Steve Angello Net Worth

As of August 2017, the net-worth of Steve Angello is estimated to be $26.5 million.


As of June 2021, Steve Angello’s net worth is about $35 million.

He is a Greek-Swedish DJ, record producer, remixer and record label owner. He is a member of the Swedish House Mafia and one of the most influential and recognizable DJs in the world.

Early Life 

After finishing music school in Athens, he moved to Stockholm, Sweden, where he studied at the Royal Academy of Music. He has also been a vocal and piano student of the famous French pianist Daniel Jérémie, where he focused on contemporary classical music.

Angello started as a DJ at the age of 12. He started playing with breakbeats, hip-hop, and the 1970s classics.


Angello has released over thirty singles and twenty remixes. He has collaborated with many other artists, such as Justin Timberlake, Timmy’s, Ludacris, Robbie Williams, and Robin S. He has also made tracks with, and appeared on the remixes of various other artists.

He played a part in the rekindling of the trance scene at the end of the 1990s. Since he started releasing music in 2001, he has enjoyed considerable success, especially with his music for the trance label, Hed Kandi. His music is often compared to that of Tiësto, as he uses a similar vocal style and musical style.

Angel also played on the single ‘SOS’ by the pop band ‘One Republic’.
He also was a resident DJ for dance radio station ‘Hitz FM’ on radio station ‘Sweden’s biggest clubbing radio station. Hitz FM is an electronic music show.

I have two projects: one is called Wild Youth, which has four songs that are only on YouTube. The other is called Size Record, because I like that name. I’m planning on releasing a new album called “Wild Youth” in the near future.

Since then, Angello has released a tracklist and three songs for Wild Youth: ‘Remember’, ‘Children Of The Wild’ and ‘Wasted Love,’ along with ten other tracks, including one entitled “Gone (feat. Tiesto),” but he has yet to release any video footage of the entire record, although the press release from the label says it will be released on Feb. 26.

He lives in Stockholm, Sweden with his wife and son.


Steve Angello is not short of talent; he has been a DJ and producer for 20 years.
He’s worked with many of the biggest names in the dance music scene – The Prodigy, Daft Punk, Moby, the Chemical Brothers, Underworld, Faithless and many more.

Favorite Quotes From Steve Angello 

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Steve Angello is a Greek-Swedish DJ, record producer, and record label owner best known as a member of the EDM group Swedish House Mafia.

Steve Angello is estimated to be worth $40 Million.

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