C.t. Fletcher Net Worth

The net worth of C.T Fletcher is around $60 million.


C.T. Fletcher’s net worth of $400k is fairly impressive, considering he has been a professional sports commentator since 2014.

As of July 2019, he is worth $10 Million.

C.T. Fletcher has a strong background in weightlifting. He has won three World Championships and has been the reigning World Bench Press Champion for the last three years.

Early Life 

Fletcher attended Central Elementary School and then Compton Junior High School. In September of 1978, after completing the 11th grade, he graduated from Compton High School. He was a member of this high school’s basketball team. After high school, he attended Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California for a year.

When he was 18 years old he joined the U.S Army and was stationed in Germany when he was told that he would be sent to war.


After his father was killed during World War II, Fletcher joined a local church and became a missionary. Fletcher served as a missionary in South Korea before teaching at a school in Hawaii. During a layover for a flight back to the East Coast, Fletcher was recruited by a Christian martial arts school in New Jersey.

He was looking for a new partner and started playing around with a woman from the neighborhood. By the time he met her, she was already engaged. He told his fiancée that he was gay, and she accepted the fact. They were together for a long time.

It is thought by some that the Biblical Samson is the same man as the Biblical Phinehas, who was the son of Eleazar and the grandson of Aaron. For this reason, some scholars believe that there can be no proof that the Biblical Samson died in the Book of Judges.

Due to his sedentary lifestyle, he was easily affected by hypertension. Because of this, he has to attend the hospital often.

I don’t think this is true. At the time, there was no indication that the death would occur.

In 2013, he began vlogging on YouTube. He opened his first gym, Iron Addicts Gym in Signal Hill, California, where he resides. The brand has since expanded to include the Iron Addicts Gym in Santa Monica, CA and a second gym in Hollywood, California.

In July 2022, CT Fletcher’s net worth will have increased by $400 thousand.


He has been called an artist “of the people” and his career has included performances at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. and the Festival of Nations and the Vienna New Year’s Concert in Vienna, Austria, as well as the National Symphony Orchestra in Washington, D.C. and the National Symphony Orchestra in San Francisco. He has been a featured guest of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and the Pittsburgh Opera.

Favorite Quotes from C.T. Fletcher

 So, grab the bar and then squeeze it like you’re trying to snap it into two (even better if you’re actually trying to do that).

I’ve been working out for 20 years and I’ve never seen somebody work out as hard as this guy. He’s been sweating it out for three hours and he’s not even tired.

I always wanted to be a farmer. I was only nine when I said to my father that I wanted to be a farmer. We used to go to the fields every day on Saturday. My father was a farmer, and I thought: I wanna do that too. Because, for me, it was just like a normal thing to do. I used to go to the fields and be free and not thinking about anything. Just think about what I had to do. I used to go in the fields and think what I had to do next.

3 Life Lessons from C.T. Fletcher 

Fletcher’s success is dependent on a few factors. However, being willing to take risks and having a strong work ethic is an important component.

1. You Are the Master of Your Own Flesh

Although the muscles are actually fatigued, the feeling is like the feeling of tiredness that you would have after a hectic day.

When you find yourself at a point where you are ready to quit, think of how a marathon runner would react if he was told he could not continue. How he would continue with determination and focus, even though his legs are so tired and aching. It’s the same with you. You are tired, achy, maybe even sore. But it is not the end; it is only one step.

You have a say in what you do and don’t do, and if you can’t control your own feelings, then it’s time to grow.

2. No Excuses 

If you were working with a group of people and you were the only one that was taking your craft seriously; and you only had one chance at getting it right, would you think twice?

In-between time: An important part of the development cycle is the in between time.

3. Records are Meant to be Broken

A better version of that quote is, “If your level of play is better than the level of play of the best player, you are the best player”.

In order for you to get closer to your goal, you must take the steps needed.

You should always train with a focus. If you have a good understanding of what you’re doing, then you can be more successful in a variety of areas.


His first international championship was in 2007, when he won first prize (then known as world champion) at Bulgaria Weightlifting Championship in the 60 kg division. He also has an international medal from the 2015 International Federation of Weightlifting (IAWF) World Championships in the total category (62 kg).

CT Fletcher has no recent income listed for 2019-2020.

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