50 Famous Duff Mckagan Quotes On Life & Music

His quote is “I like to drink and get high, just like you do.” I don’t think he’s talking about us but more about himself, but I think it kinda applies to some of us. It is how we cope with life.

Duff is an American who played the bass for Guns N’ Roses and Stone Temple Pilots. He is the brother of Axl Rose.

Guns N’ Roses’ guitarist Slash is a British musician who was born on September 20, 1962.

The 12 years he played with his band The Eagles were really great, and they were really huge.

After McKagan left the band McKagan started playing in Megadeth, he left to become a Christian and joined a church where he wrote lyrics to the band’s next album, Youthanasia.

The band reformed for the ‘Not in This Lifetime’ tour, where they played to stadiums in Europe and North America for the first time in over a decade. Following ‘Not in This Lifetime’, G N’ R Osbourne announced yet again that was going to split up.

Duff has also published a book titled ‘It’s So Easy, and Other Lies’, and another titled ‘How to Be a Man: (and other illusions)’.

Duff McKagan has been saying quotable things for a long time, and here are some quotes from the ex-Slayer frontman.

50 Famous Duff McKagan Quotes On Life & Music

Duff McKagan said that the best place to start a band is by finding people who are good and have a similar mindset musically.

George Michael was a big influence on Axl. He also sang a cover of “Faith” by George Michael.

Duff McKagan said that Mr. Brownstone is a fun song to play because of its bouncy beat and because people in the audience can bounce to the beat.

The band really enjoyed working with Flood, and the song was the one they’d been working out the whole time. So when they heard that he was recording a solo album, they asked if he’d like to work with them. The result was the stunning “The Joshua Tree,” which was released in 1994 and earned a place in rock history as the best-selling album of the year.

In his book Fucked Up: My Life of Turmoil and Tumor, McKagan recalls that first purchase with a glee that recalls a kid’s first skateboard.

The record industry is a horrible monopoly, and it’s a mess. We don’t need to buy their product any more. We just need to get out there and show up. And we’ll still sell more records than they will.

McKagan said that the band is very volatile with GNR, and it’s like rock n’ roll, because it will happen every night.

I’ve seen some of Cormac McCarthy’s writing, and I don’t see him doing that.

As the bass player with the most experience to be around, Duff was very well qualified to teach others, and so he began teaching himself and then teaching others. He soon realized the benefits of being able to read and interpret financial documents, and he began tutoring others on how to read and interpret them. Duff has taught and coached many people over the years through this process, and he’s also coached others in getting the business degrees they want.

10th of 50 Duff McKagan Quotes

  When I heard the term “rocker”, I thought it was cool. I was glad when the 90s were back in popularity. And although I don’t listen to rock music anymore, I can’t help but love the word “rocker”. After all, I’m a car guy.

This is where you could say, “Duff, stop being a hypocrite,” and I would agree with that.

The close-knit element is a strong part of the band. It’s a good environment. The band members are close.

Duff McKagan says he’s never been a safe musician, meaning that he’s not afraid to try something new.

Duff McKagan can never say for sure what will happen in two months, but he will find out.

Duff McKagan says when we move away from a large city, we usually leave the friends of our children behind.

David Beckham got together with his friends – and got them all to sing at his wedding – but he forgot the names of everyone!

The rhythm section should be great. A great rhythm section helps to establish a great groove, and gives you what you need to sing or play over a great song.

Duff thinks Axl is a great friend, but that friendship is on hold. It’s clear that he’s still disappointed by how Axl behaved towards him in rehab, and he’s unsure of what the future holds.

The world is a different place now. All of a sudden, we can access information and do almost anything we want.

20th of 50 Duff McKagan Quotes

McKagan is a founding member of Guns N’ Roses and the sole drummer in the band’s lineup. The band is currently part of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and have sold more than 100 million records worldwide. He has four children and lives in Seattle, Washington.

Duff McKagan says he’s experienced panic and anxiety for a long time. The problem, which he says is linked to depression, is that he was told that’s a subset of depression.

This is a quote of a person who has been playing for 24 years. I can’t imagine what that 24 years of experience did to his rock n roll. Also, it seems to me that if you’re going to play in a rock band in the ’90s, which is basically the only context for this quote, you should know all rock.

Duff McKagan is the bassist for the band Guns N’ Roses, and he was in the Clash when it was playing at the Paramount in Seattle.

Duff was also an influence on me personally, it’s a funny thing about being an underground, punk rock band, when you’re doing it, you do realize, ‘Oh, this is a little bit bigger than I ever imagined’. Iggy and Duff were kind of a big influence and inspiration.

