50 Famous Jeff Tweedy Quotes On Life & Music

I love the Jeff Tweedy quotes because he always speaks the truth and is extremely talented. He is a brilliant songwriter and amazing vocalist. He is a big deal and I am very honored to have interviewed him. I love Jeff and I love his music.

Jeff Tweedy is an American musician, record producer, and writer. He is best known for being the singer and guitarist of the widely celebrated alternative rock band ‘Wilco’. Tweedy also appears as the guitarist on many songs on his solo albums. Tweedy is also known for his role as a member of the American band The Wallflowers.

Tweedy’s musical style is based on American-English folk and country, although it isn’t limited to it. He has collaborated with a variety of musicians such as John Keats, Steve Goodman, David Thomas, and many others.

Tweedy began his career as a high school musician in the band ‘The Plebes’ with Jay Farrar. The group eventually transitioned into the well-known band ‘Uncle Tupelo’. The band was short-lived however, and after disbanding Tweedy has since gone on to form the renowned country-rock band ‘Wilco’.

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50 Famous Jeff Tweedy Quotes On Life & Music

The only thing you can do with gifts received as a musician or an artist is to use them to grow as a musician or as an artist.

The term “avant-garde” is not the same thing as the term “experimental music” (although some people have conflated the two). The point is to be distinct from the mainstream, not to be experimental in a way that is merely difficult for its audience.

I want to make songs that I really admire. I’ve never thought of myself as a pop or rock singer, so making records that are enjoyable for people, I’ve always thought of that to be important.

I don’t really think Jeff Tweedy feels like he needs to make a rock ‘n roll record. I think he’s making a record about his life. And he might not even know exactly what he’s making about.

Tweedy told “The Independent” that he hasn’t had a cigarette in “two years.” He also runs four or five miles, four or five times a week.

Tweedy said he loves writing and has a lot of fun with it. He doesn’t have any set rules for what he writes, and he knows he’ll never get enough songs out of a whole idea. It’s mostly just a way for him to make new music and learn from songwriting mistakes.

I think it may be the highest purpose of any work of art to inspire someone else to save themselves through art. Creating creates creators.


I do not see any question.
The question is whether you want to paraphrase or not.
In the case of paraphrase, you still need to ask a question that requires a direct answer, but you do not need to provide a direct answer yourself.

The record industry is like a sports shoe. They want to make money hand over fist. But the problem is that the shoe is becoming more and more generic. The market has become very competitive and the shoe has become so generic that it’s becoming difficult (if not impossible) for them to make any money. That’s why we have to continue to fight the good fight and to support our bands – and to not have a record label.

I am an American aqua-tiki drinker. I’m a little bit of a whale. I like to drink out of the water.

10th of 50 Jeff Tweedy Quotes

Tweedys were saying that it’s wrong to think that every download is a lost sale.

Jeff Tweedy has talked about depression and dealing with his own mental health.

The internet has turned its hand to the music industry for a lot of people. It is a place to get music and hear music, but no amount of clamping down will change that.

Jeff Tweedy said he always liked poetic imagery, and he still likes it. He also likes using surrealist talk. English language itself can be exciting.

Even when Jeff is not really writing he is writing songs, there some part of Jeff’s brain geared toward making songs up, and he knows that he should be by himself when he is on tour and that’s when they will come out.

Jeff Tweedy is always looking for the right way to blend his ego with the audience and you can tell from his music that he’s done his homework well. When he says “Egos blending” he’s talking about his music. When asked why he had to try harder to be a good band frontman than his bandmate’s the answer was simple. He wanted to make his band stronger. He’s looking to blend his ego with your own, look into it and see what you could learn.

Tweedy says that goodwill exists, and that if people want to get things sorted out, they should work together.

Everything will die, every building will fall and won’t try to tell me my everlasting love is a lie.

20th of 50 Jeff Tweedy Quotes

There’s plenty to be anxious about. You’ll most likely receive reviews that either love or hate what you’re doing, and that’s what you’re banking on to create a reaction. Your job is to continue to put out good music with good intentions.

It’s hard for me to say exactly what Tweedy is trying to say when he says this because I’m not that smart or intelligent, but, at the very least, it seems like a clear admission that he cares very much what you and I think about what he does. Also, I think it’s pretty obvious that he wants you to think he’s special, but at the same time I also think he doesn’t care.

I think that’s pretty self-explanatory. I think that they were trying to push a lot more towards acoustic, but I think their original goal was to be more melodic. They were trying to push themselves on how they approach the songs and how they approach the arrangement. I think for a lot of us, we were trying to push ourselves and what we can bring to the table, how we can contribute and what our own take on things is.

Tweedy is no doubt right that a lot of the songs that appear on Wilco’s latest, The Whole Love, could easily become singles on a lesser band’s album or an indie band’s EP. His point is that, with a body of work like his band’s, they are going to be hard to choose amongst. It’s this same attitude that allowed for Tweedy to make changes on his album after the record was complete and that he is a fan of other people’s songs. Tweedy is a fan of all of the songs on Wilco’s Wilco-sized album, and he is a fan of all of the songs on his band’s indie-sized Wilco-esque record.

