30 Ed Sheeran Quotes About Happiness & Being Yourself

…and I really didn’t expect that Sheeran would be so insightful when it came to his own music.

Ed Sheeran was in my high school and he’s a famous musician, so I guess that makes him a superstar.

This is something that I have also taken into consideration with the opportunity that I’m in right now.

Most places are open, so it’s a matter of going.
There are opportunities almost everywhere in the country.

I can remember the first time I saw him perform in a public event was in the UK in the 80s, and I’m fairly sure it was a school assembly.

‘That’s Amore’ by Dean Martin…

The one and only A-team is the greatest team that has ever existed.

 I was in the same situation as you, just moved to a new city and the first person I met here was a girl. She was in my same situation as to how she felt about me, and that really made me comfortable with the fact that I am different.

Here is a collection of the best Ed Sheeran quotes.

30 Best Ed Sheeran Quotes

Ed Sheeran was quoted as saying if another person told him to change himself, he should tell him/her to go f*** himself.

Trying to please everyone doesn’t work. You will fail because you will please no one.

I think the worst things in life come for free to us. Sometimes we like the free stuff but the bad things are usually free. There are things that come free from the company but cost you something. For example a free meal from McDonalds or a free movie from Netflix.

 I hope the story of the past year will be filled with happy ending in the end. Even though there were some tough times, I am very thankful that I was blessed with this opportunity to know many people who are really good at what they do and there are many ways ahead to share, learn, and get better in my career as an actress. So thank you for everything.

If you want to make someone smile, make them happy, not sad. If you want to make them laugh, make them happy. If you want to make them happy, let them do whatever they want to
make them happy.
When somebody says something that doesn’t have a positive connotation or a positive way of thinking, make them smile.

The singer is currently single and it seems he needs a good woman in his life as he doesn’t have a relationship with her.

I appreciate that everyone can be nice to everyone. I think we should do it because it’s really important for other people to be happy.

What a sweet thing to say. This is no doubt a sign that Ed has a good sense of humor and that he’s not an angry person.

People should never regret. People who regret only regret themselves. You have to accept this and realize how you’ve grown and improved. You shouldn’t regret the past. We’re all human. That is the one thing that I never had to work on. Just accept that you’re going to make mistakes. You’re going to be human. You’re going to make mistakes. You’re going to make successes. That is what life is about.

10th of 30 Ed Sheeran Quotes

He’s known for the song “Thinking Out Loud,” and he’s also known to be a little bit obnoxious.

You can build a good life on the basis of doing what you are passionate to do, and you can earn income. It is not that the income necessarily comes from doing what you love. In fact, when you are doing what you love, you may not have to work hard at all.

In the real world is not always easy to live and be happy. At times when the world is against you, just accept it and live the life that’s meant for you.

I’ve been living with my parents ever since I was a kid, so I don’t think they are going to let me go back to live with them unless I get married and have a kid. Save your loving arms for a rainy day.

Ed Sheeran is a musician from the U.K. who has sold over 30 million albums worldwide. During the interview, Sheeran talks about his recent album. The song “Shape of You” has been released in June 2017 and has had a great success. The song features “Pharrell” and also “In the Name of Love” which was originally performed by Queen.

Ed Sheeran said that he has many girlfriends because he goes to the club and meets many people.

He is saying that he wishes that someone would love him as much as he loves them.

I’m so sorry that you have to live in a world where people have been given hate in their lives.

Ed Sheeran said he is a drinker and talks fast when he’s really drunk. He then added he doesn’t remember his words the next day. He said he likes the way alcohol makes him feel.

In songs like “Take me to Church” and “Castle on the Hill”, Ed Sheeran describes love and hate as being opposite sides of a razor blade.

20th of 30 Ed Sheeran Quotes

20. When I’m held near by you, I feel safe. Love the way that you conquer your fear. You know hearts don’t break around here.

I think the thing that made it stand out to me was the message that life is more than fitting in your jeans. It is love and understanding, positivity. Even the way he says “I love you” at the end of the video. I think that is one the most important things in the world.

– I know this is an old song, but I just really love the music video. Ed Sheeran’s hair is so pretty in that video. The song is really sad, but the music video is happy and makes me smile. It’s just a really great song!

We all know that love can change people’s lives. When it’s a great guy in your life it’s so much easier to let yourself feel vulnerable and feel like you can talk to him freely. And when a guy loves you, it’s just easier to be yourself around him, you don’t really have to lie because you just feel like you’re with him in real life.

This song has the same meaning as the original, but in the translation, I was really excited about the lyrics, so I would like to include it.

The singer-songwriter is making no bones about his love for his sweetheart. A year after they first met on the set of the music video, he has told his heart that he loves her and it’s time to express it.

There is nothing wrong with being honest with people and you are right the same time because I get lonely too and make mistakes from time to time.

If your heart is broken then you’ve been loved. Breakups are heart breakers.

Ed Sheeran is a songwriter and singer who performs pop songs. He makes his home in the UK.

I am very moved by your words. Thank you for being my friend for the whole time.

I’m here to make it new. A new day in the morning.


Ed was born in Newmarket, Suffolk, England in 1994. He played drums in a local band during high school. The band soon disbanded and he joined the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. He took part in Basic Infantry Training in Bassingbourn, Cambs. He left the military in 2016 and is now an international pop star.

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