Eric Prydz Net Worth

The estimate from Biz Journals indicates that Eric Prydz has a net worth of about $25 million.


He is also a member of Pryda, a Swedish electronic music group which he formed in the mid-2000s together with Tuomas.

His music career started when he released his debut single ‘Call on Me’ in 1999. This made him the most successful singer in the continent, making him a celebrity. He rose to fame with his 2004 hit single ‘Call on Me’, and saw continued chart success with ‘Proper Education’ in 2007, and ‘Pjanoo’ in 2008.

And for his current earnings, he’s around $5 Million.

Early Life 

Eric Prydz is a DJ who’s been a part of the music scene for a decade now, having started at the age of 15!

Prydz became a major figure in the UK music industry after releasing his single ‘Call on Me’ which broke several records and went on to become his first UK number one hit.

Prydz has got great success from both the underground scenes and the main scenes.


‘Proper Education’ is an instrumental track that was remixed and re-arranged for the album. The original version of ‘Proper Education’ had been played at Gilmour’s Live 8 charity concert in August 2005. The version that was released on ‘Live at Pompeii’ featured a different sax solo and backing band, and was arranged to make it more accessible to younger audiences.

Four Tet reinterpreted Prydz’s track as ‘Analogical’, a beautiful piece, with a minimalistic, haunting and cinematic quality. Over the summer, Prydz also invited Four Tet to the studio on a weekly basis in order to create a new version of the track.
In the end, the two versions of ‘Analogical’, the original Prydz version and the final Four Tet version, were released as a limited edition 12″ single, available here.

Eric Prydz’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million.


The history of Eric Prydz started in the early 2000s, when he was 18 years old.

Favorite Quotes From Eric Prydz

Eric Prydz has always been the master of his own music, and that does not change in this decade. He has always been in complete control of every single aspect of his musical journey, and that is no different. As we start the new decade, we take a look back at the past decade, and the future that is yet to come.

“Techno girls are faster than other girls because they are dancing twice as fast” — Eric Prydz

R&B is a subgenre of popular music that combines musical forms of rock, soul, blues, and funk with influences from traditional R&B, and is heavily based on African-American music.

3 Awesome Lessons From Eric Prydz

You can learn about the value of hard work, passion and determination, which can be seen from the example of Eric Prydz.

1. Walk Your Own Path

Your choices define you and people don’t have to like it but you are what you are and you have to live with your choices. If you are a slave to your choices, then you will never be happy and you will regret the choices you have made.

2. Make Every Moment Count

Make every moment count. Live life to the fullest, because it’s too short to spend it alone.

3. Patience Is A Powerful Tool For Success

Patience is an antidote to anger and stress. Anger can lead to hostility and stress, thus stress can lead to anger.


He is a Swedish DJ and producer and has released a wide variety of music ranging from trance music to industrial music.

After the release of his song ‘Call On Me’, he gained widespread recognition.

Eric Prydz has made a lot of money from his career in EDM, but he has also invested a lot of money in his own music and other ventures.

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