7 Valuable Lessons To Learn While Escaping Your Comfort Zone

Life begins when the change we are going through becomes uncomfortable for us. So if we are comfortable right now, we are still in the beginning of what we are going through.

 In a nutshell, the ability to work and live outside of your comfort zone is what makes the world go round. Without this, we will become weaklings, and the world will continue to make us feel bad about ourselves.

I was nervous leaving my home in California to start a new life in a new country. This was a big transition, and I felt lost at times. But, in retrospect, I was living a life full of adventure, experience, and self discovery. This was what I was meant to be doing.

I moved to a ‘new’ country. Not to the US of course, but to Canada. That first year of moving was hard but I learned so much and it was amazing. This is what I have learned in my first 4 years of living here.

7 Valuable Lessons to Learn While Escaping Your Comfort Zone

I have written this article to make you feel uncomfortable, to stimulate your mind, to encourage you to think about it, to let you know that you are not alone in this, to show you that it can be done — that even I had to step out of my comfort zone and give it a try.

* Life is a continuous process of learning, growing and improving.
* Learn from those who have already succeeded and have achieved what they wanted.
* When you achieve something, don’t be satisfied with it.
* A single opportunity could be the key to your success, so it’s important to grasp it while it is presented to you.
* Failure is always an option, so choose your path wisely.
* Be persistent, but not too much.
* Remember to always look on the bright side of life, be thankful for what you have and keep believing in yourself and what you want.

1. You Will Push Your Limits

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Why don’t you try it? Why don’t you stop and look at your fear? When you think about it now, the more you allow yourself to think about the more you’ll understand how little control you really have. It really isn’t about control. It’s about choosing to act in spite of fear, choosing to act in spite of your old programming.

2. You Will Expand Your Potential

Why don’t you use all that potential and energy that you have within you? You could have a lot of success. You could become famous in your field. You could work on a project, which could change the world. You could do anything you want.

It’s a fact that I’m a lucky guy and one day I will get exactly what I’ve always wanted. I won’t know what it is but I know it will be good.

People who make it to the top are comfortable with their weaknesses and strengths and are willing to change for growth purpose. If they are not willing to change, they will never become successful.

When you are experiencing euphoria, don’t worry if you’re not performing. Concentrate on the feeling, on your pleasure, on your ecstasy and nothing else.

> You have to become the ultimate slave.

3. You’ll Gain Undeniable Courage

Courage is the ability to face our fears. If we don’t overcome our fears, we will remain in our comfort zone. If we want to become braver, we should go beyond our comfort zone.

The whole point of this exercise was to make all of our favorite shows feel like they’re happening in our own homes.

Courage is the moment when you make a decision to choose what you want no matter the situation or feeling. Fear will go on, but what you are will always be with you.

4. You’ll Become Confident In Yourself

The world around us is not always about what we want, sometimes the world is just like a mirror that reflects our insecurities. It tells us that we are not happy but we don’t know how to change that.

The first step toward overcoming what you fear is to realize that you are not your fear, and it is not going to kill you.

You must try to find ways to act in courageous ways, even when you fear you will fail.

You felt proud that you were able to accomplish this task. You felt satisfied for having been able to do something new. And you felt great satisfaction in having been able to go the extra mile in completing your work.

5. You’ll Become Stronger & Unstoppable

Living outside your comfort zone is a way of life for me and it has been a way of life for so many years.

If you continue to encounter difficulties and unpleasant moments when they come, you will become strong, and your life will become better and happier.

Strength helps you overcome obstacles and get what you want as you gain the confidence to go for it.

As you grow and start to see the difference in your life and how the power of the mind really works things through, you will become unstoppable in reaching what you desire most.

6. It Will Excite You to Share It With Others

Once you learn to look at yourself in a different way, you will see that many people are stuck. People don’t believe in themselves and that’s why they are trying to avoid any opportunity for growth or change.

You don’t want everyone to follow or try out your ideas. That doesn’t matter.

7. You’ll Gain Encouragement & Belief to Create Life on Your Terms

When you get out of balance you find your self thinking negatively and not taking in all the positive energies around you.

The life you want can be created based on the desire, dreams and desires of your heart.
I am so glad that I can be working with a true Master.

Once you start living outside of your comfort zone, you’ll realize that life is much better than you thought and you will achieve a different level of possibilities than you have ever imagined.


There is no reason why I should be afraid of death because I’ve never experienced it.

I am going to start feeling uncomfortable. I am going to start feeling uncomfortable now. I am going to keep feeling uncomfortable until I can’t take it anymore.

Your thoughts are a product of your beliefs, and so are your actions and everything else in your life. If you want to change your life, you have to change your beliefs about yourself.

Once you taste what you can do with your mind, once you grow and realize you can do anything, you will start the most amazing, courageous and insane adventure of creating an extraordinary life.

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