Eugene Levy Net Worth

Eugene Levy’s net worth is $2 million.


As of July 2022, the net worth of Eugene Levy will be roughly $30 Million.

Levy’s net worth is estimated to be about $30 million.

Levy is a Canadian who is best known for his work on television.

He has appeared in all eight of the American Pie films, in his role as Noah Levenstein. He often plays flustered and unconventional figures.

Early Life

Eugene Levy who was born on the 17th of December, 1946, in Hamilton, Ontario, is a Canadian actor.

The man’s mother was a housewife and his father was a foreman at an auto plant.

Bill had a successful show of the ‘Ivan Reitman Showcase’ at the 1986 Winnipeg Film Festival, where he met director, Ivan Reitman.


‘SCTV News’ was an alternative news program that was similar to the news that appeared on the big three broadcast networks at that time. While performing the ‘Earl Camembert’ character, he would often break out into an obscene tirade to express how disgusted he was by the main network news broadcast.

At a certain point in his career, his role in a television show changed and a character he played became popular. In the 1970s and 1980s, he appeared in a series of popular films and television shows, including ‘Deadly Companion’, ‘Splash’, ‘Stay Tuned’, and ‘Armed and Dangerous’.

He was also featured in ‘Waiting for Guffman’ and made a cameo appearance in the 1996 American comedy film ‘Airheads’.

From then, he started appearing in many American teen sex films and sitcoms including ‘Borat’, ‘Samantha Who?’, ‘Married… With Children’, ‘Sex and the City’, and others.

As the main character, he played a major role in making the ‘American Pie’ series a success. He had to reprise his role in all the sequels to the original film made between 1999 and 2009. His voice and expression made him very popular with the audience.

Levy and Steve Martin worked together in the 2003 American comedy film ‘Bringing Down the House’ as ‘Howie Rottman’.

As of July 2022, the net worth of Eugene Levy will be roughly $30 Million.

Levy’s net worth is estimated to be about $30 million.


Eugene Levy’s career is full of amazing memories, many comedy gems and, of course, his iconic character from the cult classic hit, “A League of Their Own.”
Now, the comedian, writer and actor has a new role – that of producer on the film “The Crazies,”
and he has a plan for making the movie not only a success, but also a classic.

Favorite Quotes from Eugene Levy

Levy, who died in December, was referring to his fellow “Seinfeld” cast members. On the show, George and Elaine met while working on the same ad campaign, but they soon fell in love and got engaged. George and Jerry had been through similar situations, but the pair couldn’t seem to make it work. When George and Elaine’s marriage fell apart, “Seinfeld” creators Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld took the plot of the show’s most famous episode, “The Seinfeld Chronicles,” and used it in real life.

“How and why might somebody like Sir Anthony Hopkins be dragged over to my side?” – Eugene Levy on the prospect of working with Sir Anthony Hopkins.

Levitt is one of the best comedy actors in Hollywood. He just wants to play comedy. He feels like it is the most important form of entertainment.

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3 Lessons from Eugene Levy 

Now that you know how to achieve success, let’s take a look at some of the lessons we can learn from Eugene Levy:

The value of experience
The value of being comfortable
The value of hard work
The value of listening
[Insert song]

Now you’re laughing, but believe me, that’s exactly what you want to start doing–listening.

1. Embrace Change 

You need to get comfortable with this simple idea: The only thing that is constant in life is change. Instead of fearing it, embrace it.

2. Clean Along The Way 

When you notice that you are taking longer to clean than it should take, do everything possible to speed things up.

3. Silence Can Be Beautiful

Some people are not always good at talking;
But they can always be good at listening.


The actor has been playing the role of Noah in the movie ‘American Pie 4: The Naked Mile’ and is all set to make his debut in a new untitled comedy movie.

He is one of the most famous actors in Hollywood, and has starred in popular films such as ‘Bringing Down the House’, ‘Cheaper by the Dozen 2’, ‘Father of the Bride Part II’ and ‘American Pie’.

He was a part of a Canadian comedy group called Levy and Company, which performed on SCTV from 1978 to 1984.

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