Although Duff McKagan dropped out of high school when he was 15 to pursue a music career, he actually graduated from high school at a later age.

Even if you hate your band, you should keep an eye on them. That’s how I found out I was playing drums with Guns N’ Roses.

McKagan says that he has a lot of individual stocks, but he’s diversified in all kinds of stocks.

Duff McKagan says that he doesn’t know if he has a favorite song.

30th of 50 Duff McKagan Quotes

Duff also explained the reasoning behind the title of the band’s debut album as being the opposite of what a lot of people think about Guns ‘N Roses. With a title like “The Spaghetti Incident?”, some people may not realize that the title is not about Guns ‘N Roses at all.

 This is a great song. I’m not sure if I like it as much as others, but I think it works with the song.  I do like it.  It makes me think about being single a lot. It’s different.

While the band are always going to be about their music, they are also known for their open mindedness to many genres. Whether it’s rock, jazz, soul, blues, punk or ska, you can be certain that they will play it.

I think in music, you can tell stories and give perspectives and yet still keep stuff for yourself, too. I keep a lot of my life private, even in a public forum like writing. I would say that some of my best stories are from my personal life. There were some crazy things that happened in my life that I still can’t stop laughing at.

The Taking from the album is a concept record. I think what he meant by this is that the record is a concept album. If he had said something else, I might have interpreted it differently. His comment is a bit vague, which gives room for interpretation. I’ll just assume he’s saying life and bring it. Bring it on.

A label making money off the artist is just that – a label, and it just provides you with services that a bank would charge you to pay them back which is a very small percentage of the total amount of money you gave in advance because you are an artist, not a business.

Duff McKagan grew up in Seattle, where he started playing in punk bands and eventually ended up joining Guns N’ Roses.

Duff McKagan was born in 1948. He was six years old when the civil rights march was held. He remembers sitting in the front row of the church holding on to his mother’s hand, while she held the hand of her friend. When the march began, they stood up and started to sing “We Shall Overcome”.

To be involved in a band is the best place that I can think of to be up-front as possible. If you let something stew, it’ll grow into a mountain of nonsensical black mud in no time.

Duff McKagan said that he doesn’t have any resentments towards people he used to be friends with or the person who bullied him in the sixth grade.

40th of 50 Duff McKagan Quotes

I think the competition thing is just an opinion. Duff McKagan is a good drummer, and he’s always had the best drumset. I thought he played the best drumset I had ever heard until I heard Steve Stevens play on “The Jesus Lizard.” I think he’s an underrated drummer, and I don’t think he’s as good as people give him credit for. I think he’s a good drummer, and I think he helped influence people as much as anybody.

Duff made his bass debut with Guns N’ Roses in the late ’80s. But he had a long career of success as a bass player and a founding member of more than a dozen other bands.

It’s a really shitty thing to say, but it’s true.

A few years ago, Duff had some kind of panic attack while he was sitting in his car and that scared him because he thought he was going to die. He told me about it, and I told him that I had never had a panic attack, but that I worried about them all of the time. He said, “I thought you didn’t have to worry about those because you were a rock star.” I think that’s when we started to become friends.

I really enjoyed the episode on the last day of tour.

My 20s were mostly spent in rock bands. The 30s were mostly spent getting my act together, trying to find a way to make money. I knew I needed to get a job and be more responsible, and I knew I needed to get serious about being sober.

Slipknot and Alice In Chains are two groups that I like a lot. The reason I like them is because I also am a musician and the friendships I have been able to make in the music industry are invaluable.

Duff McKagan is a music and film journalist, co-writer of the screenplay “The Longshot” and author of “Slash: The Musical”.

There were no awards on that day. And you are a very important man.


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Duff McKagan said that Axl was often very volatile but he was the kind of guy that you knew could be a good person or a bad person. He wasn’t all bad all the time.

It’s funny that bass and jazz was a lot of what I was into and listening to. I think that’s what really was a big foundation for the whole punk thing. [Laughs] The jazz thing and the funk thing really rubbed off on me and made me want to play a funk-y bass, which is what I did.

I am going to tell you about a very interesting chapter in my life and the time when I worked with Guns-n-Roses. It wasn’t a very good time, but I learned a lot. In 1994, we played Wembley Arena in London for nearly six months. The crew was 150, carrying equipment, cars, and people on stage. It was a complicated thing. The security people had to carry me off the stage and put me in a car. When I got to the hotel, I saw a band in a car with a man beating a small dog. I thought that he was going to beat the dog to death. I was so disappointed and disgusted. One thing I learned in ’93 and ’94 was that you have to have a very strong, well-developed character for this kind of life. I also learned to have a lot of self-confidence.


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