How To Turn A Tragedy Into A Success

Practically every story of success is filled with all kinds of trials and tribulations. And that is true for Golden Euro – to guarantee wins, it’s best to learn, practice, and improve.   In fact, often the more difficulties to overcome in order to achieve the goal, the more alluring it is; the ability to succeed in spite of the hurdles.

From the small independent company pushing against the industry monopolist, to a small group of people fighting against the injustice of a huge majority.  It is during these times when we are able see a person’s true nature and how they are able to overcome adversity.   At the point at which the battle reaches the mind and the spirit it is here where those who triumph will be remembered forever and the others will fall by the wayside of history.

The difference between giants and mere mortals?

You might think that which side a person falls on is dependent on wealth and/or status but both these things have nothing to do with it.  The key determining factor is in fact determination.  The quality of fortitude or grit is what enables a person to continue on and persevere in spite of any hurdles or obstacles that may stand in their way.

When the majority of people will give up and move onto something else, those few with grit will continue on, moving ahead, sometimes without any renumeration or even acknowledgement.   This quality is what enables a person to roll with the punches instead of breaking when the reality of the situation gets really tough.   It is this quality that some of the most important, creative and powerful people in the history of humankind.

These giants amongst us will never settle for mediocrity.  It could be that they find themselves in certain situations by chance or they may well have chosen the position.  Either way, they will see success as the only option even if they find themselves in a place where temporarily they are failing.    Failure is seen as a temporary inconvenience and something that will be overcome with positivity and optimism. If something is worth having or doing, it is worth fighting for.

Rising to the challenge

Nowhere is this more visible than in the Moby Dick story about the sinking of the Essex.  In 1820 the American whaling ship, the Essex, sank as a result of a it being rammed by a sperm whale. The crew aboard the ship fought tooth and nail and with grit and determination did everything they could to overcome and to turn the situation around.

The crew, together with their captain escaped from the sinking ship on three small salvage boats but they were far from any inhabited land.  But they refused to give up even though they had little water and even less food.  Unfortunately, many of the crew were unable to survive these awful conditions. But there were those who survived and they are the ones who remained hopeful.

Those surviving the tragedy were forced to do unbearably difficult things in order to survive but it was the courage and grit of Captain Pollard that inspired and encouraged the other men to keep on.  Eventually after horrendous suffering during the weeks at sea, they were spotted by a ship in the ocean and rescued.

All the surviving men were in a delirious state and completely starved, nothing like their former selves.  However, the survivors did return home to their families and tried to put the tragedy of what happened to them at sea behind them and began to forge new lives.

The reason why the survivors of the Essex are still remembered, and will continue to be remembered, is because of their courage and determination to survive such intolerable conditions. They found the will to survive and in spite the hopelessness of being alone in the middle of the ocean.

Challenges in life are inevitable – how we deal with them is optional

Fortunately, most people are not faced with life and death situations.  However, even in much less adverse circumstances many people become immediately discouraged. Many people have no idea what to do or how to proceed in the face of adversity.

Discovering and learning to how to utilize our inner strength to fight obstacles in life is what we should all be doing.   If you are not doing this, you are not using your full potential and are selling yourself short.  You are so much more.  Live your life to the full; pushing those boundaries and stepping outside your comfort zone.

Life is a journey and an adventure and should be viewed as such.  Trying out new things and pursuing new ventures.  Success does not occur overnight.  It is a process and needs grit and determination.  If you never try, you can never succeed and we can never fail if we refuse to quit.

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