He doesn’t remember the story of the last two days being shocking.

The two sentences are very different. Let’s look at the differences.

While this was written in the context of the album I Am Trying to Break Your Heart, a lot of what Tweedy says here applies to his whole career. It’s worth noting that I Am Trying to Break Your Heart is pretty much the only album he has ever made. I Am Trying to Tell a Story is a fantastic album, but it’s a collection of songs that Tweedy recorded for fun and sent to the Zook Zoo label for release. It’s much more like his solo career than Wilco.

I think he’s been doing that for a while. He’s always been able to leave behind all that stress in his music. When he came to the PBR, he could hear his fans, and it made him even happier.

He is one of the most musical and creative bandleaders I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Even when you add up all the hours in the studio, the hundreds of pieces of music written, and the thousands of shows played together, Jeff is always thinking of new ideas and ways to innovate.

This is a pretty tough one for me. I think it’s one of the few times in the interview that Tweedy gives a hint that he might possibly harbor some bias against the alt-rock genre and his favorite song-writers. I think the idea was that, by the time you’ve grown up, you can’t be as emotionally invested in a band anymore, and that’s really what he’s implying in this interview.
I’m going to say it’s “Walking Away”, because I love that song and I think it’s one of the only times Jeff Tweedy goes deep on how he views his music.

I’m a member of several groups that are all trying to explain the world and God to themselves and others.
One person’s religion may be the next person’s faith but this doesn’t stop a lot of people from making sure everyone is convinced their particular faith is the only one and that the only way to God is through their specific denomination. The trouble comes when people get very upset with each other for not sharing exactly the same view of what God or the universe is like as their group.
Jeff Tweedy says that he doesn’t want to be “very, very suspicious” of anyone but he also says that we are all trying to make sense of the world, the universe, God, and everything else. We are all trying to understand the universe based on our own experience of it.

30th of 50 Jeff Tweedy Quotes

According to Jeff Tweedy, a lot of people are just not savvy enough to make a good sounding copy of a record.

There are two kinds of audience. The first is the audience you treat like thieves, where you are in their head, and they are there to get what you are giving them. The second audience is the audience you choose to listen to. You are their collaborator in this exchange and in this exchange you are their creator.

Jeff Tweedy says he doesn’t like wearing headphones because it makes him feel like he’s in his own world. He said he feels like he’d be hit by a car if people stared at him.

The Endless River is a concept album that is very open-ended, it is self-referential, it’s about relationships that are endless and those are hard to maintain.

Tweedy has a reputation of being a singer that can’t write, but he does the best he can and his best is better than most. The first one for the second one.

The more you can let go of your fear that you’re going to make a bad thing, the better. And it’s not about making people happy by doing things that make you happy. It’s about making people happy by making things they want to see, or hear, or feel.

Jeff Tweedy said that he tried to write songs that were easy. He didn’t want to write songs that were hard to write. He said that sometimes he had to turn the faucet on. It was just there in the moment.

Tweedy doesn’t think there are any good songs on the album, and he feels bad about that, but he’s also confident that there are a lot of good songs somewhere that he hasn’t found yet.

Tweedy says that you have to learn how to die, if you want to be alive.

Jeff Tweedy is one of few musicians that I’d like to be best friends with. He’s a beautiful man with a beautiful mind. That said, I’m a little skeptical of his claim. I was there when he said that, and I can verify that his mouth is telling the exact opposite of the truth. I’m just saying, don’t go around acting like you love somebody, if you don’t actually love them.

40th of 50 Jeff Tweedy Quotes

I don’t know if it’s comfortable for you to call it experimental.

It’s not about playing live, it’s about the song being fun to play. I always play guitar when I’m alone, even though I play a different instrument (keys) in the band. On my own, I can just sing some words and play guitar. I can play a few chords. It’s nice.

I was walking from the grocery store to my car and was thinking about how much I wanted to be a better person. The line has been quoted to me on multiple occasions, but I never really took it in until I put it in my own words.
The best part is that it isn’t necessarily something that you can only do once, it is something that you can do every day, the lines just become clearer.

I know it feels like Jeff Tweedy writes songs for me, but it’s because I write songs about Jeff Tweedy. I want to be the song that you sing to yourself after the song you’ve been singing to yourself all day.

According to a recent study, half of the people who download music do so because they believe that they’re making the songs available to others.

I agree with Jeff here. I like the ones I did recently the best. Also, he has a point that the point of ‘Records’ is usually just to make records and not really to be taken too seriously.

It seems like most music was made in another epoch, another era. I guess we’re used to it, or just don’t notice it because we’re so entrenched in the world around us.

Jeff Tweedy said that when he did good thing in the past, he could transcend his unhealthy parts of him..

After a couple years of his life, Jeff Tweedy is still pretty happy. And he really doesn’t need to change anything.

Jeff Tweedy thinks that Wilco records are supposed to be funny and that people shouldn’t have the expectation that every record is supposed to be heavy drama. I am going to argue that they have.


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