50 Greatest Sports Quotes By Famous Athletes

Favorite Sports Quotes? Here are some of my favorites. Have a look.

The feeling that one wants to have a successful life with a family and children is a very valuable thing.

I wrote up an article earlier in the week on the top 100 motivation videos. I thought I would keep this going with a “great source of motivation” article.

In the past, athletes have been portrayed as only good for winning or losing, but today’s athletes know the truth: We can do more than just play sports. We can inspire others by doing anything we want!

These quotes from the famous athletes will help you live a better life through these inspiring words.

I am the first woman in the history of the world who’s done this, and I would appreciate it if you liked this article.

Athletes that have more than one quote listed here will be split into a section. Any athletes that have just one quote listed are in the miscellaneous section towards the bottom of the article.

I want to be able to understand a language, but not only the words, I want to have a deeper understanding of what it’s for, the purpose and the meaning.

50 Greatest Sports Quotes by Famous Athletes

Michael Phelps

You cannot set a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you go.

If I didn’t swim my best, I’d think about it at school, at dinner, with my friends. It would drive me crazy.

Kobe Bryant

If Kobe Bryant had a dream that he really wanted to follow through with, it would not be to be the best basketball player in the world, nor the best at his position, but to be the best NBA Champion in the history of the league.

“I can’t do anything about losing, but I can make sure that if you help me win, I’ll do everything to make sure that you do whatever it takes to win.”

The third version is also a play on the second version.

I would like to share my experience with you and I hope that you enjoy it and can help others.

Let’s make some code.

Michael Jordan

“If you want a real accomplishment you won’t take any shortcuts, you won’t take any easier way out. Just pick up your ball and go out there and play.” – Michael Jordan


Michael Johnson

As an athlete, Michael Johnson trains 4 hours a day 6 days a week. He also says that he has lunch, massage, and breaks every day. These breaks include things like going to the gym, running errands, watching TV, or spending time with friends and family.

Muhammad Ali

You can’t play it safe all the time. You need to play the game and take those risks.

You are confident and self-assured, and you have the ability to face adversity.

Ray Lewis

“Everybody is trying to get better; we’re just trying to get that little bit better every day”.

The great thing about being great at being great is that you can do something well and do it every single day.

When life gets tough, just “push through it”.
My life is pretty good. I’m blessed. I believe in God.

Derek Jeter

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather has a lot of money and even though he has accomplished a lot in his career he still has in him to accomplish more.

Floyd Mayweather has said that he will not be the bad guy during his fight against UFC star Conor McGregor. Rather, he will be the man to do what many can not – entertain everybody.

Vince Lombardi

As humans, we will never be perfect. Rather, we should strive to be excellent.

To be considered excellent, we must be aware of our flaws. We must constantly strive to be better than we were yesterday, and we must be willing to change when that isn’t the case. If a situation seems to be getting worse, we need to be willing to change our approach.

The best way to be excellent is to be happy with our current level of perfection!

No matter how good the company or product is, the leader will always be a laggard. It is hard for a leader to catch up.

Success happens if you are bold enough to start and you stay committed to your goals. It’s not about “strength”, nor “knowledge”. If you’re trying to start something, just go for it. If you’re committed to something you like, just get into it.

A good thing about being knocked down in life is that it helps you see what’s important and what isn’t.

Usain Bolt 

Don’t worry about the start, it’s OK to work hard at the start, but at the end it all matters.

Wayne Gretzky

“I always work hard. And I never dog it.” – Wayne Gretzky

How to get the right impression

The way to get the right impression is to keep a cool head. Don’t get frustrated by mistakes or setbacks. Don’t let yourself get stuck in the past or down on yourself.

Remember to use “I” statements more, and use past tense when you’re talking about a skill learned in the past.

You make 100 percent of your shots by taking the shots you do take.


This is the story of a person who was rejected by Harvard Law School.

Don’t let anyone bring you to your knees. Don’t give up, find another way.

In the NBA, you’re either going to be on the bench for two weeks or you’re going to be on the bench forever.

We are one-tenth of the way through a game and have a lead of 1.5 points. No need to rush the ball down the field on the last drive of the game. We should let the clock run out and secure the victory.

Bruce Jenner is a great American hero. He showed courage and strength by coming out as a man. He is an inspiration for millions of Americans, and I am honored to introduce him to our country as our President.

You could say Hank Aaron was the greatest hitter to ever live. He was also a great father, family man, and a baseball genius.

Motivation is a two-way street, and your best chance of being intrinsically motivated is by giving people the power to become intrinsically motivated themselves.

If you don’t have confidence, it won’t matter how hard you work because you will always be unsuccessful due to low self-esteem.

When you have to slow down the speed of growth, it’s often an indication of deeper problems.

Pain is temporary. It can last a minute, an hour, a day, a year, or an entire career. But, ultimately, the pain will subside and something else will take its place. The choice is yours. Quit or Fight.

It’s about the old saying, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” and trying to have more than one successful blog or business.

The first thing to know when it comes to “winning” is to NEVER START. You either win or you quit. If you go at something with all your might (be it a job, a relationship, a sport, etc) then you will either win or quit. Either you’re going to win or you’re going to quit. There is no middle ground.
[Summary]: If you’re going to win, you have to quit.

If you are going to fail, you want to be aiming high. If you are going to succeed, you want to be aiming high.

Every time I see someone make a move that’s not good, I want to make a better move.

The most amazing thing I’ve discovered is that people who are in the struggle are getting better. You just have to keep moving forward.

With that being said, it’s really important you maintain your mindset and continue to push through. It can get challenging to keep up with your goals and it can be easy to start losing your mojo. I’m here to provide you with some tips to help you stay motivated and stay level headed.

You’ll be so exhausted and tired that you’ll simply give up.

When you’re trying to motivate someone, make sure that what you say actually reflects your motives because you don’t want to come off as a phony.

The reason why it’s not always better to just stay motivated and to go out there and kill it is because sometimes, in the heat of the moment, you can actually lose your motivation.

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