26 Inspirational Roger Federer Quotes

Roger Federer is a tennis player from Switzerland is world famous. He played for the Swiss Davis Cup team.

He’s still in the mix for the number one ranking, and we’re all still waiting for the GOAT at number seven.

Roger Federer is a very successful tennis player. He won 7 grand slams with a total of 22 different titles. He was also awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany for his achievements. All in all, he is an all-around good guy!

26 Inspirational Roger Federer Quotes

Roger Federer is a tennis player from Switzerland and has been ranked number one in the world. He is a multiple time champion and has won 20 Major titles.

This quote is from Tennis player Roger Federer. Federer was known to be competitive and he always wanted to blame something after losing but he loved to win, thus, he really enjoyed the position of being in blame or no blame.

Your father said if you become a tennis professional just make sure you are ranked just outside of the top 100, because if you are ranked inside the top 100, it’s really not worth making a living.

When you win every tournament, it’s fun. That doesn’t necessarily mean you love the game more.

I struggled to get consistent at first because I am the best in the world, but I am improving every year.

Roger Federer (born December 3, 1981 in Basel, Switzerland) is a Swiss professional tennis player and is considered one of the greatest tennis players in the history of the sport.

When I said earlier that Federer seemed a bit more relaxed at the start of this match, I wasn’t joking. The first game was a bit of a struggle for Federer as he was up 5-1 in the first set but he started to turn it around and after taking the opening set he was a very confident and relaxed player throughout the match.

As Roger Federer says, “I love tennis.” This is the reason why he has been playing for so long. In the previous interview, he said that he likes all of the tennis players, and he wants to be the best there is.

Roger Federer has had a fantastic career, and I’m a bit disappointed that he didn’t become a dad until he was 34. He’s now got three of the most gorgeous girls in the world and a wife that he obviously loves.

11. The more pressure you put on your children, the more they’ll appreciate you.

The serve is hard, because you have to have the right timing, and you have to be able to toss it at the right time so that you can get the ball to come down at the right time.

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When I was a child, I used to watch Roger Federer play because he was the world’s best tennis player. I hope to become the best volleyball player in the world in 10 years, but if not, at least be the best in Japan in 10 years.

One way to deal with a difficult situation is with positive thinking. Even when I was a kid, I used to think positive, and I think it works for me. I had a hard childhood. I had to deal with a lot, but I felt that it was all in my head.

If you can’t even agree with someone on a fundamental moral question, than you don’t really have a point.

People think I’m a boring person who only talks about tennis and not about other stuff. I think people have the wrong idea about me. I am just like the other guy, the other human being. I like to find the good in everyone and the bad in everyone.

Roger Federer believes that even though he is used to playing in front of a large crowd, he still has to remember that fans are people, and some people aren’t going to be respectful.

Roger Federer is on a mission to win his 16th Grand Slam title. You know you’re a champion when your nickname is “the King of Swing”.

It seems to me that the ‘forehand’ is much more about the whole game. It’s not the only shot he plays, nor is it even his only shot. He has a very varied game, which makes him very unpredictable. His best shot isn’t always the hardest one, nor is it always the most powerful. You never know what will be coming next.

Roger Federer is a Swiss professional tennis player and his twin daughters Lottie and Charlie Federer are very precious to him.

Roger has a solid base of experience to draw on at the Olympics having won a record six consecutive Grand Slam titles. With the recent success and his already high level of performance in the sport, Roger is a shoo-in to the gold medal.

I used to be a tennis player and I was really good too, but then I stopped playing and I didn’t know why and now I’m just trying to find out why I stopped playing tennis.

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In one of the greatest achievements in professional tennis history, Federer was able to surpass his old rival and win back the number one ranking.

Roger Federer once said that he used to get nervous if his parents would come to watch his matches. But today it’s not a problem anymore, because he now enjoys watching his matches and sees that his parents respect his tennis immensely. And he tries to put on a good show and show his fans that he can still play very good tennis.

Roger says that flexibility is important, but most of all that you have to be comfortable with yourself. He says that this is why he doesn’t like to take any pills during the season. He says that it will mess you up because you don’t know what you’ll do tomorrow, and that you won’t be on the same pace.

The Federer forehand has come a long way, and it’s certainly the shot of Roger’s career. It’s a beautiful shot and, like Roger, a shot he’s won so many points with.

I’ll have to stay at number one for at least fifty years before I have to retire.

You have to keep an even mind and think you don’t get injured. Just take a game at a time, focus on each step, and you will be fine.

You just have to relax and stay away from the temptation of thinking about what could happen in a particular situation.

The body will heal itself if you just let it.

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