How Long Does Walmart Pharmacy Hold Prescriptions? Walmart HealthCare Timeline

Walmart offers you a fantastic way to manage your prescriptions through a trustworthy and familiar setting. 

It is common for people to forget their prescriptions due to busy schedules and tight time frames.

Walmart can keep the prescriptions for you, but it is essential to know how long they will keep them so that you pick them up at the right time. 

Prescriptions are expensive, and those that are not expensive could be important, so you should not miss any. Let us get right into it;

How Long Does Walmart Pharmacy Hold Prescriptions?

Walmart prescriptions will hold your prescriptions for an average of 14 days. If this time frame passes, Walmart will put the prescriptions back into inventory. 

However, the prescription is still valid, and you can claim it until the expiration date set by the doctor or manufacturer passes. Guidelines may differ depending on the specific type of medication and each case.

Managing Prescriptions Using The Walmart App

Taking all your prescriptions on time and remembering to get refills can be stressful and hard to remember.

This will get harder when you are a parent, and you have to take care of your needs and those of two or three children. 

You might lose track and end up missing some prescriptions, which could have serious health ramifications. 

Thanks to the Walmart app, you don’t have to worry about all these. Managing prescriptions is made easy and convenient for you.

With the app, you can refill your prescriptions, manage your family’s prescription, track your history and even transfer your prescriptions from another pharmacy. You can do all these with your phone by following these simple steps;

  1. Launch the Walmart Pharmacy app on your device. If you don’t have it, you can download it on Playstore or any other app store for Android and IOS. 
  2. In the app, go to services and then click on the pharmacy icon.
  3. You need to enter a valid email, create a password in the next window, and then click on connect to the pharmacy.
  4. In the next window, you will need to provide some information about yourself. You need to enter your phone number, address, your name, and date of birth, then click “continue.”
  5. Walmart will need you to answer some security questions that they will use to identify you in the future or forget your PIN.
  6. You will then have to create a four-digit pin to secure your account, and you will be ready to enjoy the next level of convenience. 

Why Pick Walmart Pharmacy?

Many people who have had interactions with Walmart pharmacies will tell you their experiences, and you should give them a try. Several outstanding attributes are showcased by Walmart that would make you want to work with them;

  1. The excellence and safety that Walmart pharmacists provide to their patients are phenomenal. The medication is handled and stored hygienically to prevent any contamination or damage.
  2. The reputation, stability, and culture of the company say a lot about it. It is dedicated to the individual needs of its customers while upholding integrity.
  3. Walmart provides affordable health care for a lot of people. Most current users have saved a lot of money through Walmart, especially with the $4 generic program. Walmart started the program but has now been widely adopted by others.
  4. Walmart mentors other Pharmacists and gives opportunities for improvement through educational programs.
  5. Walmart has committed professionals that care for their patients the best they possibly can. Having a team of professionals all working as a team to care for you and your family can go a long way in easing your stress and quickening your recovery.
  6. Walmart makes use of a state-of-the-art system that is constantly updated to meet the needs of its users. This makes it easy for the pharmacists to serve the customers, and the customers are more satisfied.
  7. Walmart implements programs, clinical services, and medication therapy management that can truly impact your health and that of your family members.

Walmart Curbside Pickup

If you have many errands to run, you might find it a bit tedious to get out of your car, go into the store and wait to pick up your prescription. 

This will become even harder for you if you have kids with you because you can’t leave them in the car alone.

What if I told you that you don’t need to get out of your car to pick up your prescriptions? All you have to do is drive to the store and wait for the medication to be brought to your vehicle. To use this feature, follow these steps;

  1. Launch the Walmart app on your device and go to the services tab.
  2. Tap the pharmacy icon and select the refill Rx icon in the following window.
  3. In the next window, you will need to choose all the prescriptions you require.
  4. The next window will offer you options for in-store pickup and curbside pickup. Select the curbside pickup icon.
  5. The following window will show you the list of prescriptions you want to order. Check it to ensure it is correct, then confirm the order.
  6. As soon as the order is sent, Walmart pharmacists will start to fill the prescriptions and calculate the price for your order. You will get a notification on your phone when the prescription is ready for pickup.
  7. Check your app for the specifics in terms of pickup instructions, then drive to the designated pharmacy. 
  8. When you get to the pharmacy, park in the pickup area and call the pharmacy to inform them you are ready to pick the prescription.
  9. A pharmacy associate will bring the prescriptions to your car then you can pay.
  10. For payment, you can use the app or give the employee your credit or debit card, and you will be done and ready to go home without waiting. Curbside does not accept cash payments.

Walmart’s Future In Healthcare Service Provision

Many Americans were amazed when Walmart Health launched in September 2019 at a superstore in Dallas. 

This was the first doctor-run clinic by Walmart, and it offered services like X-rays, dental exams, and annual checkups.

As of December 2020, there were 50 Walmart Health locations Operational over the United States. 

The company announced plans to add seven more clinics by the end of 2021. As patients pay high healthcare prices, Walmart is getting deeper into this field, opening in-store clinics to provide more affordable healthcare for patients.

Americans spend approximately $3.6 trillion on healthcare, and Walmart wants a piece of this. Healthcare is a complex subject since it requires many professionals, and the delivery of care requires a personal touch. 

This has led to a lot of skepticism about Walmart producing high-quality and affordable healthcare services.

Walmart is associated with high volume at low prices, but this is not what you would want for your health. 

With the high number of uninsured people and more with deductible health plans, could Walmart’s low prices make them the future of American healthcare?

Walmart has rapidly grown in terms of healthcare provision over the years. In the late 1970s, Walmart opened its first pharmacy and went deeper into healthcare from that point.

In 1991, Walmart got into eyewear and became one of the largest producers of glasses.

Walmart has since continued to unveil new products and services to attract more customers. The primary care market is broken, and pricing is not transparent. 

Most people have little access since there are no primary care doctors, and this is an opportunity that Walmart took.

As of December 2020, Walmart had opened more than 600 COVID-19 testing stations across the US and tested hundreds of thousands of people.

Healthcare is the next frontier in retail, and Walmart, like many other companies, is trying to get in.

Walmart is new to the service side of healthcare, but it is rapidly expanding throughout the US. Programs such as the minute clinic, which allows patients to pay 40% less than they would pay in urgent care, make more people come to Walmart.

Walmart will offer convenience, quality, and fair prices to Americans, making them bigger in the future. 

You could do your shopping and see a doctor, all in one building which will save your time. Such features will guarantee its future in healthcare.


Walmart pharmacy will keep your prescription for you for up to 14 days before they put it back in inventory. 

You can come to claim it any time after that, provided it has not reached its expiration date. The safest thing to do is pick the prescriptions on time.

If you have a problem managing the prescriptions, you can use the Walmart Pharmacy app to cater to your needs. You can order refills and change pharmacies online whenever you need to.

With curbside pickup, you can get the prescription without having to leave your car. Make the order online and wait for it to be brought to your vehicle. Walmart is quickly making its mark and expanding in healthcare across the United States.

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