Does the Liquor Store Deliver? What You Should Know

Do you ever look up “liquor store near me” on a search engine and then realize you don’t really want to go outside in the first place? Even if that liquor store near me was only a couple of blocks or buildings away from me, sometimes I just don’t have the energy to leave my home and get anything.

But sometimes there are situations where you really want a drink but also don’t want to be bothered to leave the comfort of your home, regardless of how close-by that “liquor store near me” happens to be. If you’ve ever been in that situation, you’ve probably thought about how nice it would be if the liquor store delivered straight to your door.

I mean, it’s hard to be more “liquor store near me” than right outside your front door, right? Unfortunately, though, liquor stores don’t generally deliver. While there are almost certainly some with a delivery option, that certainly isn’t normally the case. 

However, there are delivery services that will get the alcohol from the “liquor store near me” you’re looking for and then bring them straight to you. And it won’t just be one liquor store, but many that are in your area. But what should you know before you start taking advantage of this awesome innovation?

Can I Schedule a Liquor Delivery to My Home?

Some alcohol delivery services will actually allow you to schedule a delivery based on your availability. So in addition to the convenience of being able to get alcohol delivered to you in the convenience of your home, you can also select particular days and blocks of time to receive the orders of your favorite alcohol.

Now you don’t need to necessarily through all of your errands in order to get the booze that you want in your kitchen, as you’re easily able to get it sent to your home as long as you’re able to receive it from delivery personnel in person.

For instance, if you know you’ll be too busy to go to the liquor store and pick up your favorite drinks, you won’t have to leave your home to get them. If you know you’ll be at home doing work or completing some of your household chores, you can pick that window of time to receive your order. That can make it extremely simple if you’re in a bit of a time crunch.

Is it Possible to Deliver Alcohol to My Workplace?

While you might need to check with your boss and some of the workplace policies to get something like this cleared, there are alcohol delivery services that allow you to send your order to a workplace. The only contingency is that someone who is of legal drinking age is able to pick up the order when the delivery person walks through the office doors.

Maybe that means you’ll need to be close to the entrance during the delivery window, but it also means that someone like a lobby receptionist can sign for the order as long as they are 21 years old or older. That can make it pretty convenient, as you can get your order sent to your place of work, and you can pick up the order from the receptionist at your leisure.

Or, if you know that you’ll be free at particular intervals or for particular windows of time while you’re at work, you can also have a scheduled delivery. As previously mentioned, you’re able to schedule a delivery for your alcohol order at your greatest convenience, so you won’t need to worry.

Do Liquor Delivery Services Accept Cash Payment?

While some people might appreciate the ability to pay for their alcohol orders with cash, for a number of reasons, that is something that generally won’t be possible with any online orders that you make through these kinds of services.

That means that you must be able to electronically pay for your order, generally with a credit or debit card that you can utilize over the internet. 

And while there are also options to use electronic payment to leave tips for your delivery person, that doesn’t mean that’s you’re only option for tips. If you would rather leave a tips for the delivery personnel with cash, for whatever reason, you can generally do that if you would prefer to do so.

Can I Send My Alcohol Delivery to My P.O. Box?

Unfortunately, it’s not generally going to be possible for you to get your alcohol order delivered to your post office box. That’s mainly because someone needs to be present for the delivery to be received, as well as to prove that they are at or above the legal drinking age before they’re allowed to be handed the order.

While that may be frustrating for some people, there are a few other convenient delivery options available, as have been previously mentioned.

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