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Disney is an American philanthropist, film producer, television producer, author, and the oldest of the seven Disney siblings. She is the founder of the Disney Foundation and holds a position as the president of the foundation. In addition, she is the executive vice chair of the Walt Disney Company.


I’m still learning how to get rich. It doesn’t help much that the Disney company is now facing a sexual discrimination claims filed by eight women who are accusing the media giant of fostering a hostile work environment, and having a culture that has enabled and rewarded predatory behaviour.

The documentary ‘The Armor of Light’ won the Peabody Award, the International Documentary Association Award, and the Grand Jury Award at the Sundance Film Festival. Disney has a degree in Anthropology from Stanford University.

Early Life 

Disney started her career as a Disney Channel actress in 1992 when she starred in the TV movie, The Little Mermaid. She also starred in a few of the sequels, which followed her character, Ariel, after she left the sea.
She then went on to star in numerous films and TV shows, mostly based on Disney’s franchise.
In 1998, she starred in the TV movie, An Extremely Happy Birthday, and in 2006, she starred alongside her brother, Bob, in A Christmas Tale.

While pursuing her Ph.D., Disney worked in publishing at Random House and wrote about how that experience informed her art.


She got involved in film by taking a documentary class taught by the director of ‘Pray the Devil Back to Hell’, and then made a short film in 2005.

After making a documentary about human trafficking in Bangkok, Reticker became inspired to make a film about the issue in the US. The film is called “The Hounds of Justice”, which examines the problem of police violence against the black community and human trafficking, issues that are very much on the minds of Americans today.

The documentary includes interviews with influential figures in the arts, entertainment, journalism, and activism; compelling conversations with some of the most powerful women in our business; and a behind-the-scenes look at the powerful cultural event that has shaped our world today.

Disney’s film follows pro-life Christian minister Rev. Rob Schenck. It follows his work on behalf of victims of gun violence and their families.

On top of this, Abigail Disney now owns around 80% of the company.


On screen, she plays Cinderella’s stepsisters, a role she was born to play, and her acting brings out the best of her.

Favorite Quotes from Abigail Disney 

Abigail Disney said that we shouldn’t wait until we feel like we have an idea that is pre-certified before we put ourselves out there and try and make it happen. It’s harder to make an original idea work, but it’s worth the effort.

Abigail thinks that people should understand that just because she has more resources than other people, it doesn’t mean that she hasn’t been just as scared or lonely as everyone else.

It’s very similar with immigration today. As the most powerful economy on earth, we have to be more vigilant to the dangers of an open border. Immigrant workers come to the US through legal channels.
They can be well trained and highly qualified. But the risk of those individuals being exploited is very real, and we need to take the precautions needed to protect our workforce.
This is why I am a proponent of the RAISE Act (Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment).

In an interview with Christianity Today, Disney mentioned that after her conversion to Christianity, she and her husband, who had previously been a Pentecostal Christian, were on the verge of divorce. They had different religious views. During this time, she was a devout Roman Catholic and he was a devout Christian.

3 Lessons from Abigail Disney 

1. Being content with what you have.
2. Not letting your insecurities get the best of you.
3. Not settling for less than your potential.

1. Everyone is Creative, and Creativity is Not a Solo Act

That’s why I’m saying, if someone is creative and they want to be creative more, they will.

Creativity is a force that goes beyond the individual. You can have a strong creative mind without creating. This is why many people are not creative. You have to create to be creative.

2. Purposefully Experience New Things in Alpha

The best way to get high is not by using drugs. The best way to get high is to change the way your brain works.

Taking a shower and having a beer can increase your creativity a lot. I am a shower person and a beer person

I prefer the shower and beer approach.

3. Ask “Why?” 

There are plenty of reasons why a child would love to ask this question and there’s no “right or wrong” answer. All is good when asked about anything and the same applies to a parent asking this question to their children.

The point is that adults usually ask “Why?” a lot less than children and this is the reason that the answers can be somewhat shorter.
Note: the length of a question is not really a good measure for the “childness” of the language, it’s rather a measure for the frequency of asking questions.


Abigail Disney is the daughter of Walt and Roy Disney, and is an American film director, producer, and philanthropist.

The film was made with Emmy Award-winning director Gini Reticker and focuses on the women of Liberia during the civil war. Disney received an Athena Film Festival Award for her extraordinary use of film for social change.

She is known as the first winner of Miss Gay America and was a Woman of the Year Honoree at the 2015 Women’s Image Network Awards.

Disney, a billionaire, has net worth of $120 million.

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