type of writer that is inspired by any particular thing. My best work is usually derived from a beat, a chorus, a melodic line, and a hook line. I try to craft a song that makes people want to dance.

There is a very good chance another album will be on the way. If the kids love it, which from what I’ve seen from the release, then there’s no doubt in my mind I want to make more. Maybe another one with a different vibe? I have all different kinds of music tastes!


3 Life Lessons From JC Caylen 

– Always be honest and true to yourself.
– Try to have a solid foundation for your career.
– Focus on your strengths.

1. Family Cares 

I don’t think I have anything else, just my family. I hope I don’t have to be there when someone’s dead or dying.

2. Home Is Not A Place

The house is as big as the land which is as old as the trees which are as strong as the mountains which are as deep as the lakes which are as wide as the sky which is as high as the sun which is as wide as the earth.

3. Looking Out For Our Worst 

I like to live with my family. I like to see my family in my life. Being with family makes me feel close.


On his YouTube channel, JC Caylen has posted the list of world’s most popular and famous dogs according to his own research. Surprisingly all ten of them are dogs and all of them are American.

He also has a personal YouTube Channel called ‘TheLifewithjc’ that he launched in April 2016. This is also where I first saw him interview some of the most high profile YouTubers.

The net worth is estimated to be $4 Million as of July 2022.

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