69 Of The Best Aristotle Quotes On Happiness, Education & Ethics

Aristotle was a Greek philosopher who lived from 384 BC to 322 BC;

You can’t have a statement that is only one sentence, but that spans some number of lines.

His philosophy of physics made a big difference at the time, and still makes a difference today. It remains true that, in physics, nothing happens at random.

Here are the most valuable and interesting Aristotle quotes that I found on the topic of education.

69 of the Best Aristotle Quotes

Aristotle stated that we are able to control our feelings and emotions. He did not state that we can control our emotions or that we don’t have them.

The development of democracy came when people started to realize that if two people of the same power were in a relationship, they were as equal as possible. Even if the people are not equal in terms of power, at least they are equal in terms of influence, and this equality is what makes democracy as possible.

Inequality consists in the same treatment of different persons.

When you want to achieve your goals, plan ahead and follow your mission statement. You will need money, resources, and wisdom to execute your plans. All means should be adjusted to achieve your goals.


The following statements have been classified as Paraphrases.

I’m sure you’ve heard this before. But I feel like it’s never been more true. We all have choices to make in life, and choosing to make things better is a choice. So, I think your statement is true.

To live a long life requires that you live a life of discipline. You should not be afraid to challenge those things in your life that will cause you the most difficulty in achieving your goal.

It is easy to do the right thing, but it is not easy to do the right thing every day.

We must wake up early to get a good start on our day. We must be focused, hardworking, and organized.

We have to understand that to be human is to have goals, and these goals have to be attained.

If you wish to make yourself happier, do not wish your own happiness for your own sake, but wish it for the sake of the person who wishes you well.

11th of 69 Aristotle Quotes

I have never seen a genius without a touch of madness.

If man cannot improve his own lot then no one is better qualified than he is to make other people’s lives more bearable.

Poetry can be said to be finer than history because it is a more universal way of representing a story. Poetry is a way to express things that can be felt but are not easily translated into numbers. History is a way of describing a story that can be more easily translated into numbers.

It’s better to go with the probable possibility than to avoid the most probable possibility.

The beauty of the soul shines through when you have a high and heroic temper. You don’t become bitter. You don’t get bitter and turn against your own self because of what has been done unto you. You maintain your attitude of grace when you endure things done against you. No one likes a bitter person.

Life is not an energy and neither is the mind.

Let the least initial deviation from the truth be multiplied later a thousand fold.

Humor is always a surprise, to the writer and the reader. And if the writer is too far removed from the readers, she or he will lose the effect of the joke. You must first understand your audience.

The worst situation that I have experienced is when I try to make an unequal situation equal.

There are two things about being a mother that are not the same as being a father: being a mother is more work and you are more certain that you are your own.

To write well, you must express yourself like common people, but you must think like wise people. Or, think as the wise people do, but speak like the common people do.

22nd of 69 Aristotle Quotes

A good man shows people a better way. An angry man shows them reason to rebel. They should get angry to show good men the path to follow.

All human actions are either done for no particular reason, done for a good reason or done for a bad reason depending on the situation.

A man is no different from an animal unless he is a human being. And even then he is no better than an animal. Man is naturally prone to evil and justice is the means to curb and prevent evil from wreaking havoc upon man.

Dignity does not consist in having honors, but in deserving them.

A thief is not necessarily a rascal, but a rascal is certainly a thief.

Friendship is a partnership of mutual caring and support.

It is important to have a long-term vision of what you wanted in life and work towards achieving your goals.

Aristotle says that if happiness is activity in accordance with excellence, it is reasonable that it should be in accordance with the highest excellence. Happiness would be living a life of great quality.

30th of 69 Aristotle Quotes

Being able to reject your thoughts without them affecting you in any way is a sign of being an educated person. People who can accept thoughts and ideas are more likely to be well-rounded, and therefore have a greater ability to reason.

The feeling of wonder is the trigger that makes us wonder about life and start asking questions about purpose, meaning, and the nature of the universe.

Memory is a scribe of your soul – that is, your mental notes.

I’m no Aristotle, but I think I can safely say that nature does not waste her power.

