The Top 20 Motivational Instagram Accounts To Follow

They are all pretty much the same except when you scroll back, they all have their own special meaning and story.

A lot of people get really caught up in the idea of needing a daily hit of something to make them feel motivated to do something. But, it’s just not what works for all people.

There are two major reasons for using the account with the highest rep. One is that it’s easier for the system to understand. It will be less likely to make mistakes when taking an action, because there’s only one place where that decision will be made. The other reason is because that account will have more reputation. You might receive more attention for your posts, for example.

Top 20 Motivational Instagram Accounts

If you’re looking for motivational Instagram accounts, these 20 accounts might be the perfect place to start looking.
The accounts below are all very similar from the same author and are all written in a similar style. If you’re looking for a little variation of this style, these accounts might be a better fit for you.

1. 6AM Success

@6amsuccess a successful entrepreneur that started 6am and has done quite well for himself.

MySpace’s profile picture is an old man on a toilet with a penis.

 Success magazine has 1,400 posts on Instagram, and a goal to inspire 100 million people worldwide. They have a mobile app being developed currently, and you should definitely be following them if you love motivation!

2. 24 Hour Success

**Description**: The team behind is a group of 5 talented photographers who share your passion for photography. A few months ago, we got together to create an Instagram account for ourselves and now we’re looking to share our passion with you. We are working on a great website, where we are bringing our talents together and our goal is to become one of the best teams in the world.

The Follower Count is a number displayed to the right of the follower name.

The first post in 24 Hour Success is a picture of a man who is ready to go to bed and the last post is him waking up ready to go again.

3. Motivation Mafia

I am a motivational speaker for work/life balance. I have been speaking for the past few years, and have spoken at many different companies. Most recently my client was a big financial company, and I gave them a talk on work/life balance. This was my client’s first time speaking on the topic.

My followers are all over the world. I don’t only have a few thousand people in France.

Motivational quotes are a great way to share inspirational messages. It helps people feel better when they view other peoples success.

4. Foundr Magazine

The guy who started this brand is a former pro bodybuilder.


The main reason I’ve seen for keeping up a Tumblr account is to share your own blog, which I’ve done occasionally. My main Tumblr account is for posting the occasional article and for sharing some thoughts, but it’s not my biggest. Instead, I have a small Tumblr that I created for specific content.

Foundr works for startups, entrepreneurs, and individuals looking to grow their Instagram accounts. It has released several guides on how you can grow your followers just like they did.

5. The Success Club

The Success Club is a group of highly effective marketing professionals who are devoted to teaching new marketers and growing our community.

556? I am sorry but that is too many.

The Success Club Instagram account is one of my favorite motivational accounts. They share photos of inspirational work and life experiences that are sure to motivate you. I think you will learn something new every time you go through the feed.

6. Addicted2Success

I am a proud fan of this group and I also believe that if you’re a fan of something and you feel like you could be successful in that field, you should be successful.

My follower count is 217 K.

Addicted2Success is a picture quote account that showcases pictures and motivational quotes for their followers. They also have an Instagram feed where you can find motivational quotes all day long.

7. Shredded Life

I’m a professional artist and I make a living out of creating art. I love to create and express myself through my art. I try to always be open to new ways of thinking and inspire people around the world through the things I create.

You have 876,000 followers.

It is not the easiest account to follow if you are looking for specific training information. However, the content and the picture set is so large that it doesn’t take very long to find something you want.

8. Millionaire Mentor

A Millionaire Mentor, I help people like you build successful Instagram-based businesses.

This post had 2,100,000 followers by the time that I posted it.

Millionaire Mentor is one of the most influential marketing and digital marketing influencers of all time. It’s no surprise that he has 2.1 million followers on Instagram. They have many posts that are about luxury, lifestyle, and the top things to do in the world.

9. Secrets2Success

He is a serial entrepreneur and a startup mentor. He has a passion to help people succeed and has made it his mission to do so. He has over 14 years of experience. He has built a successful e-commerce business and a blog network that made him the number one author on Pinterest. He has launched over 6 successful products, including an Instagram network, and an app that helps people master their finances.

This account has less than 2 million followers and no posts yet.

David is a great example of someone who was able to make 6 figures from promotion deals. He went from just starting a few promotions to his current level of promotion, and was able to build a huge audience as a result.

10. Ambition Circle


I’m Ambition,

I created this circle to help keep aspiring people going in life and to help them reach their goals of becoming and doing more.

We only live once, so let’s start living it to the fullest!

Count of people that have followed you.

Ambition Circle shares quotes to help entrepreneurs become better at what they do. If you’re an entrepreneur, you should definitely follow them.

11. Mindset of Greatness

MindsetofGreat is one of several thousand of my handles in the world, that I created to give myself the opportunity to build a community of followers and have a platform to share my work.

I think that the follower count is high because I’m a new user and many people follow me for my high score.

A friend of mine used this to motivate me when I was training for my first marathon. I’m just wondering how many people are familiar with it and whether it works for you.

12. Before 5AM

Before 5am, a place where we watch the sunrise.

I hope you’re going to see me a lot. You’ll have a lot of fun.

With almost 3000 picture quotes on BefOrm, there’s plenty of motivation to do good. You need to start following them right away.

13. Lux Quotes

What do you do?

I provide expert solutions to the daily questions about life, love, health, and more.

I’ve got 733K followers.

There will be some motivational quotes that will seem to come across as really cheesy, but that’s okay.

14. The Fitness Girls Guide

I’m the Fitness girls guide on Instagram!

Users with this level of engagement are typically highly engaged, and most likely to purchase.

This is an account for women with the aim of motivating them for a beautiful future. Whether it’s beauty, fitness, travel or fashion, this is a perfect motivational account to follow.

15. Success Blueprint

So, I’m a big fan of your work and I would love to work on this project with you. I’m looking for a talented PHP developer to implement a project that I have in mind.
I have a few milestones planned.

The follower count includes everyone following me, so it’s hard to compare. It’s not my goal to have only 1 follow by me.

If you are ambitious and want to become extremely successful, then this is for you. It covers several areas in depth and provides all the necessary information you need to get started on your way to success.

16. Motivation Mondays

On the fourth of every month, I motivate you to accomplish your goals.

the number of people has grown by 270K since the last post.

No Monday blues? You can just follow Motivation Mondays on Instagram. They’ll fix your problem for you!

17. Words of Success

There is no such thing as luck, only opportunity.

Followers: 278k

In this scenario, the original posts will be ranked higher than the paraphrases.

I love their images and know you will too! Go ahead and check them out.

18. The Good Quote

There is no good quote.

Following 12,7 million people…

The Good Quote has gathered 13 million followers on Instagram. That’s incredible! They’re different from the normal quote accounts, and provide picture quotes that trigger a wide range of feelings.

19. The Classy People

The Classy People (or Classi People) is a British based clothing designer. They are most known for their fashion lines for both men and women.

A pretty average follower count.

The Classy People will post great motivational picture quotes every day to attract and get a million followers and increase their engagement.

20. Millionaire Dream

M.Dream is an Instagram user that has over 2.5 million followers.

You have the right to be the most popular!

A couple of days ago, the “Millionaire Dream” account posted some of the best motivational quotes that you might need to complete the day and to help you to achieve your goals.
For more motivation, be sure to also follow them.


*Here are 20 of the best Instagram accounts that are motivational and make you believe in yourself!

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