65 Socrates Quotes About Happiness, Justice & Wisdom

Well, my favorite Socrates quotes are not easy to summarize, because his way of thinking is so rich and full of wisdom. Socrates was very wise, but he wasn’t always wise in his life choices.

He was a Greek philosopher and one of the major founders of western Philosophy and is the most famous philosopher in the history of Western philosophy.
I’m sure in the original you mean the paraphrase version; it may be worth mentioning this in the question.

Plato and Xenophon’s accounts of Socrates’ trial are the most famous, the trial itself taking place around 399 BC. Aristophanes’ play called “The Clouds” is a play about Socrates’ trial.

From Socrates to Socrates, this is the best collection of 65 quotes that we’ve ever put together.

65 Socrates Quotes

An overwhelming number of books distracts a person.

A life without thought is a pointless life.

The Greek philosopher, Socrates, was known for his wise statements and for his interest in questions. He believed that life is the one thing that we should fully understand before we die. We should strive to be happy. And to do that we should live according to the truth.

Happiness is not hard work. It is not a lot of money. Happiness is living your dreams and having the freedom to do so. It is not a comfortable couch. It is not the car you drive. It is not the things you own. Happiness is something that you are.

If there is one thing that I have learned about life from other human beings, it is that the smartest or most successful people in the world are the ones who learn as much as they can from others.

A famous person’s name is a reflection of how much they are known for good.

To be happy, is to be unreasonably content with life; which in turn leads to enjoying the pleasures it has to offer.

If you live to be 100 years old, you will have lived only 25% of your life. I’ve lived in this house and this neighborhood for almost 24 years. I still have many other things that I can do without.

It is a common misconception that we only harm others because others can harm us. In reality, we can only harm others if we have the power to do so.

10th of 65 Socrates Quotes

10. I don’t think I would want to live in a world where people were too honest to be politicians.

In childhood be polite, in youth be friendly and in adulthood be just. And in old age be wise.

A life without heartache is a life not lived; a life with heartache is a life lived.

I wish it were possible to say something less “preferable” than justice.

When it comes to philosophy, it is wise for people to really devote to it, especially in the pursuit of wisdom. If it is used to get something from the world, it is useless.

In the context of the above statement ‘see’ often means being aware of something, or recognizing something. “See the land, not the map” means to be aware of the land, not just to visualize it on a map.

The comic and the tragic lie inseparably close, like light and shadow. Both are born together and die together. The comic and the tragic are inseparable because they are born together and die together.

The better we use the resources we have the more we resemble Gods.

A more eloquent way to say this is a person strives to become what they want to be thought to be.

The unexamined life is a life in which all you ever do is live and never question anything.

20th of 65 Socrates Quotes

A lot of people don’t take the time to do anything.
They’re just sitting around and not accomplishing anything.

The greatest problem is knowing everything that you know. The only cure for uncertainty is knowledge.

We should not be afraid of the unknown because we are afraid of it, and we should not have reverence for anything that is not reverent.

This system of morality is a false one because it is based on relative emotions.
There is no morality without truth and emotion is not a basis for truth.

Be slow to fall into friendship; but when you’ve fallen in, continue firm and constant.

A good wife would make you happy. A bad one would make you a philosopher (a clever or wise person).

I remember hearing about the cock in the ancient era when I was doing my research on the word ‘cock’.

Socrates said that we shouldn’t worry about the future too much. Enjoying the life we have now is good enough.

The truest truth of life is the most hate-filled truth of life.

Socrates said that having a good life is contentment and being happy not having lots of money.

30th of 65 Socrates Quotes

Socrates is saying that he is not a citizen of any city, he is a citizen of the world, because he has a greater knowledge of the world than anyone else.

The Lord will not only make you beautiful on the outside, he will make your life beautiful on the inside.

If man is proud of his wealth, he should not be praised until he proves how he uses his wealth.

Self awareness is the foundation for self-knowledge.

One of life’s greatest lessons is that it’s always better to say what you think and show respect for others than to remain silent and risk looking like a fool.

No one can be more capable of ruling than a human being.
Therefore, once made equal to man, woman becomes his superior,
and their roles in society will be decided by the power of the state.

There are people that do not understand God’s ways, and God is able to get things to happen in a way that makes sense to us.

I have always found this quote to be true, and I’ve been fortunate to live in a time that’s more tolerant of others than the times before it.

People don’t want to die, they want to live. They want to be like God. They want to have purpose.

Socrates said the hottest love has the coldest end.

40th of 65 Socrates Quotes

The main thing to know about knowing is that it is not knowledge.

By practicing what you are good at, you will get better at it, and you will gain a good reputation.

42. Don’t ever trust all your friends and loved ones who tell you how great and amazing you are and how much they admire everything you do and say.

a lot of things that a man can do without include: bread, peace, clean water and a home to call his own.

This quote is by Socrates. He was a Greek philosopher, and he was a student of Plato.

The kind of education that is provided for, or by, wealthy donors is inferior to the kind that is provided by teachers and the government.

I’ve never met anything quite so beautiful as a sunflower, nor anyone who was so beautiful that their looks were their most powerful weapon.

All those who are single do not call themselves unhappy.
Those who are married, or in relationships, call themselves “married and unhappy”.

When we reach the gates of death we realize that it is a blessing we have been given.

Words, once said, should be regarded as their own evil: because they can poison the soul by poisoning the mind.

50th of 65 Socrates Quotes

Give me a balanced amount of beauty and soul in the inward part of myself. May the outward and the inward man be one.

The happiness that you think you’ll have if you get this job, will not be as good as the happiness that you might have had if you didn’t get that job.

When we want to learn from somebody else, we always have to think about the person we are learning from.
But we can only learn from somebody else the things we already know.

Socrates said that his philosophy was to help people be more aware of the limits of our senses; to be more aware of our own limitations. With that, Socrates would help us be more aware of the limits of our understanding.

To avoid the suffering that comes with the constant ups and downs associated with wealth, we look for solutions that will provide a level of security and stability that can keep us comfortable and contented.

The philosopher and father of psychology, Socrates, said that the best teacher in the world is yourself. The reason is because no one can get better unless one seeks to improve himself.

The fact that Socrates was able to move the world was due to his ability to self evaluate and improve himself.

If you are not satisfied with your life, then you should do something about it. You should improve yourself and get to the point where you are satisfied with your life.

No one is qualified to be a leader or run a country.
We are all born into a society and society is designed to provide for us so we can live life.
If you’re born into a culture and society where your life isn’t working for you, you shouldn’t complain about it.
Your job is to learn, not to blame.
If we all did our job, we could get through life without being blamed.
If everyone’s job is to learn, no one should ever be blamed.

Socrates says that he knows nothing. He realizes that he does not know anything.

You will often feel bad about things, but then you will feel better, and often feel very good about things.

Wisdom does not exist. You just have to know what you are talking about.

60th of 65 Socrates Quotes

A short man can be envious because he lives with a fat neighbor. He is not satisfied.

When the hour of your death arrives, you don’t get to decide about it. You can’t even choose when you die. Your only choice is how you live.

Knowing you’re ignorant is a good thing to live with.

In the history of ethics, Socrates was the first person to say that it doesn’t matter if you are rich or a peasant, if your goal is to get educated and understand the world around you so that you can lead a good life.

I don’t think it is possible to find yourself by thinking for yourself.

People believe stuff because they find it easy to believe stuff. The fact that people can believe in the existence of Santa Claus without having any evidence other than a general agreement is proof that we have a tendency to believe stuff without much evidence.


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