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Eric Schmidt is an American internet and technology entrepreneur, currently a co-chief executive officer of the technology company Google. He is the younger brother of Google co-founder, Larry Page, and the uncle of Google co-founder Eric E. Schmidt.


CEO of Google, former President of the search giant and ex-chairman of the board of directors of the company.

He is currently the CEO of Alphabet and board member of Alphabet. Schmidt previously served as CEO and Executive Chairman of Google as well as president and chief legal officer. He is currently a board member of Facebook.

Eric Schmidt is a billionaire by all accounts in the tech industry.

Early Life 

He is a very talented person and very intelligent, but his intelligence is not enough to help him cope with the problems that he has to solve.

Wilson Emerson Schmidt is the father of Bill and Eric Schmidt.

He was bright and had a promising future, but he was never the same person afterwards. He was a long-distance runner in high school, but lost interest in sports after a car accident left him with a limp.


Lex is a program which, by a series of regular expressions, describes patterns of characters in a source code written in an “untyped” language (like C). Lex creates the lexers (“tokenizers”) which take the code as input and spit out a list of tokens, the pieces of the code which we can classify as nouns, verbs, articles, etc.

He joined Sun Microsystems as its first software manager in 1983. He possessed great technical knowledge and a high degree of business acumen and rose through the ranks in the company. In 2007, a security bug in Sun’s Java runtime was discovered, where a critical programming error in the browser plug-in allowed malicious code to be executed on systems running the Java Software Development Kit.

Schmidt was eventually promoted to vice president and president of the Sun Technology Enterprises, the third largest manufacturer of electronic components.

In 2013, a New York Times article reported that Page was the “most important” person at Google and that “Google is his company”. Page took responsibility for the company’s business-related actions, commenting, “I believe I can and should be the CEO” and “I want to be in the job where I can have the most effect”.

In 2015 Google went through a corporate restructuring that created the Alphabet company that owns several Google companies such as the Google company itself, YouTube, Google Plus, and other products. Schmidt was named Alphabet’s Executive Chairman.

As of July 2022, Eric Schmidt has an adjusted net income of $5.4 Billion.


Eric Schmidt is the Chairman of Google – the largest and most valuable company in the world.

Favorite Quotes From Eric Schmidt

Google has some of the best innovators on its board. The company has always been in search of people with a vision of the future and a desire to change the world. Google has always had the courage to challenge the status quo, whether it’s in research, web services, or products.

The future of AI is “going to require humans to work with computers that are able to do this.”

If you’re interested in deep learning, there’s more than enough in those two sentences to be excited about.

It’s no secret that Google has an interest in making self-driving cars a reality, but the company isn’t alone in dreaming big – others have set their hopes on the idea for years. Google is just the first to start putting its money where mouth is. We’ve seen Google’s plans and predictions play out, and there are many more steps that remain before a car can hit the road.

The tiny word that does big things is YES. Yes is everything. Yes is how we start all new businesses and how we do all great things. Yes is how we can change the world. Yes is how we can truly grow up. Yes is how we can make a difference.
So, the next time you are tempted to do something you are afraid of, just take a deep breath and shout YES!

3 Awesome Lessons From Eric Schmidt

The lessons we can learn from Eric Schmidt are that we should do more, be more, share more, work harder, and make smarter investments.


1. Big Breaks Are Few And Far Between

The most important thing is to never give up, even if you think that you’re not making a dent.

2. Learn To Trust Yourself

The most important attribute of a leader is to trust yourself.
And that’s the only thing that you have to trust.
You can’t look for anybody else to trust.
It’s not worth it.
You need to trust yourself.
That’s your greatest asset in this game.
It’s the only thing that you can guarantee.

3. Learn To Listen To Other People

If you really want to succeed, you’re going to need to learn to listen to other people about issues and problems.


Eric Schmidt is the former President and co-founder of Google, and currently is the executive chairman of Alphabet Inc., the holding company created to directly own several companies that were owned by or tied to Google, including a slimmed-down version of Google itself.

Eric Schmidt has a net worth of approximately $23 billion.

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