5 Reasons Why You Can’t Establish Genuine Connections

It is not always possible to find meaning in life.
It is not always easy to find meaning in life.
It is not always necessary to find meaning in life.
It is not always wrong to find meaning in life.

For example, you should not focus on how to create long-lasting relationships, he will be more interested in casual relationships with partners whom he would break up with after a week or two.

This is why most relationships today are shallow and very fragile and why people become so very needy in their relationships.

Communicating with different people allows us to share parts of ourselves – parts that we’ve sometimes hidden or forgotten deep under our fears and insecurities.

When we share ourselves, we’re really giving, and the other person is getting to know us. Then, we can let go of fear, and our hearts can be opened, and we can feel love and true connection.

5 Reasons Why You Can’t Establish Genuine Connections

In the past, finding great friendships or long lasting romantic relationships was rare. In the past people did not mingle, and talk to each other.

People come and go. I get annoyed when people keep bothering me.

We are unable to build long lasting relationships because all of us have too many things on our plate.

The human mind is a complex and intricate machine that constantly attempts to make itself as happy and satisfied as it can be. To do so, it must continually create new connections and experiences.

1. You have difficulty accepting a life where you have to look for opportunities.

1. You’re Not Connected With Your True Authentic Self

The way to build a real relationship with someone is by connecting with ourselves first. We have to accept who we are and our flaws before we can ever become genuine with others.

“We have to learn to love ourselves every day”.

If you think you are broken and damaged you feel like you don’t deserve people in your life. You need to believe in yourself and love yourself.

These are the people who have been disconnected from their emotions. They are not able to experience happiness, love, and emotional intimacy. Without these vital emotions, it is difficult to feel worthy of love and friendship.

Here are simple ways to improve your connection with yourself:

– Breathe.
– Meditate.
– Look in the mirror and tell yourself what you like.

2. You’re Always Focusing on the Negative

And then I ask the question: have you ever been a victim? Did you ever get on the other person’s side when they were being a victim? Or did they just turn the other cheek and you just went on and on? You can have a change of attitude by first realizing you’re not the victim and then taking action to change your attitude.

If we shift our perspectives and maybe change our interpretations of the situation, we would realize how sometimes really awful things can happen to us and just be an honest mistake.

There are many different ways of connecting with people. When you are open to and connected with your own inner truth, you will connect with others in a different way.

3. You Never Listen

Well, it depends, yeah. Maybe most of the time I don’t really listen to my friends and what they have to say.

I’m not giving a direct answer to that question. I don’t want to violate my ethical obligation.

Listening involves understanding the feelings of others. It’s how you relate with other people. Everyone likes to be listened to; we all want someone to listen to our woes and joyful moments from time to time.

A simple conversation can improve the relationship. A conversation is when both people have a dialogue. It’s more than just a simple chat. It’s when both parties have a chance to speak and listen.

The trust that you build by being mindful can last for years to come. When people say, “Oh, well, they don’t really care that we’re here,” I don’t believe that.

4. You’re Always With People Who Treat You Like Sh*t

The people you connect with, will make you happy.

Be careful of how you love the people who are close to you and make sure that they deserve and feel worthy of your love. You will be happier and more fulfilled in life if you choose to love only people who treat you with respect and understanding.

Everything begins and ends with your decision. You must acknowledge that you have all the free will to stay or detach from a relationship that don’t serve you good emotionally and mentally. If at the first step we give you the power to decide you’ll be ok.

5. You’re Too Busy With ‘Other’ Things

A meaningful relationship doesn’t come with just one talk or two talk. It comes with daily conversations and sharing of the past, present and future.

Amanda Gore said, “I don’t believe that I have ever seen a place where the joy of being here is so apparent to the people who are here.”

The official website says:

The place is full of people of all ages enjoying themselves. They are often singing songs, playing instruments, dancing, and making other people laugh.

Connection is important to people and something that makes people feel comfortable.

Without us, they’d be missing a huge part in their existence. They’d be making themselves easy targets for depression and misery.

You’ve got the gist.

The paraphrase is much better because we are actually focusing on the same meaning as the original.

The second example also goes further than just changing the words in the sentence.
The second example is actually changing the structure of the sentence as well as the meaning.

If one goes for years without connecting, it is more likely there is a major disconnection issue.

Final Thoughts

You can’t establish new connections.
Your existing connections are not that important to you.
You don’t want to make new friends.
You don’t want to have new acquaintances.
You are afraid of change.

The purpose of this game is to help you find meaning and fulfillment in your life.

I think we can only survive when we nurture and grow connections with each other. Connections that cultivate love, friendship and trust are genuine source of happiness which you can’t find on meaningless pursuits like money, fame, and status.

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