50 Best Bryan Cranston Quotes Of All Time

My favorite Bryan Cranston quotes are “I am a man of my time and my time is now. I’m not going to be the next one to walk through the door.

 Bryan Cranston is an American actor, director, writer, and producer. He is known for his powerful characters he played in various TV shows.

He won the Emmy for best actor in a drama last year, along with co-star Aaron Paul, for their work on ‘Breaking Bad’.

After being nominated for the lead role in the 2014 indie film ‘God’s Pocket’, Cranston also went on to star in several films, including the comedy, ‘The Descendants’, which he also co-wrote.

-You’re a real pro. There’s only one thing that I see differently that you do, but I’m not going to tell you what it is -That’s true.

50 Best Bryan Cranston Quotes of All Time

In order to reach financial freedom, you need to stop worrying about having enough money and start worrying about having more money.

Cable television is where the best, most original and most groundbreaking shows happen.
So many great actors, directors, and writers want to make television that they work for the cable networks rather than broadcast stations.
And when it is an issue of cost, you can often get a much higher rate for cable.

If you’re in a story meeting, the best person to suggest scenes and ideas is the actor who plays your character. If you are the actor, you can’t tell a writer what to do, but you can play a part which will make everyone else do what you want.

Cranston, who has played Walter White for seven seasons on the show “Breaking Bad,” said that while the film is an epic that will have the audience “thinking about the choices of individuals and what their lives have been like,” it’s not the story of a man who has to make morally questionable choices.

I have to find a way to get all my awards and trophies and stuff. I’ve got a whole mantel just waiting for those awards to come, a whole big mantel. There’s just so much available space. I’ve got the light fixtures hanging from the ceiling, all ready to shine on them. I dust it off every day.

He was a very lucky guy. Not only did he get lucky, but he was born with an extraordinary gift of being able to play characters who were completely different from himself. He’s been blessed with so much talent and a huge opportunity to take advantage of it.

7th of 50 Bryan Cranston Quotes 

I love Aaron Paul too. We are friends. I don’t think he’s in the cast of this movie though. I think that’s gonna be a really cool thing for him in the future.

One of the most common problems people face when creating a successful venture is the “sunk-cost fallacy”. After so much effort has been placed into a project and people have invested so much time and money, it is easy to see a project as a “done deal”. The problem is that even when a project is successful, it doesn’t mean that it is the best possible project. It is very easy to fall into the “sunk-cost fallacy” and become so invested in a project that you forget to evaluate new options and ideas.

You can always improve on your old work. Make sure that your new project is better than your previous one.

You need to be honest with the audience, or they’ll turn you off… or they’ll throw brick through your TV.

In a world without “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul” there is no doubt that Cranston would be a top 10 acting star. Not to mention the fact that he is a great character actor.

This is an interesting move for Bryan Cranston. He is being taken serious, even though he wants to show off the dangers of a person. He also wants to tell that this person became dangerous because of these specific circumstances. This could mean that this is an extremely dangerous criminal and he wants everyone to know about him.

Although the Emmy-winning actor is best known for his portrayal of Walter White in the landmark TV series Breaking Bad, Cranston has also had a lengthy career on stage, film and television.

I think if you believe in the past lives, he must have been a very deprived being. He was beaten, forced into, and indentured into servitude to this current life. This has been just phenomenal.

Bryan Cranston said that the top of the head is the worst place to lose heat. He said, that when it is cold outside, it feels like he has an ice pack on his head. That is a weird feeling!

In order to be a successful actor you really have to be one of those types of people who are risk-takers and have what it considered an “actor’s arrogance,” which is not to say an arrogance in your personal life. But you have to be the type of person who wants the ball with seconds left in the game.

17th of 50 Bryan Cranston Quotes 

Bryan Cranston says that money has never been his primary goal. He used to get money from his acting profession but after the success of Breaking Bad, he is now doing fine and has a good job in this quote.

I don’t know how you’re going to react to a quote from a fictional character, but I can say for sure that I personally like this Bryan Cranston quote. That being said, the quote itself is pretty good.

Comedy is, simply put, the art of setting up a situation, then forcing an audience to make a wrong assumption. As any comedian will tell you, the thing that sets up a comedy is a setup, a situation that allows the audience to think one way, making them think they know what’s going to happen next. Then, the comedian breaks that assumption, forcing the audience to change their mindset and go another way.

I love being a part of a community, and a part of my community is the cast and crew on “Breaking Bad.” The cast and crew have a great sense of teamwork and a sense of loyalty to one another. The crew is a family. They want you to be a part of that, and they want to see that in you. I hope I’m going to keep that.

Bryan Cranston is a great actor. But, I think that his comment is very interesting. How many actors have said that it’s boring to film bad acting? I think that Cranston is the only one who has ever said that!

I’ve long been a proponent of basic civil rights, and that includes the right to get married to one’s same-sex partner. No one should be denied the basic civil right to marry the person they love, and this includes gay and lesbian couples.

