Bryan Cranston Net Worth

Bryan Cranston’s net worth is estimated around $25 million. He is said to be the highest paid actor on television. He is also credited for popularizing the role of Walter White.


When he was named the President of the United States, he’s worth $40 Million.

The American actor has made a career out of playing the father of Walter White in the TV series Breaking Bad.

Bryan Cranston is a Hollywood actor, director, producer and screenwriter who has won an Emmy for his role as Walter White in Breaking Bad and a Golden Globe Award for his performance as Walter White in the film version of the series.

The book also talks about the difference between an American and a “foreign” film, and how his directorial debut is a good example of what he means in the first paragraphs of the article.

Early Life

He was born on the 7th of March 1956, and he’s the son of actor and writer, Joseph Louis Cranston and Annalisa.

When David grew up he was surrounded by actors. While riding horses around California he bumped into a young Charles Manson.

He appeared in many television series such as Night Court, Seinfeld, and Murphy Brown. He appeared in many films such as Nixon, Malcolm X, and The Accidental Tourist. Cranston was nominated for an Emmy three times for his performance in The Good Wife. In 2008 he was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for his performance in The Good Wife.


In the fall of 1985, he received a call from a casting agency, that he had landed a part on the ABC comedy series called “WKRP in Cincinnati”. He landed the first major role on a network TV series before he was 30 years old. He played the lead role of “Kelso”, Johnny Fever’s boss on the small TV station.

He became famous with Seinfeld and continued to make several tV-shows including; From the Earth to the Moon, Saving Private Ryan, The Sopranos, and his own show, Friends.

Cranston played the role of Malcolm “Mal” York, a 30-something man who has recently moved to the small town of Middleton with his wife Sue, and their son, Malcolm, Jr.

His character, Walter White in the popular show Breaking Bad, was a chemistry teacher who got addicted to producing crystal meth and later became known as a drug kingpin.

With the exception of the Emmys, Cranston collected five Golden Globe nominations for the role. In addition to his win for the Primetime Emmy, Cranston earned nominations for Best Drama Actor at the Golden Globes of 1978, 1979, 1981, and 1983.

He has played and made a couple of films and TV-shows since the first “All the Way” and I just have to say that he is awesome.

When he was named the President of the United States, he’s worth $40 Million.

The American actor has made a career out of playing the father of Walter White in the TV series Breaking Bad.


He was a successful actor of the 1980s before he became a successful TV actor of the 2000s.

Favorite Quotes from Bryan Cranston

This is about as close to a “quote” as one can get without actually quoting someone. It’s almost as if someone wrote this before watching him play Walter White on AMC’s Breaking Bad, and then, upon their viewing his performance, felt compelled to share it with the world. In which case, props to you sir.

“There’s been a real trend away from news and toward entertainment and the box-office. I think Americans are so busy with their lives, that they don’t want to hear about the things that are happening in the world anymore. They don’t want to know. They just want to know what the box-office report is, and they don’t care what’s happening in the world.” – Bryan Cranston

The plot of the episode was based on the true story of how a production company in England was sued by British tabloid newspapers for releasing the box office records for the movie ‘Fifty Dead Men’.


Cranston said that at the start of Breaking Bad, he has had to fight to get his character up to speed in the show’s meth business. This was challenging for the actor.

The actor has been around for decades and has earned a lot of money, which is why he has so much money.

As a child, Cranston was bullied by his classmates and teachers because he had a high-pitched voice. During his high school years, he used to sing as an outlet.

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