Some of those living in the same house have been suffering from this bug since the beginning of the year, but now it becomes a major problem because there are now more people living within the house. People have been complaining about the same problem for several weeks, but have not taken any action to solve it. Now the problem has become serious.

Aristotle and Plato agree that truth and truth alone is the greatest and most valuable thing in the world.

What a great quote. It’s almost like “The poor are the biggest victims of society, and they are the greatest victims of their own circumstances”.

All humans have needs, and some people seem to have more of different needs than others. I think that the needs of people in different parts of the world, and even in different parts of the same country, are different. But everyone I know has needs. The needs of people of different kinds, and of different countries are different. Needs are universal.

Reform should be done by preventing the government from taking from the people, not by getting the government to “equalize property”.

A man with dignity and grace should never make a mess out of his life by making bad decisions or taking bad actions. A man with dignity and grace should always make the best of every situation and treat others with respect and dignity.

It appears that the most perfect political community is one with a sizable middle class. Aristotle would say that this type of community is best because it brings the highest amount of people to the government, but is still a good portion of the people.

The dream will give you a picture of what has already passed and to be aware of it will give you a picture of what will happen in the future.

42nd of 69 Aristotle Quotes

In reality, you can’t think of any great genius with total clarity.

Those who invest in the development of their children are more important, than they who give them a good education. Such an act alone will give them a life of value.

We don’t perform well because we are capable of doing good things. We do what we have already learned to do well.

We have within ourselves the power to choose if we want to listen to the advice, so we are in control.

The ancient philosophers believed that if you wanted a strong and successful society, you would need the proper education of the youth.

Every character is revealing something. In some way or another. They have a goal or a purpose that they want to accomplish, which is why we call them “character”.
It’s important to know the character of a person before you start to work for them, because it’ll be easier to know what type of problems to approach them with, or be able to relate to them.

We know that all knowledge comes from experience, and that experience is a kind of education. As people grow older, they become more cultured and knowledgeable, but the old age of a person is no reason for that person to become wise and experienced – the opposite is true. It is better to make use of the time that we have been given, than to waste time, which is limited.

People don’t act rightly because they have excellence, but you are what you repeatedly do. Excellence is a habit, a habit that you can build. The key is that you have to start building that habit today.

Alexander the Great is a great man who has often been called melancholy.

I hope that I don’t fall asleep for the first time on the job.

Friendship can bring success, prosperity and happiness. It can also bring success, prosperity and happiness to our friends. The young often have much to learn from the old. This does not mean that we should treat people like children, it only means that we should treat people like we want to be treated when we are children.

It is made into a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

55th of 69 Aristotle Quotes

It comes into being by practicing certain virtues. We acquire moral excellence by habit and learning, not by reading about it.

Socrates is a wise soul, which is why he does not have a mixture of madness.

In our life, the thing that brings the most pleasure is not the work itself, but the end of the work. It is not the action of doing things, but the result of the action that makes us happy.


I have found many things that I can praise, e.g., my family, my friends, and my church, but I have found none that are above me.

I know some people who are interested in getting their pleasure first. But life is too short to waste time making people happy. There are more important things to do. Therefore I avoid people who are only after pleasure. The things they want, if they get, will fill their lives with joys, but they will never fulfill their lives.

The difference between the educated and the uneducated is as wide as the gap between the living and the dead.

The law is a good guide. It frees us from false beliefs. It leads us to the right solution, because it is not influenced by emotion.
It is always right.

Education can be considered sweet if you are able to obtain a career with a high salary and enjoy your life, or if you are able to help others.

For Aristotle, our lives are precious. Therefore, we should not risk losing them in minor matters like a game of baseball. We should not be so foolish as to place ourselves unnecessarily in danger. But in great crises, when all other considerations are secondary to the preservation of our lives, we will give them up.

To the query, What is a friend? this reply was given: When two people have one soul dwelling in two bodies.

67th of 69 Aristotle Quotes

It is better to use the money for other things than be unemployed as I don’t have the ability to maintain another house, or have the energy to clean it.

Good people must work out their own problems,
otherwise no progress is made.

Aristotle believed that friendship took time.
He believed that you could get to friendship by doing small acts of friendship first.

We can make friends by doing small acts of friendship first.


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