How To Make A Good First Impression With These 17 Simple Tips

There’s no do-overs when it comes to making a good first impression, because your first impression is a life-changing one.

You only get one chance, and if you don’t make a good first impression then you can basically guarantee that you won’t get much help from that person.

For me, I always make sure I wear my best clothes and I look my best. I think that’s important if you have a meeting with a client. I think it’s important to look your best and look confident. I think people are really attracted to confidence. It’s good to look your best too.

Many people are nervous when they meet a new person, especially when they can make your life a lot easier if they like them.

How to Make A Good First Impression

Make eye contact. When you look at a person, make sure you look deeply into their eyes.

Smiling and talking with a genuine smile will make you more attractive.

Say hello and thank you. When you meet a stranger, start a conversation and say hello right away.

Be polite. It is extremely important to be polite to people you meet.

1. Look the Part

Appearance is everything. It’s what people first notice. Without a doubt, a great appearance goes a long way in getting people to like you. However, unless you are born with your looks, you have to work at it.

We always notice the first thing we see or the first thing we feel. A good rule of thumb is that the first impression is usually the last impression we have of someone.

When trying to make a good first impression on someone, dressing like a homeless person immediately makes them think negatively about you.

Even though it’s a harsh reality and not what we should have it has the effect of people’s minds being changed.
– It’s a very emotional and powerful moment.

You can look like you’re not trying, but when others look at you they will see that you are really cool, cool enough to get what you want and they will admire you for it.

I was wondering who is your tailor?

Another example of the paraphrase is “How long have you been doing this long haul business”, from “How long have you been doing this long distance business?” (or you can just skip the parenthetical and use the paraphrase, as this is a more natural form of the sentence).

2. Powerful Body Language

Okay, so the first thing that people notice is how you look. The second is definitely how you move into the room, or how you sit down and talk. These things will really matter when it comes to what somebody thinks about you.

If you are fiddling with your hair, fingers, or whatever then your attention will be shown on your behaviour.

Waking up on the couch in your boxer shorts watching TV after a long day of work while your mom sits on the sofa with you is not healthy. Take a shower the moment your alarm goes off!

Walk and sit confidently; don’t walk or sit like a jerk.

3. Eye Contact

You may not be able to control how people look intently at you but you can control how you hold your head or how you hold your chin.

If someone is sitting next to you and you are texting when they start to chat with you, it’s going to discourage them from continuing.

I’m not looking at them, I don’t really care what they think, and it’s not a place where I’m going to be looking for a date.

It’s not my fault that I’m so engrossed in my phone. It’s your problem if you aren’t interested in this information.

4. Show Enthusiasm

Everybody loves someone who is outgoing; it makes you stand out compared to anyone who is just mildly friendly. Plus is much better than being nice, it conveys your level of interest in a particular subject to someone, and if you’re outgoing they’re more likely to enjoy your company.

The only thing that is harder for people is if you keep whining about how hard everything is and how much you hate your life. That sort of thing just makes people want to flee from you, if possible.

If the person you’re speaking to starts talking about another topic, you can say to him, “Glad you mentioned that” and go back to what you were talking about.
However, if you talk about something totally unrelated, a little “Yes, this is off the subject” could be okay.
A person wants to feel useful.

5. Don’t Make it a One Way Conversation

If you are constantly talking to people and not letting them talk, they’ll feel like you’re just not trying to get to know them.
And you’ll come across as arrogant, or shallow.

It’s always a good thing to build a relationship first before starting to work with them regularly.

When you are talking to your boss about a project that you have been working on, then you need to make sure that you make it interesting. The more interesting your topic is, the better the reception you are going to get when you speak to your boss.

If someone you haven’t met and who you don’t know asks you a question about your business or your interests and you reply with a three word sentence or 5 minutes of waffling, you’ll probably be able to get them to provide more information about themselves.

In fact, if you walk up to someone and ask them one question and they reply with an enthusiastic answer, not only will you have to reply but you’re going to want to see them again. That’s how you can get to know someone well.

6. Have Some Respect

Keep in mind that you are likely to run into some people who want to make a name for themselves, but don’t really care if they cause you trouble. Just be friendly and polite to them. It will lead to a lot of long term business.

They could be hardworking and if they haven’t been appraised enough, they’re in great need of appraisal.

 Well if you’re not a good driver then you probably will. People that work in a mine face a lot of injury.  Sometimes people have their eyes scratched out after a blast.

I’m sure that you’re not comfortable being appraised in the first place, but if people keep it light and keep it light and light, if you want to come to the table with it, you can be appraised.

7. Know Your Goal

When you know what to say when you meet someone new, and you know how to say it, then you’ll be able to get the results you want. You’ll be more confident in knowing how to be more successful in getting what you want in relationships, and other situations.

In addition to making sure that you are prepared, you must ensure that you are relaxed and prepared for the meeting. If you are not relaxed, you may forget to make eye contact, talk too much or interrupt people.

