Challenges in College Life Students May Encounter

I think everyone knows the so-called lemon effect. It’s when you hear or see a “lemon” and immediately feel a sour taste in your mouth. Surely, lemon is only an example. Almost every word can cause definite association.

Whether these associations are good or bad depends only on the personal experience. So, speaking about college, one student may feel happiness and enthusiasm and remember happy hours with friends, parties, exciting events.

The others may feel anxiety and concern because of challenges they have met, especially in the first years in college. But let’s tell the truth, an active life without challenges is absolutely impossible. If you want to get a result, you need to be deeply involved and be ready to overcome difficulties.

To understand what challenges you will face in college, we have prepared this article. 

Problems with Personal Finances

We are not born with an understanding of spending money and planning expenses. Children who come to college are still children. Maybe you earned some side jobs as waiters, or babysitters or got money for doing online projects and this money mostly you spent on entertainment.

And now you have to plan a budget for food, entertainment, additional learning activities, on the Internet, mobile services. You are almost an adult person. And there are a lot of students, even those, who think that they know how to do it well. In fact, in the first months they go into the red on a credit card, and then they turn to the bank or parents for help.

To avoid this, read the articles on how to better manage your budget, consult with your parents or your friends, and possibly with senior students, if you trust their opinion and experience.

Stress of Fitting in and Performance Anxiety

Even if high school was not a very fun place for you, anyway, you already knew people, knew the logic of internal processes, understood who to communicate with to solve your problems. Now you find yourself in a completely new atmosphere, maybe you want to create a new image for yourself.

It is very important for you to be perceived in some particular way, and it all makes you stressed. This is the so-called adaptation period. You don’t know new people, you don’t know their habits, what they like and what they don’t like and on the one hand you want to fit in, on the other hand you want that your interests are taken into account on campus and in general in college.

You turn out to be a grain of sand in the sea, and you have to start all over again, even if you had an impeccable reputation at school, now you have to start almost from scratch. This is a common situation. Any person is under stress of fitting into a new company, no matter how old he is and what kind of professional he is. Be yourself, take care of yourself, set boundaries and then people will understand that you are worthy of respect, and it will be easier for you to live in college.

Losing Ties with Home

It’s a fact that a new stage in your life has come, and you will understand that no matter how hard you try, your ties with your parents and with your home and everything that was important to you in childhood will slowly weaken.

But it’s okay. You shouldn’t worry too much about it. You must understand for yourself how it is best for you to maintain the desired level of this connection with previous life. Furthermore, you may decide to write three sentences each day to your parents about how your day went. Perhaps you can create some kind of chat in some messengers for former friends from high school, in order to keep in touch and share college impressions.

Or you will run a video blog that the whole family will watch. Even your grandmother will be aware of your affairs. Do something to keep the connections that matter to you, but don’t expect things to stay the same.

Stress about your Choices

When you chose this college, everything seemed great, and you are very glad that you entered. Or maybe you even got a scholarship and all is well with you. But when you first started attending classes, you  were very impressed or even shocked, and it seems to you that you will not need any of this in the real world. You are not sure now that you want to build a career in this profession, and it seems to you that everything needs to be rolled back.

But you can’t do it, because you put effort, money, time into it, and you will disappoint your parents. This stress happens in more than 50 percent of cases with students. It seems to you that you made a mistake in your choice. But give yourself time. Especially because the first classes are very introductory and only a little later you will understand this.

Your college degree is very important in itself. Even if this specialty does not make you very happy, it makes sense to finish college and get a document that, despite all the opinions, is still considered very important in order to find a good job. 

How to Deal With Challenges in College Life Like a Pro

It is better to be prepared for challenges in advance  than to be caught off guard and then start to look for a way out. Still, if you find your college life too overwhelming, one thing you can do now is delegate some of your tasks to a reliable company, such as WriteMyPaperHub essay writing service.

There are challenges you cannot solve fast and with money, but this one, you certainly can. Expert writers will deal with your assignments on time, leaving you days and weeks to settle in college with less stress. Certainly, these are not all challenges that students meet in college, but these are basic and if you can handle them, everything will be great.

Of course, we couldn’t cover all the stresses and challenges you will face, when you are students. Even if you know about these challenges, you can’t fully avoid them. Anyway, knowing about them in advance, you will not experience the shock that has fallen on you in the very first months of learning in college.

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