5 Kinds of Chains You Can Add to Your Fashion

You’re ready to level up your style but you’re not sure how to do that in a way that looks masculine. Building a fashionable look for men doesn’t have to appear feminine. A stylish, simple option for men to elevate their look can be done by adding a subtle accessory: chains.

Chains are easy to add to any look and go with anything whether you’re wearing a casual cotton t-shirt or a silk button-down shirt. Chains are incredibly versatile and you can find whichever kind (or kinds) that match your vibe, including different finishes. From a Cuban chain to a snake chain, read on to learn which kind of chain best suits your style. 

Cuban Chain

Cuban chain links interlock oval-shaped rings together for a sleek unison pattern that lay flat on your chest or wrist. This kind of chain is a bold look that exudes confidence. Depending on your vibe, you can get a Cuban chain that varies in width. If you’re looking for a touch of metal in your look, opt for a 4mm chain. If bold looks are your style, the 12mm gives you a fresh look. For something in-between, opt for the 8mm. 

Figaro Chain

A Figaro chain is a timeless classic. The chain is linked with two or three small circular links followed by one elongated oval link and lays flat. Figaro chains are popular for adding a pendant. Originated in Italy, this style is classic for both men and women. These chains are very sleek looking and can be worn with a thicker pattern or very thin. 

Tennis Chain

Go big or go home with a tennis chain. Tennis chain jewelry features stones, most frequently diamonds, set in the chain. Jewelry with stones with a bit of sparkle isn’t just for women. A sleek tennis chain is unisex and men pull it off well. You’ll be turning heads for all the right reasons wearing a tennis chain. While you can choose any millimeter size for a tennis chain, to maintain a sleek look, opt for one that’s 4mm to 5mm.  

Rope Chain

A rope chain is a great option if you’re new to chains and don’t want anything too big or flashy. This design features chain links that have been woven together to form a twisted pattern that looks similar to rope. The texture is rugged and looks incredibly masculine. This kind of chain looks great with a pendant as well. A rope chain can be worn in smaller sizes, too for a very subtle look, from 2mm to 5mm, the chain will be dainty but maintain a masculine vibe. 

Snake Chain

Another classic is the snake chain, which interlocks metal links in a spiral pattern. Unlike chains like the Cuban chain or the Figaro chain, there are no open chains on the snake chain. It has more of a cylinder tube-like appearance and doesn’t lay flat. The snake chain is incredibly masculine with its strong appearance and elevates any outfit. The chain is very strong as well which is perfect for holding pendants, even ones that are a bit heavier than normal. 

Style Tips

Now that you know which kind of chain you could add to your look, you’ll need to pick a finish that best suits you by finding your undertone. It’s simple to determine which one matches your skin tone. Turn your arm over and take a look at your veins.

If your veins look blueish, you have cool undertones which means silver suits you best. If your veins are greenish, you have warm undertones and look best in gold. If your veins have more of a mix of blue and green, you have a neutral skin tone which means you look great in both silver and gold.

Don’t be afraid to layer up your chains as well. All of these kinds of chains work well for layering. Layer two or three Cuban chains or layer a Figaro chain with a rope chain. Another great option is to style a chain with a pendant and two accompanying chains.

There are tons of possibilities that help elevate your look and bring exceptional masculine style. Don’t be afraid to try something new. If you’re feeling bored with your appearance and are ready to add more stylistic quality to your looks, without sacrificing your masculine energy, chains are the way to go.

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