50 Life Changing Tim Gunn Quotes To Live By

I don’t like looking at a woman in a pantsuit, because most of the time I’m in the vicinity, she’s probably in a pantsuit.

Tim Gunn is a writer of books, a fashion consultant, and an actor.

Tim Gunn is the mentor of the much loved and successful American reality TV show ‘Project Runway’. Gunn’s huge success lead to the release of 2 spin-off shows, Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style and Under the Gunn, as well as the release of 5 books by Tim Gunn.

He was a renowned fashion designer who worked for several important fashion houses such as Liz Clairborne, Liz Claiborne, Donna Karan and the iconic American department store company ‘Saks Fifth Avenue’, which is now known as ‘Saks Incorporated’.

He has also done voice acting in video games such as ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘The Wolf Among Us’.

Tim Gunn was an American fashion designer who was the host of the fashion television program Project Runway.

50 Life-Changing Tim Gunn Quotes to Live By

Tim Gunn said that he never knew why he was fascinated by architecture.

It’s not easy for people to know your sexuality. Especially when you work in fashion. A lot of people assume you’re gay. But Tim Gunn is famous for being a straight man.

If you’re into shopping, Tim Gunn is the man for you. He has a few thoughts on the matter, and I’ll leave it to you to decide if they’re good thoughts or bad.

My apartment is my haven where I go to heal. It’s a nest where I retreat to unwind and recharge. I love cooking at my apartment because I get to enjoy the peace and quiet and the feeling of being completely alone. I can get away, get away from the noisy, bustling, confusing world.

When you are in a situation where your emotions are so high, that you are just thinking about how upset you are and how you want to take it out on someone or something. This is when you are at that level for whatever situation you are in. The best advice is to just take the high road. There will always be something to go up to so there won’t be anything to take it out on.

“I’m not going to be diplomatic, I’m not going to put on a fake or sugar-coated front so that people think I’m all nice and sweet and lovely, but I will tell you what I think about you and I’m going to be honest with you. I will use whatever I can to get you the best result, and if I’m not diplomatic at all, then that’s just one of the things that I do to get the best results.

I would also hold doors for anyone, if I was holding the door for a lady as well as the guy. Holding the door is just an easy way to acknowledge that person and the fact that we both see them, and it is polite to hold the door for someone you’re paying attention to. If I am the only person there, then I would hold the door for that person and then walk away, but if someone else was there too, I would hold the door for them, too.

9. Fashion is a mirror that reflects the world back to us. The way we dress is a reflection of our personality and our values; we show the world how we want others to see us.

10th of 50 Tim Gunn Quotes

If there is a man who can pull off a fur coat, it’s Tim Gunn. I think the warmth is the most important part of the article.

While we’re talking about it, I wanted to say that I had a wonderful career as an English teacher and thought I would retire as an English teacher.

Fashion designers look at trends and other people’s designs. They don’t have access to the academic texts and historical analysis. So they’re learning from each other and from watching how other people do things.

Sometimes you have to work with other people. Just because I am the one you want to look at all day, does not mean that you can’t learn something from them, or that you can’t benefit from the things they can teach you. And it is also possible to learn from doing things with people who are not in your own demographic group. You don’t have to be a part of exactly the same thing as everyone else to be a part of it.

Textiles that are made ahead of time are very dependent on temperature. The warmer it gets, the softer they are. During the winter they stay on the shelves so longer. However, during more summery times the store may have to restock earlier.

Life is not a solo act, it’s a huge collaboration and we all need to assemble around us the people who care about us and support us in times of strife.

Fashion designers don’t want to make clothes for fat and thin women. If you are of any size, they are afraid that you will not be fashionable. The designers feel that fat is ugly and thin is beautiful. But I won’t wear ugly clothes. I won’t wear ugly clothes that are not of high quality. You wear what you like, what you like is what you should wear.

Tim Gunn said that the fashion industry is quite a bit like the movie industry. He says that you really need to understand the aspects of construction not just design on an iPad.

I have to be in my right mind when I do something. I have to have my coffee. I probably have three cups a day, but only before noon.

This interview with Tim Gunn was broadcast on January 16, 2012. Tim Gunn was the host of the popular television show Project Runway for ten years. He is the CEO and Creative Director of Tim Gunn’s Proenza Schouler and has also served as a judge on the ABC television show America’s Next Top Model. He is married to fashion designer Proenza Schouler and has two children.

20th of 50 Tim Gunn Quotes

I believe that it is ok for the universe to run its course without intervention. What happens to me, shall only happen to me. There is no “I.” I am only one among many. I am a human being; I am just one of many people on this planet.

