Top Essay Writing Problems And Their Easy Solutions


Writing an essay is a big deal for thousands of students. But the experts know the trick, and thus it becomes easy for them. However, writing an essay is not as easy as you think because it’s not a school project to write a random short story. 

A project in college is very serious and needs particular quality and concentration from students. Starting the writing of an essay and completing it are two different things. Essay writing does not depend only on writing but more on that. 

Critical thinking processes, quality, concentration, construction, and research are related to an essay’s writing. Among all these, inadequate quality of writing is a poor sign to essay writing, and your professor or the reader will first notice your writing instances. 

Students face various situations and problems when they are asked to complete their tasks on time. One of the main problems with essay assignments is that the professors stick to strict deadlines and also provide multiple assignments to complete. It creates huge pressure on the students, and they almost get frustrated with such situations. 

Major Essay Writing Problems With Potential Solutions

Apart from the deadline, there are other instances where students face difficulties in completing an essay. Well, the modern world is fast, and people do not have enough time to concentrate on particular tasks of the day. 

Everything is so fast that people try to do it likewise, and they do not consider the quality of the work. However, this is not allowed in the education system, and the professors ensure that their students are rich in writing skills and provide better assignments. 

In this way, you will be able to strengthen your educational attributes and manage power to deal with professional life in the future. 

However, we are going to discuss the particular problems that students face regarding essay assignments. Apart from that, we will also provide you with decent solutions regarding easy factors and issues. 

1. Inadequate Quality Of Writing.

Inadequate quality of writing is a common issue for contemporary students. Many students face this due to the lack of depth in their grammar and sentence construction abilities. When you are going to write an essay, you will need to be clear about your written quality. 

On the other hand, to meet the tough deadline, students totally forget about their writing skills and the inclusion process. 


The only solution to enhance essay writing skills is to write essays. Yes, if you try and practice writing, your quality will automatically increase. Apart from that, take some major steps like being a good reader. 

English is a major language; thus, be a reader of your favorite books or newspapers. To enhance your quality of writing through enriched vocabulary and grammatical usage in the sentences, you will be able to deliver a rich writing quality altogether. 

Apart from that, you can also watch English movies to enhance your punctuation and spelling.  

2. Unable To Manage An Adequate Research.

If you are not able to manage proper research for your subject matter, how will you be able to adjust a result for the readers?

It’s not always about the factors of writing but also the ability to research a particular topic. Students mostly start writing on their given topic, which is a broad area and results in poor marks. 

No one will like it if your research area is vague, and that’s what happens with most students. 


The solution here is to enhance your area of research. Try to give more time to research rather than providing it on writing the essay. The essay will be written quickly if you have a proper title and enough materials to justify your concern on the topic. 

3. Critical Thinking Is Uncommon.

Critical thinking is a must when you are writing an essay. However, only a few students have the ability to include critical thinking in their writing process. 

It’s a self-evaluation process that indicates directly how to better analyze the subject matter. Everyone knows that you will find materials and information regarding your subject matter, but the essay needs better than that. 

An essay completes when you complete it with your critical discussion, depending on your own thorough process. 


This is a skill that can be developed through nurturing it in various ways. For instance, if you research areas and try to write things on your own, it will improve your essay writing skill and make it more valuable to the readers. 

4. Lack Of Concentration.

Lack of concentration is also common in students. In this digital world, students have many options to lose their concentration on digital tools and entertaining gadgets. 

However, these days students are more into Netflix than completing their homework. This lack of concentration forces students to get low grades in college. 


The solution to boosting concentration is to meditate regularly. Apart from that, you can try and manage a schedule to ensure a strong plan to complete your homework aspects on a daily basis.

5. Fail To Evaluate Construction And Structure.

The construction or structure of an essay is a crucial aspect of improving its quality. If you are finding good grades and also trying to impress your professor with a proper essay project, then you have to concentrate on the structure of an essay.

But the concern is that most of the students lack knowledge of essay structure and process. Well, the normal essay structure starts with an introduction and ends with a conclusion. And in the middle, you can add an elaborate discussion in the main body. 

You can also consider a few UK essay writing services to acknowledge their structure and manipulate it in your own writing process. 

Try To Avoid Passive Voice And Be Plagiarism Free. 

Always try to complete your work with the maximum of your own writing. In this way, you will be able to avoid plagiarism and ensure a better-quality essay with proper structure.

Passive voice is not considered in essay writing. So, it’s better to avoid it as much as you can. Follow the above-mentioned solutions to deal with your essay writing problems. 

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