Alok Net Worth

Alok has a net worth of $2million.


Alok started his DJ career when he was 17 years old. He started a DJ company called ‘Aloe & Aloka’ and got his first break into the local club scene.

In 2019, Alok was named the number 11 DJ in the world by DJ Magazine.

According to Forbes, he has a net worth of roughly $1 million.

Early Life 

He is a Brazilian journalist and a professor of social science at the University of São Paulo in Brazil.
He was the president of the Brazilian Communist Party from 2015 to 2017.
He used to be a professor of history at the University of São Paulo.

Ângelo de Santos is the son of DJs, Ekanta and Swarup, who are also pioneers of psytrance in the country and creators of the Universo Paralello, an electronic music festival in Bahia.

The boy was named Alok after he was born. When he was three months old, he was placed in an orphanage in New York. His parents came to find him and were told by the orphanage not to bother to come back, that the child had been adopted.


While still a child, the twins were in the film industry. Alok was 11 and Bhaskar was 10 when they made their debut in the movie Kalyug.

He received attention for his music while making it for others, being a true pro. The music he made not only for pleasure, but also for the many young people that had started to follow his music. He made a career out of teaching, being one of the founders of the famous “House music school” in Rio de Janeiro.

He would play drums when his father was out of town, and his father would ask him to stop.

After they mastered the technique of remixing the songs they then created their own remixes, and from there they learned how to write their own songs, creating their first songs in 1986.

Alok is the founder of UP CLUB records, a record label specializing in discovering new electronic music talent. He is best known for his hit song ‘Hear Me Now’, released in 2019.

The amount of his net worth is $1 million.


Favorite Quotes From Alok

From what I can tell the album is a great representation of a variety of styles and genres. If you are a fan of alternative rock, pop-punk, hip-hop, EDM and whatever else you can come up with, there should be something for you on the record. Overall, this album is perfect for whatever you need it to be.

I’d like to think a little more outside of the box like the EDM artists that I admire and love. As a rule of thumb, a lot of EDM artists aren’t thinking outside the box at all. You can’t expect things to be the same as they were when they started. You have to change in order to keep things fresh and interesting. That’s true for any style of music.

3 Powerful Lessons From Alok

1. Success is never a guarantee, but hard work will always reward you.
2. Never underestimate the power of a good friend, but never let your personal relationship get in the way of your career.
3. Be yourself.
4. Work and train hard.
5. Always be honest.
6. If you do your job well, you’ll be amazed at what can happen.

1. Everything Will Fall Into Place 

When I was younger, things were harder and I had a lot of obstacles, but when I grew up, they just passed, like a cloud.

2. Life Will Take You Somewhere 

Take your life in your own hands and do what you’ve meant to do.

3. Make An Effort 

It’s very important to be patient and have faith in the process.


Alok Prasad is the best DJ and producer in India. He has collaborated with many DJs and musicians such as Dua Lipa, Felix Jaehn, MEDUZA, Steve Aoki, and Timmy Trumpet.

Alok has made $1 Million in the last couple of years.

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