In order to make a garment more fitted on a woman’s body, a skirt would be cut into a short sleeve to create a shape that wouldn’t flounder about when the wearer sat down or walked around. In the early 20th century, such skirts became known as “peplums,” and now the word has a larger meaning.

Tim Gunn teaches at Parsons School of Design in New York City. He is the fashion guru, judge, mentor and the original ‘Project Runway’ host, Tim Gunn.

I believe that it is important to have a voice in the marketplace and to be able to influence the direction that design is going. It is also important to know your history and have an understanding of how the design industry evolved. Most of all, I think it is important to have confidence in your own vision and to be able to express it in a way that is authentic and compelling to people.

Tim Gunn is very much like Socrates and it has been said that every time he walks into a room he leaves with more wisdom. He pummels designers by questioning them with hard questions like, “Does that dress look good on you?”. This is a very useful exercise in helping the designer achieve the best possible product and it will be very gratifying for him when he discovers that he achieved the best possible solution.

 There is nothing wrong with wearing leggings, however over-dressing them can make them look worse than when just wearing them on their own. This advice comes from Tim Gunn who often wears them himself.

If you are going to be a catty, be careful with whom and manner you do it. It’s the kind of behavior that should be kept behind closed doors.

Teaching is about the interaction between myself and another person. If I only criticize, then the student shuts down and takes away the learning from that situation. In my teaching I don’t just give advice, but I also offer words of encouragement and support to help the student do well.

It is great to treat people well. I want others to do so too.

30th of 50 Tim Gunn Quotes

I have been a voice for kids and teens, but I will leave it to your imagination what a voice means for my next job. I am not sure if I will call myself a teacher any longer.

The words of Tim Gunn, you can use to improve your clothes. This word is related to the ideas of style and fashion..

I agree that for some people their identity is the key to their happiness, but that doesn’t mean that everyone has to change who they are to make themselves happy.

Tim Gunn says that he really cherishes having his private time and being able to decompress in solitude.

Some people have a hard time cleaning their house. Other people have a hard time getting their kids to shower every morning. And then there’s the people who have a hard time keeping their library stacks clean.
This is a hard problem, and the reason I chose to do a series like this was to explore the ways to fix it.

When Tim Gunn says “crocs” in the “Project Runway” episode, he means that he does not like shoes shaped like crocodiles or reptiles. Crocs are an ugly shoe style that does not suit Tim Gunn’s aesthetic. He hates crocs like the rest of humankind.

One of my favorite designers ever, Tim Gunn, has said that he doesn’t like trend promoters. He thinks they influence people they shouldn’t.

 When it comes to fashion, there is no doubt that we may be a bit too obsessed with trends. But then again, isn’t it fun to jump on a fashion bandwagon to see how it plays out? It’s not very different from the things that we do in real life like meeting new people and getting a new job.

It’s pretty easy to fall into the trap of trying to control everything, but as I’ve been learning from my own experience it’s better to be in the moment and follow the flow of your own experience. You don’t want to get in the way of your own life because of the opinions of some designer.

I’m really interested in exploring and understanding more about the world. I’d like to learn about various artistic fields and see what I can take from each. I would also really love to visit the Met as it’s one of the most incredible and beautiful places ever!

40th of 50 Tim Gunn Quotes

Tim Gunn says if you have to ask whether a garment is a dress or a top you are usually too inexperienced in fashion.

Wear clothes that fit right. And “oversized” is the downfall for most of us. We have to be careful that we don’t look like we’re slipcovered!

Get yourself a great wardrobe that fits your style, so you can be confident about being who you are and dressing for that person.

Learning vocabulary is an activity that can be enjoyable when it comes to language learning.

You don’t need fancy clothes, just clothes that fit you well. No one cares how you look as long as you have an attitude.

I wish I could wear the most fashionable clothing in the world, but I have the personality of an old-fashioned tailor. It would be like running around in a ball gown.
I would really appreciate having all the latest and greatest technology, but I can’t stand having things that don’t fit my style.

People come up to me and show me their art, my favorite of which is The Book of Henry by Henry S. Taylor.

Jeans fit is different for everybody. You have to find a comfortable place for your body. It’s important that you can adjust them with your body.

If you are too rich, you might have money to spend on clothes, but you might not have the money for books to read.

For most, they won’t have the time to be in a relationship if they have to find time to be there. No one has time to do the things that need to be done.

I think style is really about being in love with something and also filling yourself to the absolute brim with engagement. Loving something so well that you can’t help but show it off.


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