Tracy Morgan Net Worth

The comedian is worth $20 million and has a net worth of $15 million.


Tracy Morgan is one of the richest comedians of all time.

Tracy Morgan is well-known for his comedic acting, both stand-up and film.

But his life was not easy, and in 1992, he was involved in a car accident that almost took his life. He was not a fan of the jokes about his accident, so he created a comedy routine that helped him forget about the past and continue laughing.

Early Life

As a child, Morgan often went to the local park with his friends, where he would play baseball, football and basketball. In the summer, he worked on the construction crew of an apartment building.

When he graduated high enough to attend college, he did not make friends with either of his parents. To this day, he has never been in a healthy relationship. In his autobiography, he states that he only ever had a few friends and he never had any real girlfriends.

He was arrested for selling drugs and then went on to make fun of the police on the streets.

This led to the stand-up comedy career that was so successful that he moved to Harlem, still within the Bronx.


After he had success on the show Martin, Morgan decided to head to the big screen, starring in films like Madea’s Family Reunion, Love in the Time of Money, and I Can’t Think Straight. In 2009 he starred on the popular ABC show “The Good Wife,” playing the role of the lawyer, William S. Lee.

Morgan played a character called “Mr. Peabody” in the 2004 film The Prestige. The character was named for the cartoon character created by Albert Einstein. Morgan previously played “Mr. Peabody” in Disney’s 1995 film The Lion King, and appeared as the same character in its stage production.

In May 2011, Morgan and his family visited the set of The Tracy Morgan Show in Hollywood. Morgan also appeared on a season three episode of his show One mic. On March 27, 2013 the series was released on Netflix.

He worked on various commercials, including Pizza Hut, Miller Lite, TGI Fridays, and Subway. He also appeared in multiple movies, including the cult classic Cop Out.

Morgan was an alcoholic comic who died from a heart attack on June 7, 2016. He was 48years old at the time of his death.


Tracy Morgan has been entertaining for over three decades. He is a stand-up comedian and actor.

Favorite Quotes from Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan pulled his turkey out of the oven to find out what the reality was and basted it.

Tracy Morgan was angry as a younger person, and then, he became a beautiful butterfly.

“I’ve got snakes, three sharks, moray eels, piranhas, five scorpions and a bird spider. All of them are predators. They’re deadly, but it’s cool to have strong and powerful pets”.

Tracy Morgan made his mark in stand-up comedy. He became addicted to pain killers after being injured in a 2009 car accident. He overcame many challenges with hard work, determination, and a little help from his friends. With a strong core values and high self-esteem, he became a positive role model for those around him.

If you are a housewife, you may have a hard time making it in your profession. But you got to just be happy to be a housewife because you have a good husband, and that’s the best thing you can have.

Tracy Morgan said that people are now living the majority of their lives on email or the Internet or text messages.


Tracey Morgan is a well educated man with a unique talent for comedy, so he makes a great contribution to his family. Tracey Morgan has great relationships with professional colleagues, and has established himself in the entertainment industry.

Tracy Morgan is making $70 million per year.

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