6 Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills

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Writing is one of the most important forms of communication. Most of our communication today involves writing, whether texting, chatting, social media or emails. It’s a skill that you can’t do without in the modern world. However, there are different types of writing beyond these casual usages, and this skill is useful across all formal and professional settings. Even as a student, you would have to write daily throughout the over 20 years that you spend attaining formal education. However, not everyone has the skill or has been able to improve their writing skill. If you’re in one of these categories, especially as a student, it’s important to work on your writing skill. You’re going to write several assignments and essays, and you may not always be able to outsource them to the best essay writing service. Hence, you must develop your writing skill enough to write your essays. This article discusses six ways you can achieve this.

  1. Be a reader

The best way to learn how to write is to be a reader. This allows you to learn from the example of other professional writers. The more you read other writers expressing themselves, the better you can express yourself. Reading other people’s work teaches you how to convey your messages better when you write. You start adapting your writing style to resonate with something you’ve learned from other writers. 

So, you should include daily reading in your writing exercises. This ensures that you can learn elements of writing from other authors that you can use to develop your style and voice as a writer. 

  1. Write daily
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Indeed, practice makes perfect! It’s a life hack that you need to practice regularly if you want to get better at anything. This is why professional athletes train every day, so they can improve their skills, become better and deliver better performances in their sport. The same thing works with writing. You must write daily if you’re serious about improving your writing skills. 

A good way to achieve this is to set daily writing exercises for yourself. It doesn’t have to be time-consuming or long-winded. Sometimes, committing to writing one or two paragraphs daily might be enough. You need the commitment to improve and the consistency to keep it going. Add this to your daily reading goal, and you’ll discover that you’re already improving your writing arsenal.   

If it helps, you can get a partner willing to read and write with you daily, and you can help each other get better. 

  1. Create an outline 

Another effective way to improve your writing skill is by creating an outline for each article you write. This helps you to be more organized with your writing. This is even more important when you’re writing a college dissertation about an important topic, such as the importance of student auto insurance, and you don’t outsource it to the best dissertation writing service.

It’s important that your essay and other writings are coherent and that the subheadings flow naturally into themselves. To do this, you need to create an outline. This also ensures that you don’t miss out on a crucial point you need to include in your essay or writing. It means you have to think first about everything you want to write, create subtopics, and do your research before you start to write.   

  1. Use simple words

You may think it makes you sound smart to use complex words in your writing, but this isn’t true. The best writers use simple words. Your articles must be readable to an 8th grader, even if they’re not your audience, especially if you’re writing for an online audience. Even if it’s a student essay, you’ll be more effective at passing your point across with simpler words than big fancy words. Those big words don’t make you sound smart; they only make your writing less readable. 

  1. Avoid filler words

There are many filler words, such as very, just, that, etc., that you need to avoid in your writing. They’re often extra words that are unimportant to the sentence. It may be difficult to avoid them if you’re already used to them, but that’s what it means to get better at writing. Write one sentence at a time and ensure you don’t include any of these words. 

The best writers know how to convey their message with minimal words. Developing this skill or ability might take time, but that’s the goal. 

  1. Editing is an important part of writing.

You’re making a mistake if you think it’s okay to write without editing. Editing is an important part of your writing process. Until you’re done editing your work, you’re not done writing. Editing ensures you can find errors and mistakes you may have overlooked while writing. If your writing has too many errors, it’ll take the reader’s attention away from the point of your article and whatever message you’re trying to convey. It also reduces their trust in your ability as a writer. This is why editing is important in writing. 


If you’re looking for ways to improve your writing skills, here are six easy ways to achieve it. Improving your writing skill is important in the present world. 

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