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He is a singer and songwriter. He has a net worth of $7 million. He got a lot of money through his single “Call You Mine” in 2017. The song was downloaded 100 million times on Apple Music. He’s one of the best-selling artists on the App Store.


Eric Thomas in July 2022, has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

After retiring and investing $25,000/year for the past 25 years, Eric Thomas has approximately $5 million in net worth today.

While in prison, Thomas wrote a book, “I Know I’ve Been Wrongly Accused”, about the trials he experienced in his life and how he overcame them.

He has made many people around the world aware of his work and has had a profound effect on people around the world.

Early Life

Thomas first joined the Navy in 1992 and rose to the rank of Chief as a Logistics Support Specialist.

It was during the summer of his seventeenth year that he was homeless. He saw the preacher preach one day and was moved by the stories he heard. He decided to go back to school and become a preacher himself.

Thomas made sure the Oakwood students had an equal opportunity to get an education. He was a great speaker and he taught how to read and write.


The fellowship that Eric Thomas was awarded was funded by the National Security Agency. After completing his fellowship, Thomas was hired by the School of Education for Michigan State University (MSU).

Thomas implemented a unique approach to student retention by creating a mentorship program that paired minority students with more upper classmen. The relationship between the mentors and mentees was designed to resemble the structure of a family, as both students and mentors were encouraged to spend time together. For the first time in his career, Thomas started to feel as though he was doing his true calling.

I’ve met quite a few pastors in my time, but never one like John Thomas. He has a true passion for Christ. It’s contagious. He speaks from the heart and is able to communicate with the people in his audience.

In October 2015, the label announced Thomas as their first signing, and she released her debut single ‘I Would’ featuring singer-songwriter James Bay.

Eric Thomas in July 2022, has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

After retiring and investing $25,000/year for the past 25 years, Eric Thomas has approximately $5 million in net worth today.


The New York Jets have reached a second round of negotiations with former NFL star Eric Thomas.

Favorite Quotes from Eric Thomas

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“Friendships are like an investment. You make sure to put the best efforts into your friendship to keep it growing. You should also continue investing in that friendship to make it work.” – Dan G.

“No matter the outcome of this election, I will continue to fight for the future of our country and our world. I will continue to ensure that we create a better life for my nieces and nephews.

Eric Thomas is a popular public speaker, bestselling author, and entrepreneur based in Austin, TX.


As a rapper Eric Thomas has always been very passionate about his craft and very critical of any negative comments about his music. He takes great pride in his work and he wants to share his culture with his fans.

He owns a whole bunch of different businesses.

Eric Thomas’ net worth is approximately $5 Million by 2022.

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