If you decide you want the whole house and then the yard, you can make a plan to buy the land in a way that allows you to do the work before the house is complete. If you decide to buy a smaller lot that has a front yard, you’ll be able to do the front yard work before the house is complete.

8. Be Confident & Believe in Yourself

We get all kinds of shit thrown our way, and we always have to deal with the consequences of that. But one thing I’ve learned about the world is that the more confident you are, the less likely things are to get thrown your way.

I want to add that you might be interested in working on it, but you have to be willing and ready to invest the effort, and you’ll only improve if you practice your art on a regular basis.

Interacting with your surroundings is one of the ways in which confidence can affect us. And if you don’t have it, then you’ll be hesitant about asking questions, or making your points across in a persuasive manner.

So I just think that you should be able to be yourself and be proud of who you are and where you’re from and not have to hide it. If you’re really proud of where you’re from and what you wanna do, you should just come out and say “Yes, I wanna be a rapper!” and be proud of it.

9. Show That You Mean Business

This means that you are not afraid to stand out. You know who you are and what you stand for, and you don’t hide behind the anonymity of social media.

When it comes to making money online, it doesn’t really matter what type of money you make at the end of the day – it’s all about setting up a system that works and you can make more.

It means that you arrive to appointments, meetings and greetings earlier than they are scheduled; however, there is still time to make your way to them.

When someone asks you about your goals, you give them some good reasons why you want to achieve your goals, and you explain how you’re going to go about it.

10. Eliminate Fear From the Equation

Meeting new people is something that can often be scary, especially if they could potentially have a lot of influence on the part of your life they affect. But in the end fear isn’t real. It’s just a product of your imagination.

The second approach you can take is by thinking about the people you’ve met previously that had a good effect in your life.

If you can eliminate fear from the equation of meeting people, you can be more natural and not stress about the future (or past), which is usually the source of unnecessary anxiety.

11. Focus on Others

You should always be interested in what other people have to say. People love to talk about themselves and with a little creativity and self-effacing humor you can really put the focus on your audience.

And on top of that, with the addition of social proof, you’re going to get more views as well. Let’s talk about that.

You may also need to improve your communication skills.

If you only place the focus on yourself, people are all going to get bored. However, if you first place the focus on your conversation with others and they gain curiosity, they will eventually place the focus back on themselves.

The following day, I told the group that I was having an anxiety attack and needed to get out of the office for a bit.

12. Improve Your Communication Skills

I’m going to write an article on improving your communication skills, which I will link to once it goes live on the site.

If you want to make your day more productive and help your company build something great, take some time to analyze where you’re spending your time and ask yourself whether you’re spending time on topics that are getting you the results you want.

You will have a lot of opportunities to practice this skill when you meet new people.

13. Prepare A Great Introduction for Yourself

Within a minute of meeting someone, you will have the chance to explain who you are. If you are dead serious about making an impression, you will need to have a great introduction.

If you don’t speak to anyone you don’t know, or if you don’t give a damn about making a good impression, it is likely that your introduction will be very low on the social hierarchy.

So, if you want to be liked, your first and foremost goal is to be interesting. You need to think more, talk more, and be more interesting than everyone else. And if you can do this, you will find people are naturally attracted to you, and like you.

14. Learn to Compliment People Well

What I don’t understand is why people are so insistent on hearing it.

If you can learn how to compliment people without coming off as sarcastic, corny or desperate, you’re on your way to become a great first impression.

 When complimenting someone, you are actually flattering him or her or both. It is possible, in some cases, to compliment someone who you may not have been friendly with. For example, you can compliment someone if you don’t know them or just meet them.

15. Read More Often

If you read, you’ll improve your vocabulary, your knowledge and if you read other books, you’ll learn about things that you never knew about.

If you want to be more interesting, reading more books will probably help you improve your vocabulary and overall knowledge in specialised subjects.

To appear smarter is to have something to show for it. Being smarter than the people you are with is going to make you appear smarter.

16. Give People Your Full Attention

This means no checking your phone, looking at your belongings, or checking out random people in your surroundings. If you are doing any of these things, the person you’re talking to will think you are trying to avoid talking to them, and/or you have something to hide. If this is going on, say ‘hi’ or simply turn around and make eye contact.

Don’t be distracted by the news feed and other social media.

17. Don’t Wait for Them to Approach You

 When it comes to dating, confidence is what makes the difference.  Confidence is showing that you mean business, and you’re not “kind of interested” in  speaking to another person.

As you get older, one of the best things you can do for yourself is learn how to be a better negotiator. Negotiation skills can help you to get what you want in life and it can also help you to get out of uncomfortable situations.

People will feel more attracted to you if you are confident.


Here’s a quick summary of 10 tips to help you make a good first impression:
1. Listen, listen, listen.
2. Speak with confidence.
3. Dress like a gentleman.
4. Smile!
5. Shake hands.
6. Be a team player.
7. Be direct.
8. Leave room for questions.
9. Speak on the positive.
10. Look the other person in the eye.

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