As you are at your peak, your level of performance is on its peak. While the performance of the performance is the most important factor in your career, longevity is the most important factor in your life.

Bryan Cranston is so good at acting because he is an amazing actor. He is very humble and nice. He always shares nice things about the film business. It would be great if he was on your team because he is one of the biggest stars in the business.

Bryan said he wanted to experience everything. He said he wanted to experience being a husband, experience being a father, experience, maybe, hopefully, someday being a grandfather and all those things. He said he wanted that experience. When he dies, he wants to be exhausted.

Bryan Cranston has been complaining and whining about his life since he was an actor. He was on stage, and he was miserable. He was miserable as a writer, and he was miserable as an actor again. And he complained about everything including his career. And even though he has a career, he doesn’t feel happy. But he’s able to get the audience to listen and appreciate him because he does it, occasionally.

27th of 50 Bryan Cranston Quotes 

I have a few quotes by Bryan Cranston but I wasn’t able to identify what I think they apply to. I’m guessing that they’re motivational quotes that apply to any field. In the case of the arts, I think success is when you have talent, perseverance, patience, but without luck you will not have a successful career.

The greatest thing you can do, if you`re not already in the process of building your dream, is take a chance and embrace the risk.

When it comes to society, it’s usually the right thing to do to be nice and kind, and when it comes to friends, it’s also usually the right thing to do to share.

With chaos you can’t predict it. There’s very little defense you can have on chaos.

This is what a director should do. A director shouldn’t tell the actors what they are good at. He should only help them to find it.

Every time a project gets completed, its quality is determined by the reviews it receives, not those it doesn’t.

Bryan was talking about directing the first season of Breaking Bad, but there was more at stake. He was talking about the hard work, the lack of pay, having no say on the final product. But most of all, it’s just harder.

This statement is a very important one for all of us. Focusing on what you can control can make you a “happy and successful person.” To become successful, you should be able to control your emotions, your thoughts, your actions and your habits. Don’t let anyone or anything control you.

I grew up as a poor kid in South Central. I had a very modest upbringing as an only child. My mother worked hard, and my father did the best he could. And I watched a lot of TV, and I took it all in.

The American actor shared his thoughts about the importance of living within your means in order to avoid getting into a financial predicament.

37th of 50 Bryan Cranston Quotes 

There are times you can love someone and still be able to fall out of love. I feel that the love of your parents should be something that it unconditional.

The only thing I could say for my dad was that if he had won the lottery, I’d be rich. And he would probably spend all his time and energy just trying to win it all over again.

Character in a person is determined by the decisions that are made in a particular moment even though the person may have made many other, equally good decisions in his or her life as a whole.

A lot of information can be put onto the screen. Television used to have a strong audience. It’s not like a lot of information is thrown into today’s television. One of the things I liked about when I was a kid were the “Big Three”. There are so many channels today that it’s impossible for an idea to penetrate all of those channels.

Even though actors are often self-centered, they should be aware of the fact that you cannot be self-centered around everyone. You definitely should not be self-centered when people are watching you work. That is not a very good thing.

People tend to feel depressed when they are experiencing challenges and hard times in their respective lives, so it is important for actors to have knowledge about this.

Cranston is an incredibly prolific actor, having worked throughout his career in everything from drama to comedy to horror, and recently in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with roles in both Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy. He is a two-time recipient of the Academy Award for Best Actor, with the first coming in 1999 for his portrayal of Walter White in Breaking Bad (for which he won a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series).

In a conversation with the interviewer, Cranston said that he has a lovely family who supports him. He then continued by telling his own stories about his family.

Bryan Cranston’s confidence and assertiveness on set is not to be underestimated. Not only does he show it, but he’s also not afraid to back those words up.

When writing, if you can show how your ideas are well-written and organized, it will help that story stand out. It might even help it be good. But if you can’t, don’t worry because you can make your writing good enough that it will still be good.

47th of 50 Bryan Cranston Quotes 

He also has a great story about a time he helped a young guy by providing a recommendation for an acting school. He said that the guy eventually got a role in a small movie called “The Love Guru” that he is very proud of today.

This is a great point. I can’t think of a more appropriate example than a place like the UK. Sure, they still have a socialized healthcare system, but in the US it’s practically a social mandate. Everyone should have it, no questions asked.

Americans like to think the country is the best, but in reality it is often ranked lower than other countries. In addition, there has been a rise in political correctness in the United States, which has had a negative impact on our country.

A man with facial hair is less intimidating than a man without facial hair and a bald man is more intimidating than a man who has hair on his head.


If you haven’t seen “Malcolm in the Middle” yet, you’re missing out on the family sitcom that’s just as hilarious now as it was when it aired in the 1990’s. This collection of quotes from Bryan Cranston is the perfect thing to share with friends and family after they’ve seen the show.

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