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We are a very big artist in the world with this kind of music, like we have our own fashion that we are spreading around the world. We are the best at what we do.


The pair, consisting of Anton Svedin and Sebastian Rejman, are the founders and co-founders of Stockholm-based record label, label and record company, and radio station, Armada Music.

The band formed in 2011 when they released their self-titled debut album, and is currently signed to the Stockholm label One Little Indian.

I stumbled into Swedish designer Erik Karlsson’s studio on a cold winter day in Stockholm, but we connected on the spot and decided to start collaborating on a project for an exhibition I curated at the Museum of Modern Art.

As of July 2022, the band is worth $3 million.

Early Life 

The duo then moved to New York, where Karlsson worked as both DJ and producer and Torgerson as a graphic designer.

Miike Snow asked the producer and DJ Style of Eye to give a more hip-hop direction to their song ‘Animal’.

He was a session drummer in Stockholm, but he made several of the tracks on Kylie’s album X. Later he moved to the U.S. and started working with artists like Madonna, Britney Spears, and Jennifer Lopez.


They released their first album ‘Runaway (U & I)’ in 2005. After its success, they continued to collaborate on other albums such as “Peanut Butter Jelly’ and “No Money’.

The two have collaborated previously, and they were first spotted during the 2014 ‘Tinderbox’ tour, dancing and enjoying each other’s company. However, it looks like they’re now finally taking things to the next level.

Galantis have been releasing singles such as ‘Spaceship’ featuring Uffie and ‘Satisfied’ featuring MAX. The next year was much the same, highlighted by collaborations with OneRepublic, Passion Pit, and even Dolly Parton.

Galantis’ ‘Church’ was released on August 7th. This time the album was a step away from their danceable roots and was a more experimental album that sounded like an electro house record.

Heartbreak Anthem was released in 2021. And it features American DJs and singers David Guetta and Little Mix.

After the band ended in 2015, Galantis’ net worth has increased drastically.


Galantis had a great career and this is only a small part of it.

Favorite Quotes From Galantis’

3 Awesome Lessons From Galantis’

1) When you have a vision for your product or idea, you must always look for a way to implement it. 2) It is not about how much money you have, but more about how much you can grow.

1. Love Yourself 

It’s good to have respect for yourself, and that comes from hard work, by doing. But vanity is dangerous; it can trip you badly.

2. Build Yourself 

You can get into any country you want, but you can only stay in one place at a time.

3. Be Great 

Your character is not based on what you want. It is based on who you are, which is who you always were. You could be the richest man in the world, but if you aren’t honest and don’t respect your words, you’ll always remain a poor man. If you want to be great, then be great.


Galantis is a Swedish electronic music duo consisting of Martin Talström and Daniel Ankers. They are signed to Universal Music in Sweden and Defected in the UK.

The DJs of DJ duo French Montana and Swae Lee, are big influencers among hip hop and R&B. Their debut single ‘Unforgettable’ was a big success: it reached number 1 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and iTunes digital sales charts. The track was also released in several European countries.

If you add up all the money that goes into Galantis, it’s estimated to be about $1.2 million.

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